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Attention.  This is not really an APOTD letter, but it does contain some pictures from the Hornet from my era and I thought I would include them.  bob

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APOTD Pictures



Late and I'm tired but wanted you all to see my display I did today at the Parkville Library. Story to follow later.






Howdy Folks. Well a lot going on in Stoof Fixer's Saga. Tida was throwing a going away party for Chief Pilot Matt miller last night at "Sidepockets." It's north of the airport at 169 and Englewood Rd. Bar and grill with about 50 pool tables. Wasn't sure I could go as I won't be anyplace any of the members of "The Fantastic Five" appear. I got lucky last night and none of them did so had myself a good time. Huge draws for 2 bucks. Got to shoot a lot of pool, and won them all except for the game where Tida kicked my keester. I spent a lot of time in high school ditching work at Walnut Products, and hanging out at "Olympia Lanes." A bowling alley out on the Belt that just happened to feature pool tables as well. I never was anything but fair, but sometimes I can surprise the kids. I think I might have surprised a couple last night. .

Little old fat man. Shoots left handed. No sweat. I can kick his rear at pool. Sorry youngsters. The little old fat man was having a good night. Tida, Jamie, Sara, and Jenny were there. I vaguely remember some pilots and mechanics as well. LOL!! Matt Millers wife is just gorgeous, and as she told me she reads some of the APOTDs I send Matt, I guess I better say just about the prettiest blonde I've seen in awhile. There's a blonde in St. Joe that might have a slight edge, but strictly a personal opinion Mrs. Miller. Sorry to see Matt. He's a good un. Proud to think he calls this old man a friend.

Tida was as she always is. Fun to be with and fun to look at. She was telling me that picture I took of her and Jamie at her front door, that she looked like Jamie's mother. I don't think so woman! I know this is hypothetical but to be her Mom you would have had to have gotten pregnant at 9. Terry thinks your both young and pretty. Want to see what old looks like come look at me.

I got home about 7 last night. The wife had returned from Arkansas. I just couldn't go up and face what I knew was going to be sarcasm and disapproval, so I didn't. She never came down to chew my rear either, so made it thru another night with a place to sleep. No sign of Maxine this morning but her bedroom door was closed. Maybe she was in there. I took a shower and went downstairs. She must have been waiting for me to go down the steps as I immediately heard her come out. I wonder what tonight will bring?? Never have had to go look for a place to sleep on short notice, but as Scarlett said: "Tomorrow is another day!" Almost time to go to work. Going to be lugging junk down to the library after work, so this will probably have to do for a couple of days. I'll let you know how the Salute To Veterans went. It's tomorrow. Pics are from Fleet Week in San Francisco, taken by APOTD member Bill Schultz.

Terry at MKC




Howdy folks. Been a little low, as I so often am. Since I got back to work last Monday, nothing much has gone right. A guy at work screwing with me. People mad at me. People upset with me. After a lull, the buyout rumors are swirling again. Several of my friends have quit to go on to hopefully better jobs. Lots of uncertainty there for a 61 year old, plus I will miss them.  Matt Miller, Jimmy Day, etc. The news about the return of my Neice's cancer and my Sister's thyroid was a crusher. The wife left for Arkansas Saturday morning, leaving me in charge of the animals. Be back Thursday she said.....maybe. Guess we will see. Just a lot of downers the last week or so and was feeling pretty low. Last night a blue butterfly appeared unexpectedly on my computer. The clouds parted and the sun came out. Terry was smiling. How do those Eagles lyrics go?? "I learned a long time ago what a woman can do to your soul." Me too, my friends. Me too!!

I went to St. Joe Saturday to see Mom. Lucille, that eats at her table, had several Life magazines for me, and a lot of clippings. She's such a nice lady. She told me she had a professional appraiser coming to look at her things. Later I was in Mom's place and she stuck her head in the door. She asked me if I could explain to the appraiser about her letters. Of course!!! I was more than glad too, but had to smile to myself. An old no neck, blue collar airplane fixer being used as a referece source. LOL!! The gods must have been smiling. The lady knew nothing of "Jennison's Jayhawkers" as the 7th Kansas Cavalry was known as. To quote from the book of the same name:"No other regiment in the Union Army had so evil a reputation, or had done so much to deserve it, as the 7th Kansas Cavalry." They were a scourge on the Western Border and Lucille's ancestor had been 2nd Sargeant of Co. "H". I hope I got across how infamous an outfit it was, and much, like Hitler's personal belongings, would probably bring a high price in certain quarters. She knew nothing of Civil War Rountables and the like and I tried to steer her in the right direction. Carriage Square isn't cheap and both Lucille and her husband live there. She could use the money.

Sunday, I went to the Junkman's and drank his coffee and a little beer. He knew I was low and it was nice of him to ask me to come by. He's going to help me tote my stuff to the library next Saturday. He's a friend. What can I say?? He had the Chiefs game on and as soon as I sat down the tide turned for the Chargers. I told him if he wanted them to win, he better turn it off. Just a warning. They NEVER win if I watch. He turned it off. LOL!! And they WON!!!

After I got home, my cell rang and it was Garza in Harlingen. Wanted to tell me the Chargers had tied it up. Told him I don't watch football, and it didn't surprise me. Felipe lived in San Diego for 30 years. It just struck me today why he called. They LOST Felipe!!! AH HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Go Chiefs!!!....even if I can't watch those suckers!! Missouri beat K-State too! Not as sweet as dumping on the Jayhawks but they're Kansans. Things were looking up for Ol' Ginnis!

