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Grandparents Day at St. Stephens School Horicon, WI




This year Grandparents day at St. Stephens School in Horicon, WI was held on the 13th day of October, Friday the 13th but the only thing unlucky about the day was for those who could not attend.  Once again the staff of the school and the students made us "Grandparents" feel very welcome and very much at home.

Here are some photos taken this year.  I feel tired and lazy so I am just adding them to last years page but will leave those pictures online too so you can see how much the kids have grown in the past year.





Today, October 14, 2005 was Grandparents Day at St. Stephens School in Horicon, WI which is where three of our grandchildren attend.  Here are some of the pictures that were taken today during our visit.  I will try to keep my comments brief but long enough to identify whom is where doing what.  To see the picture in all of its full sized glory, simply click on it with your left mouse button.  To download the full sized version, left click, then right click on the big picture and follow the instructions to "save" the picture.

This is the corner stone on the new church, which is pictured below.

This is the church, which was built in 2001.  The school is on the left, and is connected by a hallway.  Devotions are held in this church once a week

A beautiful electronic organ fills the church with sound to enhance the worship experience.

This is the entrance to the school which is located on Promontory Street on the North West side of Horicon

This 10 foot high mushroom is located near the schools parking lot.  OK, its only about 3 inches high but I could have gotten away with that lie if I had wanted to!

One of the first things I learned in the Navy in 1958 was to always meet and make friends with the cooks.  That philosophy has always paid off, and today was no exception.  These women did a fantastic job of feeding all of us grandparents today, and take care of the grandkids all school year.  Great food, great service and no end of laughing and giggling... except for the one holding the water spigot.  That is my eldest Child, Michelle Leberak Gough  someday we will teach her how to smile.

That young man in the above 3 photos is the son of that scullery maid pictured with the girls in the kitchen.  His name is Christopher Gough.  Christopher is just plain fantastic!  I cannot say enough about how I love this young man.  He not only is smart and sharp as a tack, is is a good athlete.  We played catch some this Summer and helped me remember why I am not a professional athlete!  I would not be at all surprised if someday he becomes on though.  He has a God given talent in that direction.  Christopher is the oldest of the three Gough children.  The last photo is of Christopher and a classmate friend "hissing and rattling" during a class presentation to the grandparents in the afternoon.

Meet the middle Gough child, Lucas!  Lucas is doing quite well today with his math problems in spite of the help of three of his grandparents!  That old guy with him is myself, bob, my wife Rogene F. Leberak, and my first wife Marsha Ann Leberak.  In the bottom picture, Lucas is reading a book to us and his reading skills are fantastic!  He reads a lot better than I was reading when I was in 4th grade!  Like his brother Christopher, he will have no problem doing whatever in life he wants to do.  He has a terrific attitude towards life and seems to be very well accepted by his teachers and classmates.  I am very VERY proud to call him my grandson!

And the youngest of the three Gough Grandchildren, and incedentally also the prettiest of the three is little Alexis Gough.  The young lady in the last two pictures with Alie is Sun Young.  She is so patient and helpful with Alexis, and is one of several of the older girls that have kind of taken Allie under their wings.  When Allie first started pre-school she was very bashful but with the help of these older classmates Alexis has really blossomed!  I do not want to even think about what this young lady is going to be like as a teenager!  She already is a heart breaker, what will happen when she turns teen?, only time will tell but I can tell you this,   she is going to be a real beauty!, but then why not... look at her mother!

I am naturally quite proud of my granddaughter, but I am equally proud of her classmates and of the teachers at the school for helping our grandchildren along the way.  That is what being a Christian is about and that sharing attitude is very obvious among the students and faculty of St. Stephens school in Horicon, WI


Now enjoy a few more without comment, I think you have been introduced to all the Gough kids

But wait, there's more!

What a Wonderful time Rogene and I had today being with these kids!  If you want to download any of these pictures you are very welcome to them.



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