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Here are 30 plus photographs of our family ancestors.  I have left them mostly un-retouched, just the way I found them in cardboard boxes that had been stored in my parents attic for decades.  Most are black and white photos, a few are from tin type photos.  I left them at the highest possible resolution so that you may simply right click on any that you want to download and get a copy for yourself.  It will be at least as good as the original, and yes, you do have my permission to download any or all of them and use them in any way you see fit.  I would appreciate identifying the source if you use them for any commercial venture and no, I don't think that you will make a ton of money from doing just that.  I just want you to know that if you do, its fine with me.

I have identified them as much as I can from notes that were written on the back side of the photos.  If you have any specific questions about any of them, E-Mail me at rleberak@cubradio.com and I will try to answer your questions.




Anna Matz Leberak (holding) Robert Eldridge Leberak, Shirley Ann Leberak (standing) Herman Matz This photo was taken at the Vets home in Madison, WI


This Baggett family photo was taken in Chanute, KS in August of 1925 I do not have the original photo.  This is a scanned image from a printed calendar that was distributed among relatives several years ago. Pictured left to right, back row is: Neva, 19; Elsa, 23; Harley, 21; Agnes, 26; Lola, 19 Cleo, 15; Edward, 52 (father) Wilma (Billie) 8; Dorothy, 11; Roland (Hank) 5; Mary, 49 (mother); Edith, 13

Laura Matz  and the girls from a resort hotel where she worked as an hostess (above) And a portrait of Laura Matz Unknown date


This photo of Edward and Mary Baggett was taken at Knots Berry Farm In California about 1950

Lydia Anne Pomroy Beeman 1838-1929


Eliza Pomroy


This photo is of Julianna and August Matz (Eldridge R. Leberaks Grandparents)


This is a photo of my grandmother Anna Matz Leberak.  Notice the chain around her neck.  It is made of human hair and now is in the custody of my son Robert L Leberak in Horicon, WI


My mothers aunt, Emma Beeman/Mueller

                                                                               This is a photograph of my mothers grandmother, Ann Pomeroy Beeman and her sister, Jane Pomeroy Howard


My parents wedding photo June 19th 1937.  Alfred Matz, Wilma Baggett Vis, and my parents Dorothy Louise Baggett Leberak, and Eldridge Revel Leberak

Back row: Anne and Andrew Beeman, Front row: Will Pomeroy and wife, and John and June Howard


The middle woman in the back row is Anna Matz, the other two women are not known.  That is Herman Matz in the front row left, and Adolf Matz on the right

Ed and Mary Baggett celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in Waupun, WI in 1957.  This photograph of them, their children and their spouses was taken in front of the City Hall in Waupun.  Missing in the picture were Agnes husband Vick who was working, and Dorothys husband Eldridge who had been there but had to go back to work.  Pictured from Left to Right: Hank and Helen Baggett, Ray and Lola Van Loo, Harley and Murial Baggett,  Dorothy Leberak, Harlan and Edith Baggett, Ed and Mary Baggett, Elsa Smitty, Otto, Agnes, Billie and Bernie Vis, Neva Smith, Cleo and Fritz Brinkman

Fanny Eliza Pomeroy.  This is Mary Baggetts mother, or my mother Dorothy's great grandmother

This picture of the Baggett family was taken in Oklahoma in 1914. It shows Lola, Agnes, Edward, Cleo, Harley, Elsa, Mary, Edith and Neva

Aunt Emma.  Emma Beeman Mueller

This is a school photograph of my fathers class.  Which one is Eldridge is not known for certain but the second from the right in the front row looks very suspicious!

She's back!,  once again, Lydia Ann Pomeroy Beeman

Back row: Herman Matz, Laura Matz Campbell, Jules Matz (drowned), Tille Matz Gelhar, Anna Matz Leberak, Adolf Matz, Alvina Matz Tagatz

Front row: Julianna Tagatz Matz, August Matz

The Beeman Family.  Back Row:  Edwin, Mary, Marty,  Emma, John, Center row: Charlie, Bennie, Front row: Andrew Martin Beeman, Lydia Ann Beeman

Bennie had died before this photograph was taken and his picture was added to the portrait later.

This is the first home of Andrew and Lydia Ann Pomeroy Beeman.  Their 7 children were born and except for Bennie who died at age 7, all were raised here.

Edward Baggett dancing a jig, while Edith plays the piano and I watch from behind the piano.  The photo was taken at their 50th Anniversary in 1947

Once again, the usual suspects line up for a family photo in front of the Waupun City Hall at the 50th Anniversary of parents Ed and Mary.  Shown are: Neva, Cleo, Billie, Elsa, Hank, Agnes, Harley, Dot, Lola, Edith.  Front row... Edward Baggett, Mary Beeman Baggett

Julianna and August Matz  Elkridge's grandparents

Mary Beeman Baggett at age 20

OK, Across the back row first: Ed Beeman, John Beeman, Mary Beeman, Edward Baggett, Emma Beeman, Charlie Beeman, Martin Beeman.Front row.  Lue (wife of Ed, mother of Milo) , Milo, Lydia Ann Beeman, Andrew Martin Beeman, Nettie, Ethel

I am not at all certain about the names on this picture so I will include a photo of the back side and you may decide for yourself who is who.  Please let me know if I am wrong:  bob


I love the birdcage!  This is Lydia Ann Pomeroy and Andrew Martin Beeman

Our family picture with: Shirley Ann Leberak Lang, Robert Eldridge Leberak, Dorothy Louise Leberak, Eldridge Revel Leberak

OK, no one seems to know who these people are but it is such a neat photo I thought that I would include it and see if anyone recognizes anyone in it.  Please let me know so we can identify them and perhaps take up a collection to buy them a decent lawn mower.