Got to work this morning and asked around if anyone had a Boz Skaggs album they would loan me. No one did. There is a song by him called "Loan Me A Dime" I want to hear, so I went to the net and bought it. Swapped some MFD tubes in the St. Joe News-Press Lear. Loaded some data bases. Not much. Shannon called me to the front desk and I found a package from old shipmate Chuck Santoro in New Jersey. He sent me a great picture of Top Foster and I at the reunion. A couple of the color guard and others. The package was deep. Got a 2007 calendar from his Insurance Agency. A daily planner. Two key chains fobs and a little flashlight that goes on a key chain, plus a pen. WOW!! Jackpot!! Thanks Chuck!! Great stuff, but gotta thank you for that pic of Top and me. Didn't have one. Much appreciated!! Got a lunch date with Tida and Jamie tomorrow. A pretty great Monday. Scott Tychson came in and told me Cessna's new Experimental 182 was on the ramp and no one had pictures of it. I do now....and so do you. Looks like composite construction to me, and no more wing struts. Looked pretty sleek.....for a Cessna!!

Got most of my WWII Marine gear rounded up Sunday and in a box. Top Foster's dress blues aren't WWII but they are going too. Plus a USMC painting a beautiful lady did for me. I think they will probably be the highlight of my little exhibition....don't you??

Sending a scan from that calendar Chuck gave me. It's a Saturday Evening Post Cover showing a sailor in whites on a hammock. The reason I'm sending it is.... that's Marmaduke sleeping in his lap!! That's my Teufel Hunde! My Devil Dog!! Marm you made no mention you posed for that cover.! More pics from the War Room. Pics of the new Cessna, and I guess that's it for tonite. Gave you a break from the mindless drivel...but guess I'm back....for now.

Terry at MKC



Hi Phil,

Great pics even if the quality of some is a little off. I started Aircraft Pic of the Day years ago, because of just what you sent. I had boxes and boxes of half slides. No slide projector. Hold them up to a light bulb and look is all I could do. I longed to see other peoples pictures of our time in service, and wanted to share mine. The wife and kids would just yawn. Sometimes run when I got mine out and tried to tell them about those days of yore. I wanted to find somebody that would care. 4 reunions later my dream has pretty much come true, but the lure of these old pictures remains for me. I never seem to appear in anybody elses. The little Irishman that wasn't there I guess. No matter. I love to look at them and remember those days of my youth. When anything was possible, and most of my life was an unwritten book. Thanks for sending yours old shipmate. I'm passing them on to my list, so they too can remember if they were there, and if not, so they can see that it really happened. That I just didn't make it all up

McGinnis, Terry N.  771 8004    ADR3    VS-35 Powerplants   embarked aboard USS Hornet CVS-12

"In God and the GOP We Trust"
Terry here are some pics from some slides I had developed. I found them in a box when we were packing to move. I had them made into pics after 40 years in a box so they are not too good.   Helo is the one we lost & tried to recover.  Don't remember if we got the job done or not.  I think thats Iwo Jima in the background behind the fudd.  The AO is Billy Ray Clayton from our AO crew.  We took a weeks liberty when in the PI & went to Cavite City.  Had a memorable time.  The supply ship was banged up when it ran into us while we were loading supplies.  And of course the Sailot is me.  I think were tied up in Yokosuka. 
Phil Burke PR3 (AC) VS-35 Aircrew 1964-1966





Well yesterday was pretty laid back. Went to the former K-Mart and got my perscriptions and that was about it. Even forgot Bradley's soccer game until it was too late to go. I did get a report from the wife tho. Bradley SCORED a goal! Two of them!!! Holy Moly!! He MUST be a Dunivan. Hold that. He did score two goals. One for his team, and one in the opposing teams goal. Hmmmm. Maybe he is some McGinnis. LOL!!!

Guess we better get back to our tale of Stoof Fixer in San Diego. The bus returned us to the Hotel, and as we walked into the innner court there was Sandy Gum in the pool. WHEW!!! I didn't lose them!! What a relief!!! The afternoon was spent BSing with the guys. I had slept little the night before, and was determined to go easy on the beer that night. Maybe I wouldn't spend the night running to the Head. Along around nine I was thinking of heading to the Admiral's chair. Carmen would have none of it tho. She wanted to go to Hooter's! And she wasn't going alone!! She got me up off my old wrinkled butt. Rounded up Jerry & Kathy Butler, Al Eusterbrock, my roomate, Chuck Santoro, Nicki Sennett, and of course her husband. We all climbed into somebody's rental car. I think the Butler's drove their own. Nicki lives in San Diego so she was navigator, and we headed off in search of wings!! That part of San Diego is like a maze. High mesas and deep gorges and don't think there is a straight street in town. I'm used to streets laid out on section lines, so I was completely lost. But Nicki wasn't. In due time we pulled up to Hooters and in we went. Carmen was out for fun, and we had us some. Chuck ordered 50 wings, and others assorted goodies. We all got beer, and then Carmen started recruiting girls to come over and have their pictures taken with us. First our raven haired waitress with me. That poor kid, but I guess they are used to it. She was very gracious.Then more and more girls. All very pretty, and all constructed like brick outhouses. Oh it was AWFUL! Pity me my friends. I endeavoured to persevere tho, and did. They were selling t-shirts at the desk, and Chuck and Al bought Hooter's t-shirts for their grandkids. I just didn't have the guts. My daughter and SIL are pillars of their church and just couldn't see myself dragging out Hooters t-shirts for the boys. I could see her face in my mind.

