Rogene Florence & Robert Eldridge Leberak

Everything you need to know about us, and probably a great deal more!

Rogene was born in Two Rivers, Wisconsin and has lived in this area most of her life.  She attended St. Marks
Parochial  School in Two Rivers, and Washington High School.

She worked for Paragon Electric in Two Rivers from 1963 until 1973, then attended Lakeshore Technical
College in Cleveland, WI.

She graduated from LTC as an CNA in 1974, and worked at Holy Family Hospital in Manitowoc, WI from 1974
until 1979.  She then went back to school at LTC until 1980 and graduated as an LPN.  She returned to Holy
Family Memorial Medical Center in Manitowoc, WI and is  working there on the medical unit.

Rogene and Bob were married to each other on June 9, 1990 at St. Marks Catholic Church in Two Rivers, WI.

Bob was born in Waupun, WI in 1940 at the Schwartz Hospital.  He attended South Ward Grade School, and
Waupun High School graduating with the class of 1958.  While attending high school bob worked for
Storebeck Hardware Store in Waupun.

Bob Joined the Navy in August of 1958.  He attended boot camp in San Diego, CA.  He served in Oakland CA at
the Naval Supply Center until September of 1959, then attended the Naval Air Technical Training Center in
Millington, TN.

From Millington he was transferred to Barbers Point Hawaii and worked as an aviation electronics technician
for UTRON One (Utility Squadron One) spending off duty hours as a bar tender in Waikiki.

Two years later in 1962 Bob was again transferred to San Diego's North Island Naval Air Station and joined
VS-37 (Anti Submarine Squadron 37) where he was trained as a Julie-Jez operator and flew as a crewman on
the Grumman S2D aircraft.

After being discharged from the Navy, Bob worked for a time in the San Francisco Bay area for several
companies as an electronic technician including a short time for IBM and Xerox out of their San Francisco
offices.  He also worked for Alpha Photo Products as the repair shop manager in their Oakland, CA office.

Bob returned to Wisconsin after his fathers death and worked for a short time repairing and installing heating
equipment with his brother -in-law Neil Lang.  The business was called L&L Heating.

Bob and his friend Tom Abel founded Chalet Sales and Service in Waupun and Bob continued to repair
heating equipment there.  He attended school for Evenrude Motors in Milwaukee and serviced outboard
motors for Chalet Sales and service.

Several odd jobs later, that included hauling coal for Vande Streek Coal and Oil, and for the Waupun School
system as a custodian. Bob decided that manual labor was not something he liked so he helped set up a new
radio station in Waupun, WLKE... Lucky Radio.
Bob married the former Marsha Schouten in Waupun, and together they had three children Michelle, Marianne,
and Robert Lawrence Leberak.  Marsha lives in Waupun

Bob worked for Radio Station WCWC in Ripon, WI, then moved to Two Rivers WI and helped build Radio
Station WTRW.  He left WTRW in the late 1960 where he had been chief engineer and went to work for
WCUB/WKUB in Manitowoc, WI as an announcer.

He worked as Sport Fishing Reporter for WCUB and his fishing reports were broadcast on more that 20 radio
stations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Minnisota, including WTMJ in Milwaukee and WCFL, and WMAQ in
Chicago, IL.

While working at WCUB he, along with Jack Severson (who owned WCUB) and Paul Anderson founded
Seagull Marina in Two Rivers.  It was while operating Seagull Marina that he and Marsha Leberak were

Bob re-married Geraldine Cookle about a year later.  Geraldine fought a hard battle with colo-rectal cancer for
nearly five years and lost the battle in December of 1985.  It was while Geraldine was hospitalized at Holy
Family Hospital in Manitowoc that Bob met Rogene Buenzow who was later to become his 3rd wife.

Bob left WCUB, where he had been employed as Chief Engineer and an announcer off and on for nearly 30
years.  He continues to broadcast two shows each week, Saturday and Sunday evenings from 7 until Midnight.

Rogene and Bob both love to ride their bikes in the Summer, and take long walks together in the Winter logging
as many as 7 miles a day over Manitowocs streets or in a nearly abandoned mall when the weather is not
conducive to outside walking.

Rogene spend much of her spare time working with her father, who still lives independantly at his home in Two

Bob has recently taken up watchmaking as a hobby and as a way to maintain deteriorating hand/eye
coordination.  Other hobbies include Weather Watching, Pipe Organs (they have a nice restored 1932 Wangrin
Pipe Organ in their attic) and computing.