I think there is a song entitled "Mammas Hands", Well, these are them!

Dorothy Louise Leberak Born April 13. 1914

The photographs on this page were taken at "Friendship Haven", an assisted living facility located in Waupun, WI and are primarily of my Mother, Dorothy Louise Leberak, my wife, Rogene F. Leberak, and myself, Robert Eldridge Leberak.

My mother was born on April 13, 1914 in Oklahoma, so a quick job with my 10 remaining fingers and a calculator I was able to determine that she is getting close to 100 years old!  I was going to say "I hope I look as good as she does when I get close to 100" but that is not even a remote possibility as she already looks younger than I do!

So anyway, here are the pictures, you decide for yourself if she looks her age!  I do not think that she does.

Oh, one other thing, There are a couple of pictures of me standing next to a very old photograph of a young boy in a sailors uniform.  That young boy in the picture is my father, Eldridge Revel Leberak.  He could be a twin brother to one of my grand children and there are no other pictures that show the similarities better than this one. Whoops, I just remembered one more thing.  That ugly clock is my mothers pride and joy because it is the first clock I have ever made.  Pretty it isn't, but so far it has held up for more than 40 years and keeps on ticking so I guess I didn't do  too bad a job on it.


Photographs taken on Mothers Day 2007


Waupun, Wisconsin