Finally it was time to go.We returned to the Hanalei a happy bunch and I had a box of left over wings, and fried pickles. Sounds awful but were pretty good. Steve Kalenda and I ended up sitting outside talking till I think 1:30 in the morning. He hadn't eaten. Said he hadn't felt well. I offered him a wing, and he reluctantly took one. His reluctance slowly vanished and I watched him eat them ALL!! LOL!! Steve's Mom is pretty bad, and he decided he couldn't leave her. Cancelled his reservations and plane tickets and I guess moped around the house. Afraid to call us and tell us he wasn't coming. I guess his wife observed his gloom and on her own made another reservation. Got him a plane ticket and at the appropriate time presented it to him. I'll watch your Mom" she said. "Your GOING!!" What a wife. What a sweetheart! We talked and talked. My troubles, and his. We were the last ones out there. It was good for me. Cathartic someone said, and I guess it was. I know I felt better. Thanks for listening old Sawbuck. It was appreciated!!

I stumbled into our room. Eusterbrock wears a CPAT machine for sleep apnea. Hope I didn't snore too bad. Our little radio in the room would only get AM stations and I had found one the night before apparently from Mexico. He drew the line at another night of Spanish, and found another. I did sleep pretty good that night. Waking up around 7:30. Trying to keep the chronology of events straight in my mind. I think I had breakfast with Chuck Santoro and Ross Ninger that morning. I had hit the beach for the first time in Japan with Ross. I still have a picture of us in a booth in Sagami Otsuka with a couple of bar girls. "You buy me drink sailor boy? Nei?" A memorable night for sure. Good to be with him still after all these years. The morning wore on hanging out in the Hospitality Suite. The time came for the tours and we went out to the parking lot to board the buses. One was going to the Russian sub and one to the Midway Museum. Kalenda and I waited to get on. The bus was filling fast and I followed Felipe and Mary Garza onboard. Felipe is an old one wire Boomeranger from Texas, but came to VS-35 after I had departed. Nevertheless a friend and a shipmate. Felipe and Mary took the last seats. Mary wouldn't let me set on her lap, and the bus driver said I would have to catch the next bus. The bus driver was African American and I thought I would have some fun with him. I walked down the aisle hollering "This bus discrimnates against Irishmen!! I'm pulling the Irish card!! Had him laughing. It was fun. I caught the next bus to the Midway, but this is getting long. Guess I will tell about that tomorrow hopefully.

Pictures are: McGinnis, Eusterbrock, Santoro and the Hooters girls. The USS Pearl Harbor and Downtown San Diego from the Midway's flight deck. The Midway's Island showing the Migs that were shot down by her aircraft in Viet Nam. A Pratt & Whitney R-2800 cutaway radial on Midway's hanger Bay. Sorry. Old round engines are a passion of mine. A Douglas A-4 Skyhawk on Midway's Hanger Bay. Midway's engine room controls. A Snipe's delight. Not mine but interesting to see. Former CO of VS-35 Captain Steve Slack in front of a North American SNJ, in which he had 6 arrested landings in traing on the light carrier USS Monterrey. My 1st cousin Bill McGinnis served on the Monterey in WWII. I thought that was pretty cool. A seagull on the end of one of Midway's flight deck catapults, with North Island and USS Stennis in the far distance. The last one is me waiting for the bus back to the Hotel on the pier in front of Midway. The caption says the carrier is the Reagan, but it's the Stennis. Lots more pictures in the days ahead. Hope your enjoying the stories and the pics. If not, just tell me and I will take you off the list. ok??  

Terry back in KC




Monday. Home from San Diego, and a wonderful 4 days that went just like......THAT! Memories swirling. Many e-mails to answer, but I want to tell you a little of what went down....from the Ol' Stoof Fixer's perspective.

Got up early Thursday morning. Scraped the crud off and spit shined the wrinkled old carcass. Bags were packed so took them to the red PT. Hers. Waiting around. Hate to question her, but was getting apprehensive, so went upstairs. She was dressed. "Am I taking you? You said last week, I didn't have to!" "I would appreciate it if you would, please": I said. So she did. Got there about 7:30. Plane was leaving at 9:20. Found out my belt buckle wouldn't go thru the metal detector, Thank God my Levis stayed up! That surely would have brought security on the run, had they hit the floor! Got my belt and shoes back on. Loaded my stuff back in my pockets. I NEEDED a belt! Sat around for an interminable time, but finally got on the plane. A window seat way in the back, and pleasantly no one in the seat next to me. 3 hours to San Diego. Tried to sleep, but couldn't.

Got to San Diego's Lindburgh Field. Cool to see all the tile roofs, swimming pools and palm trees on the descent. WHAM! We were down, and in California....for the last time? I wonder? Master Chief Dibb was picking me up, and as I looked for baggage claim I heard a "Terry!!" It was Bobby, and he had already collected Al Eusterbrock. Pounded one another on the back. Grinned at each other. Said all the things friends say when apart for awhile. Men stuff. You ladies wouldn't understand.  ! Got my bags and walked out into the California sunshine. Yep. This place looks familiar! Bobby found his pickup. We loaded our gear, and we were off. Downtown San Diego has changed so much since Jan. 22nd 1968, but North Island was still across the bay. There were still sailboats everywhere. There was still a carrier tied up at North Island. Different, but still the same. We headed north for the Red Lion Hanalei. We had stayed there before in 03, but I still had no idea where I was. Bobby grew up in San Diego and spent many years there during his Navy career. Always a plus when you have friends that know the way.

