Monarch Butterflies (And A Couple of birds and Bees)













I am fortunate to live in the Lakeshore area of Wisconsin on Lake Michigan's Western Shore.  The natural beauty of the area is unmatched.

  Each year we are visited by migrating Monarch Butterflies in spring and in the early Autumn and this year is no exception. 

 This morning I took my camera to a wayside between Manitowoc and Two Rivers, WI.  I was not disappointed! 

By the way,  yes, that is a Pelican.  They really are native to this part of the country and they are starting to re-establish themselves here on Lake Michigan  Shores.  They are huge!  Some have wingspans of nearly 10 feet!  The birds are brilliant white in color with large black patches of trim on the underside of their wings.

The big bird with the "hooked" neck is a Blue Heron, the tall skinny bird is a Sand hill Crane.

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