Got to the Hotel and unloaded. Checked in. Al and I's room was next to the Hospitality Suite on the ground floor. The check in desk was in the lobby with our lovely squadron widows manning their post. I was talking to Jeannine Hickman I think, when I felt arms go around me. Lots of softness back there. It was either Fred Irvin or a woman. Turned to look and it was Nancy Carson!! ALRIGHT NANCY!! Got a big kiss and a smile. It's what I live for ladies! Please don't stop! Sadly Jack was with her, durn it!! Shook his hand. The rest is kind of a blur, but Felipe Garza had called me the day before to see if I was in San Diego yet. I asked him if Mary was coming. "Yep" he said. I told him to warn her as I was getting a hug when I saw her. He chuckled. I saw Felipe and Mary walk up. He stuck his hand out and I just walked by him to Mary. Got that hug!! Then shook his hand. Mary you're a sweetie!! Felipe, thanks for not killing me!! LOL!! The same with Conrad and Pam Dietz. Out of my way Conrad. I came to see Pam!! She's such a wonderful gal as well. Folks that takes guts. Hope you are proud of me. Either one of those guys could squish me like a bug!! I lived tho

Seemed to take hours to get out of the lobby. So many people that wanted to talk to old Ginnis. Sure hope I didn't slight anyone.  Chuck Santoro, Ross Ninger, Sandy and Kathryn Gum, The Lynchs, Jerry & Kathy Butler, Devious....so many! Such good friends! Found our room. Found the hospitality suite. Found the beer!! Pretty much a blur that night. Lot's of San Miguel, Pacifico, which I had never had, and Corona, of which I had had many. Tasted the same in California! Cold and good! Lucy and Nicki Sennett came! More hugs and kisses! Love those ladies. Ms. Lucy has had lots of recent surgery and still in a lot of pain, but wanted to see us, so to Hell with the pain. She came. What a woman! Bob would have been so proud of her. Wish he could have been there too, but his name is on "The Wall" in DC and he will live on after the rest of us who survived that war are long forgotten. Small consolation for his wife and the two little kids he left behind, I know, but there are worse ways a man can be remembered to posterity.

Got to meet Ed Davis for the first time. He served in HS-2 and lives in Maine. Never knew him when we both were aboard Hornet, but a great guy. I got "Working Party "Alpha" one morning and was handed a broom. Swept up around the bar, and pushed the debris toward the door. Tried to sweep it out in the grass, and boy I did. And all over Mrs. Davis!! Oh Lord! Ginnis screws up again!! I apoligised profusely but I expect she thought..."All the way from Maine to have a little short Irishman throw crap on me!!" So sorry Mrs. Davis! I didn't mean it!!

Saw Captain Slack. As you know, I have to have a recliner to sleep in. Capt Slack was assigned the job of finding one for me. He did. He told me it was Admiral "Irish" Flynns recliner. "Holy Crap" said the 3rd Class Nosepicker for Life!! An Admirals chair?? For me?? Jeez! I saluted it ever time I got in it! What an honor! Many thanks Captain!! Tell the Admiral, I didn't get much sleep, but it was no fault of his recliner.

Cdr Ron Smith came up and shook my hand. He has pancreatic cancer and this old fool didn't recognize him at first. Damn, I was glad to see him after I realized who it was. So many I saw that night. Afraid of slighting somebody but my mind is awash and it's all hazy now. I do remember when I saw Carmen. Everybody loves Carmen Miecznikowski. For those of you that don't know her, she is married to a Polish guy. She ain't. Hispanic and Scottish is what she is, which makes a very very lovely lady. Such a hug I got. She had told me I was going to get a kiss earlier via e-mail. On the cheek. Well she's married to Paul, doggone it, and he was coming too! But told her it would be worth a busted nose for the other kind. I'm old. Time is short. No way I'm gonna be pretty at this stage.....so yeah. A busted nose would be worth it! Holy crap. She gave me one!! Dead on the lips!! After the euphoria subsided I was ready for the blood. Looked at Ski, but think he was just laughing. Carmen, I survived, but it WAS worth a busted nose!!

Lots of camraderie Thursday night. Old shipmates together again. For those of you that couldn't make it....well you missed a Hell of a time. I staggered off to my Admiral's chair about 1 in the morning. For some reason, I seemed to need to make frequent trips to the Head. Gave up about 4:45, and went out on my patio to await 6 AM when the restaurant opened. Looked across the pool and the grounds and wondered if I had had a little too much the night before. Rubbed my eyes but it was still there. A SKUNK!! Inside the Hotel grounds. IN San Diego!! I had bought a thousand picture memory stick to take to the reunion. The original holds 33 on a good day. I got 3 pics out of it and it wouldn't take anymore. Had to stick the old one back in and didn't want to waste one on a skunk, but I know most of you won't believe me. Black. White stripe from nose to tail. Yep. That's a skunk alright!!

Sending you a blurry pic of Nicki Sennett, Me and Mrs. Miecznikowski. Carson took it. Oh well, but wanted you to see the pretty girls we had there. Print it out. Tear the girls off. Then you can use my pic to keep small rodents out of your house!! One of the Intrepid Devious Dave and Ms. Carmen. I took this one. Notice the clarity.!  LOL!! The next is Jerry Butler, Conrad and Pam Dietz, Jeannine Hickman, Nancy Carson, Lu Motes, and Jack Carson. Next one is the Red Lion from the Hospitality Suite. All for this issue. I won't send the next issue to the CVSG-57 list, but I wanted all who came, and all who didn't to know how much fun it was for one little old man from Kansas City. If you came...Thank you! If you didn't....hope you can next time. That's from the Fantastic Four. "Devious" Dave Shrode. "Ali Bubba" Jack Carson, Master Chief and one time "Seat Sniffer" Robert Dibb, and of course the Ol' Stoof Fixer, or as many of the ladies call me "The Ol' Stool Fixer" Ginnis. Watch your six my friends until next time. 

Terry....back at MKC




What a wild and crazy little Scots Irishman I am!! Lord! I don't know how I stand the excitement. Got tired of sitting in the house Sunday. Drove back to St. Joe and found that old cemetery I mowed. Let me rephrase that. Tried to mow. St. Joe just kinda ends down there and you're in the country almost immediately. It's just about a half mile form town, but when you get up there, it's like you were in the middle of a forest. It's on the Missouri River bluffs and very hilly. Very peaceful and quiet, altho you can hear the trains down in the bottoms. I must have been up there for two hours and never saw a car pass down below. I wanted to see if I could find my Revolutionary War soldier, whose grave I remembered seeing, when I was mowing the place in 63. By golly I found him!!! John Davis and he was in Lytle's North Carolina. Saw a bunch of Missouri Yanks. 3 of them were in regiments that fought at Shiloh. I might have to request their service records from the National Archives. Sometimes that is amazing reading.

Today? Went to Sonic for breakfast but the one on Barry Road, not Riverside. Went to "The Mother Ship" (Wal-Mart) to buy a 512 MB memory card for my camera. 100's of pics instead of 33 on the one that came with the camera. Aren't you excited about seeing pics of all those old sailors?? LOL!! Well I am.  Got the pharmacy at K-Mart to fill my perscriptions. Suppose to pick up tonite. Oh yeah. Lost my car in the Wal-Mart parking lot. I swear somebody moved it!!! God, I hate that place. But ok. The prices are right. Went from there to CVS on 45 Hwy to pic up Brad's soccer game pics. Got those and went west on 45 to Northland Auto. Would much prefer it to be Southland Auto but there ain't none North of the River. I had that "Check Engine" Light. I was pretty sure it was because I had left the gas cap off. I've known the owner of the place since we moved to Platte Ridge in 77. He has received many bucks from me and consequently knows me. Told him the problem and he hollered at one of his mechanics who came out with some kind of handheld computer. We went out in the parking lot and he plugged it in under the dash of my car. "He said "Yep. That's what it was. An emission leak. He cleared it. Asked him what I owed him and he said "Ask the Boss." I did and he just waved his hand. Yelled "Thanks" and was outta there!

My wife works at the Mid-Continent Library, right behind the car fix it place. As I was that close I thought I would take a chance, that seeing me wouldn't enrage her. Wrong!! I walked in and she was on the front desk. Smiling! That was a good sign. I asked her if she wanted to see the soccer game pics. She's getting hard of hearing and I don't know what she thought I said but I got a "NO!" Turned to walk out and she blew up. Then wouldn't tell me why. I gave her the pics and guess she did want to see, as she showed several to co-workers. She seperated the two sets and told me I could go. LOL!!! My pleasure dear! Vaya con Dios!!

I drove home and got a white shirt and my suit pants and took them to the dry cleaners. She says I can have them tomorrow. Hope so. I might need something besides Levis in San Diego. Came home and threw two loads of dirty underwar in the machine, and one load of dark shirts and pants. I guess tomorrow is packing day. I leave Thursday morning. Lots of cancellations this last week. Hope I'm not the only one there, but sometimes you just wanna go where everybody knows your name. Enough for tonite. This might be my last trip ever so gonna try to enjoy all of it. I know a lot of people work and save all their life so they can travel when they retire. Not this old geezer. I hate it! The getting there and getting home part anyway. Speaking of home....I would sure like to get my old keester outta here. It just seems to get worse and worse. Sure as I did, my job would go away and I can't live in Erin's basement too long. Can't leave Ol' Marmaduke either. Excuses. I always have them. Maybe one of these days I will run out of them.

Pics tonite. The Rev War Soldiers stone in St. Joe. A couple of pics taken at the top of the bluff looking northwest. Hope you can see how hard it was to mow but so pretty and quiet up there. Acouple of A-10 Warthogs at our recent airshow and one of a Beech Duke that was in our hanger last week. Hope you like!! 

Terry at MKC




Saturday. My first day of 2 weeks off. Determined not to set around and fall into a black hole as I do so often when I'm off and nothing to do. I had heard a little town north of here called Dearborn was having a city wide garage sale. I decided to go have a look see as small rural towns have been good to me in the past. Left early and headed north. Got off I-29 at the Dearborn exit and headed east into town. Went by the Mid Continent Library and aways further saw a Christian Church that was having a sale. Church garage sales almost never have anything I'm looking for but they almost always have coffee and cookies. This one did too!! LOL! I saw a woman in there that I knew from reenacting days. She seemed glad to see this old reprobate. I got some coffee. Bought some cookies and home made bread she had made and got a tour of the sanctuary. They had some beautiful stained glass windows and I have a friend that used to be in that business. Took a few pics and said my goodbyes.

I have a reenactor bussy that lives in Dearborn. Name of Rhett Johnson. He and his wife Kelly are two of the finest, nicest people I know. Rhett used to work for Zantop Airlines, and when that folded, got into the wood carving business. I hadn't seen Rhett in 15 years or more so thought I would go see if he was up. He has some acreage, and I had been to his 2 story log cabin the past. What I didn't want to do was pound on his front door at 8:30 in the morning. Hoped there would be a dog or dogs to alert the owners to intruders. There was a dog alright, but all he wanted was for me to scratch his ears. Not bark one out of him. I saw no movement, and knew the lady of the house might sling things at me should she have a visitor that early so I left. I remembered the lady at the church was friends with Rhett as well, so drove back there and got a coffee refill, and asked if she would call Rhett. She was very gracious and did so for me. Kelly answered and when she found out who it was asked me to come back. Thanked the lady, and drove backup the hill to Rhett's. I saw Kelly waving. Rhett was on a front loader and was digging a pond. He got out of his machine, and I think was glad to see me. I durn sure was to see him. Wish now I had taken his and kelly's picture. He wanted to show me his shed, where he did his art work. Thousands and thousands of dollars of wood and metal working equipment.Wow!!

Of course the first thing I saw was a Prussian spiked helmet on a shelf. Well we all have our own peculiar interests and that was pretty cool to see there. He showed me some of his brochures of his art. Told me about his business. He has all his visitors sign his wall, so I affixed "Terry McGinnis" to his wall. We walked outside and talked about reenacting days. Good times we both remembered. Old friends fondly remembered. Some of which have crossed over the river, but they aren't forgotten. Doc Dyer, Davy Ockerstrom, Rick Pine, and others. Our friends we will meet again someday. On Green fields, following that old blood red flag. Thru musket and cannon smoke. Chasing the Blue Bellies once again. If there is a Heaven, then that's what it will be for me. I wonder when it's over if someone will shout "Resurrection?" We talked about Shiloh and Gettyburg. Passing my jug around the campfire at Heritage Village and how Ben & Lisa had disappeared. How I got a kiss from Lisa the next morning thanking me for my little brown jug. Yeah. Good memories. Golden Days.

His contractor drove up in a pickup, and he had to go back to work, but damn it was good to see him again!!

I went to hit the garage sales. Ran onto a guy that wanted to sell me a snub nose 38 for 85 bucks. Go get it I said. Not here, so I gave him my phone number. Another guy with a bolt action 30-30. It wasn't there either but he did give me a 410 shell for free. LOL!! Found a guy that said he had an Enfield. Another with a 98k Mauser his Uncle sent back. Not for sale but the Enfield guy wanted to show it to me. Made at Lithgow in Australia in 1941. Must have been with the "Desert Rats" in North Africa. Pursing Rommel. The Desert Fox. Cool! It was a No. 1 Mk III star. Went up by the Dearborn high school and stopped at a sale. The kid there drug out a Nazi flare gun and a Winchester 1906  22 pump. Not for sale. Just wanted to show you. Well shucks!!! All I came away with was a 1942 Time Magazine. A Vanessa Williams video "Dance With Me." and some 10 cent apiece cassettes, but it was a fun morning. Enjoyed seeing old friends and looking at guns.

Drove on up to St. Joe with Mom and had lunch with her. Always fun to make Jessica and Amanda giggle. Took a nap, and when I woke up Mom was asleep on her bed. Told Jess to tell her I went home when she awoke, and headed back to KC.

The Junkman had e-mailed me before I left and said he was having a garage sale and for me to stop by, so drove down to Parkville and stopped at his house. He was taking a flat bed trailer to his son but told me to stick around. Delightful Donna was there. He must think I am pretty harmless to leave me alone with his wife. Man that hurt!  LOL!! Donna and I sat in lawn chairs in her garage door, and talked. She's fun. John came back and as I guess as he expected she had remained as he had left her. He gave me a beer and we did some BSing. He hauled unsold items back in his garage, and I got tired watching him. Headed on home to find Brad and Cooper were at my house. Utter Pandemonium! Brad pounding on the piano. Dogs and cats looking like the end of the world had come. Oh well soon they will not want to come to the old peoples house. Enjoy it while I can. She took them home about 7, and that was my day. Another page turned in Stoof Fixer's Saga. Wonder what today will bring??     Pics are one of the Dearborn Stained glass. Two new Experimental Adams business airplanes. One a jet and the other a recp. Strange looking buggers. Wonder if they will sell? One of the KC Skyline taken from the west side of Downtown Airport, and one of the front desk where I first saw Sharon Fowler in our old Hanger on the west side. We both hired on at Executive Beechcraft in January 1968. Sharon has retired, and I miss her. No end in sight for Ol' Ginnis but the grave. Oh well. San Diego is Thursday, and my old shipmates await. See you there guys!! 

Terry at MKC

PS  For Rhett & Kelly. Just sending this one. I wanted you both to know how much I enjoyed seeing you and how gracious to me you both were. Friends forever, OK?




Well my 34th Wedding Anniversary was Wednesday. Kinda thru me into the depths of despair. Idiotic isn't it? Nobody to blame for all those wasted loveless, affectionless years but myself. I know some are going to write and say how about Erin and your Grandsons? Well of course that part has to make up for all the rest or I wouldn't still be here. Self pity is sure something I'm good at, and I guess I just needed to curl up and whimper some. Over now pretty much. Life goes on until it stops. Somedays I wish I could live forever and somedays I wish the end would just hurry the hell up. If you have been with me on APOTD for the last decade, I expect you know these moods of mine come and go and I expect many are sick of hearing about them. That said, I write about my life. What I have done, and what I'm doing. What makes me happy, and what rips my guts out. This week was a downer or most of it. Could be so much worse, but my lot in life just got to me. Sorry for dumping this on you poor folks.

There has also been very little to write about. I was pretty busy this week for the first time in I can't remember when. My Navy squadron reunion is just a little more than a month off. Looking forward to seeing old friends and old shipmates again. Probably for the last time. The Blue Angels will be at Downtown Sept. 15 for our Airshow and am looking forward to seeing them again.

Got a couple of gift certificates for my birthday, and decided to get off my lead butt and use them. I bought a 50th Anniversary Edition of "The Searchers." John Wayne and Ward Bond. Two of my all time favorites, and one of my favorite movies. Then ordered "Warman's Civil War Weapons", and "Military Weapons Price Guide" with another. "The Searchers" came yesterday. Bradley is spending the night and when he leaves, I'm going to go watch it . Then go get a haircut.

Pictures are of the Embraer mockup that was here last week, andabout the only thing of interest on the ramp to take a picture of all week as well. Better get this going before you think I put the Colt in my mouth and pulled the trigger.





Well this has been fun for me. Been digging thru old photo albums trying to find Gettysburg pics. Found some of them but so many more I had forgotten. My last full reenacting year was 1989, and my last Missouri Brigade event was the Battle of Mine Creek, Ks. that year. I went to Perryville, Ky in 1990 for an event with an old friend who had founded the 3rd Mo. Cav Battn. in Louisville. Perryville was fun in part, but I was so burned out by that time, that I took a hit on the 1st volley during the Battle and when the fighting moved over the hill and I was out of view of the spectators, I resurrected myself, and went back to camp to wait till it was over. The very last was a trip to Vicksburg with two friends that was an absolute fiasco. We never did find the event, but did get to tour the Vicksburg and Grand Gulf battlefields. Spent a night sleeping in the van in a campground, which was not the most enjoyable night I ever spent. Came home without pitching a tent or firing a shot. Pretty disappointing. I never went back.

Anyway, back to Gettyburg. We woke that morning to another scorcher. I don't really remember, but I expect we did some Battalion drills that morning. Then the call went out to form up. We were going on a little hike. They didn't say how far tho. We formed in two ranks and counted off by two's. RIGHT FACE!  # 2's stepped up, and suddenly we were a column of fours instead of two ranks. That was always fun to do, and to watch if I wasn't in ranks. FORWARD......MARCH! and we stepped off. Down thru camp to a gravel road. Down the road in route step. Trying to ration the water in the canteens but it was oh so hot in those wool uniforms. One mile....then two...then maybe 5 and we came on a little stream, and a halt was called. One hour rest was passed down and men started to strip off and jump in the cool running stream. Not sure if any of the Missourians did. I sure as Hell wasn't going to expose my little nekkid body to about 7000 men, but many did.

Several of us found a tree and the shade underneath. We were laying there, and I saw some of our British friends coming up the hill. A huddled conference....and it was decided. 4 or 5 stood up and when the Brits came within earshot we in unison let forth with "God Save the Queen!!!" They looked startled....then pleased. Broad smiles and they came over to share our shade. Cool! It was decided....YES! We ARE having fun now!

I thought it was about to stop tho. There was a Missourian there.....not in Crowley's......that I had heard was selling pot. I had mentioned to several that if so, he had no business in our "Hobby." Of course that had gotten back to him, and he came looking for me. A head taller than me, and when he walked up and asked if I was McGinnis, he didn't look happy. I figured he was about to open a can of Whup Ass on me, but if so, then so be it. My butt had been kicked before, and I was, and am responsible for what I say, and what I do. If he was selling pot, I would stick by what I said, come what may. He asked me if it was true what I said, and I reckoned as how it was. Told him if he was doing what I considered a reliable source had told me he was doing, I didn't want or think he should be in our "Hobby." He asked who I had heard it from. Told him, that he wouldn't know that from me....ever. He said whoever had told me that was dead wrong. He was an auxiliary deputy sherriff and not a pot smoker or seller. I said I had heard it from a man I trusted but if he swore it was untrue, then I would take his word, but if he was lying to me, I would do everything in my power to get him expelled from the Missouri Civil War Reenactors Association. He said that was fair and it was a deal. We shook hands. I almost had his name. Dale Sherrard I think. I still see him occasionally at gun shows and we still are friends. To my knowledge he has never gone back on his word to me.  "Fall IN!!! was screamed by the officers and once again we fell into two ranks. Back into a column of fours and down the road back the way we had come. We were being Heth's Confederate Division in search of shoes in Gettyburg. Down the make believe Chambersburg Pike we went. One of our older troops, Clay Collins, began to feel the effects of the heat and the march. He fell out in a bad way about half way back, and a couple were detailed to stay with him. The paramedics found him and took him to a hospital with heat stroke. When he recovered he went to the airport and caught a flight home. All that way and never got to fire a shot. Crowley's first casulty. I had quit smoking the month before, and I was feeling GREAT! Little did I know that I was just 6 months away from my heart plugging up. I was 42.

We were all feeling the heat and the 10 mile march but then we spotted Yankee Cavalry in our front.  Blisters and exhaustion were forgotten.The column of fours quickly became a two rank Line of Battle that seemed to stretch out of sight in both directions. What an absolutely awesome sight that was. The Yankee Troopers, as in the actual bttle, dismounted to fight on foot. Every 4th man being a horse holder. The volleys rang out. Clouds of black powder smoke billowed and drifted in our front.  The acrid taste in your mouth as you bit the tail off the paper cartridges, and poured it down hot barrells. Soon we were pushing them back and almost had them on the run when the Federal Infantry arrived to much "Huzzahing" by their Cav. We traded vollys with them, while thousands and thousands of spectators watched. Ed Zwick was there with a camera crew getting footage for the movie "Glory" he was directing. Classic Images was also there filming and if you see their movie of Gettysburg, you might see the Missourians and 2nd Sgt McGinnis advancing on the Yanks. I found a video at K-mart after the event and it was the Classic Images footage set to music. I still have it and my Grandson loves to set on my lap and watch his Grandpa with a red beard he has never seen, shooting at the Yanks while the music plays. How cool is that for his Grandpa? We routed the Feds as it happened 125 years ago. The Germans of the IX Corps, as they had at Chancellorville....ran. A halt was called for the day. "Resurrection" was called for the dead and wounded. We limped back to camp. I don't remember marching but we probably did.

The leader of the Brits, Terry Boniface, told me that night around the campfire how amazed the Brits were when we formed up that morning. Men from almost every state in the US, that had never seen each other, and there was no pushing or shoving or arguments. They just fell in like old comrades. We all drilled by "Hardee's Tactics" so everyone knew what to do, pretty much. The Americans just cooperated with one another for the good of all he said. No way would it have been like that in the UK he also said. It just had never occured to me it wouldn't happen that way. We were all there to honor those who had been our ancestors and to have the time of our lives. Pretty much that's what happened. I was pretty proud of our guys. Two more days to tell you about. If your sick of it, let me know and I'll quit.

Got my scanner working and used it a little last night. A picture of the Missourians under the Captain's fly at Gettysburg. That's Big Dick Taylor on the left. I'm in there. John Moloski's boy. Gunny Sgt Dyer, and his Dad, Doc Dyer. Davy Okerstrom peeking around a tent pole. Tim Moore. Doc and Davy have left us. Doc from old age and Davy by his own hand. A woman, it was said. He loved her and she left. Many said they could never understand what he did. I could.

I've got three pics from the Shiloh Battle the year before, a friend sent me. The four Brothers in Arms standing by the Missouri Battle flag are Ben Keller, his half brother Rick Pine who was electrocuted in a swimming pool. That famous 2/3rds scale reenactor 2nd Sgt. McGinnis and Rhett Johnson of Dearborn. Haven't seen Ben in 15 years. Rick is dead, but Rhett and his wife Kelly remain good friends. That's 1st Sgt Clayton Murphy marching miscreants down the company street with logs to carry as pennance. Then our camp at Shiloh. The one at Gettyburg was much larger and the Yanks of course had one of their own. A picture of Pickett's Charge from the Philadelphia Paper. Can you pick me out? I'm in there. Then one of Peg and I at Lightburne Hall in Liberty, Mo. one Xmas. The owners of the house had just rennovated the antebellum building and one of our company was friends with them. We were invited to have our Xmas party in their grand home, and wonder of wonders, Peg agreed to go with me. She made her dress and I remember her saying she would try to rustle up a little cleavage for it. Cleavage being one of my favorite things, since Mrs. Barnes in the 5th Grade. She got a quick lesson that night in how to negotiate a cramped bathroom in a hoop skirt. Golden Days my friends. So many good memories. Thanks for letting me share them with you.

Terry at MKC




Well If you ever want to know if a bunch of old men, and not so old men are reading your e-mails, just promise them a picture of a pretty girl, and forget to send it! Wow! Sorry guys! Hey! I'm old and you ALL know about CRS. Here's the picture of EB's lovely Shannon. I see it attached down there this time!!!  

Got a bonus picture for you too. I drove up to St. Joe today to see Mom and Jessica hadn't showed up for work. I really like that kid. I hope nothing bad happened, but anyway. Mom had been telling me Nicole had left and there was a new girl there named Allyson. My 90 year old Mother was telling me how cute Miss Allyson was, but she was only working during the week so I probably wouldn't see her. Well guess who was working in place of Jessica. You guessed it. She IS cute! Found out she's from Atchison, Ks. I guess I can overlook the fact she's a Jayhawker this time.  

How to get a pic of her for the old sailors on APOTD? I was eating dinner with two WWII Vets. Wilbur Francis who had been on the Battleship California at Pearl Harbor, and Glenn Randelmann who had been a Medical Supply Officer at Kunming, China. Thought maybe Miss Allyson would let me take her pic with Wilbur, as young girls seem to like old sailors for some unknown reason. He was the oldest in the room for sure, so the next time she passed I put the question to her. As expected she was happy to, and you will find Allyson and Wilbur attached. Wilbur is the one on the left. 

Not much going on in St. Joe today. I ran by Dean's gunshop up by I-29 and 169 Hwy. Lot's of guns but nothing much old and rusty. I like Randy's buddy's shop in De Soto so much better. Crap piled everywhere. Cats wandering the counter. Old guns lining the wall with old boxes of ammo. Smoke hanging almost as thick as the lies being passed around. An old dog asleep on the floor. My kind of gun shop. For that matter my kind of Barber shop. For that matter my kind of beer joint. Is my neck red, and my collar blue or what????

Got an e-mail from Top Foster when I got home. He wanted to know where the Hell the pic of Shannon was! LOL!! Marines are similar to old sailors I guess. Here it is Top. BUT! He sent me a picture of himself at his office at Al-Asad Air Base in Iraq. Notice the pictures to his right on the wall. Tida and Jamie. Do you see??? Methinks Master Sargent Foster kinda liked those pics that you so graciously asked me to send him with a little help from Jack Carson. Nothing like pretty girls to raise the morale of our men overseas. Thanks Ladies!! I just love this pic. Double Stuf Oreos and bags of Tootsie Rolls help, but I bet he would pass on those for the pics you sent.

Got to get a pic of an airplane in this as it IS Aircraft Pic of the Day, so sending one of a B-24 with some pretty cool nose art. Sorry about the old man in the picture. Guess I better get this going before more irate e-mails hit my mail box. Pretty girls for the old men. A Handsome Marine for you ladies, and one old homely ex-sailor to bring you all back to reality.

Terry at MKC




Well I took Friday off. It's the big gunshow weekend, and it started on Friday. Randy and I had been planning on going for weeks. I also had a lunch date with the lovely 19 year old Sally Rogers. Lest you think I'm just a lecherous old coot, I want you to know I asked Sally's Mom if it was ok. She said "Sure.Have a ball."... I did. Got up early. The show didn't open untill 11 to the public, but I belong to the club putting it on, and members get in early. Consequently I got there around 9:30 and scoped out the offerings. These shows always make me wish I had gone to Medical or Law school. Or at the very least had been an airline pilot. Hell an airline mechanic would have helped.

I walked the show for about an hour and half. Saw an old high school frat brother who owns a pawn shop in St. Joe. Boyd had a table set up and some awesome Trapdoor Springfields. All very early with Civil War dated lockplates. He's always fun to talk to. Also saw Glenn Frye from Springfield. He's a retired history teacher and a fountain of knowledge on old rusty military rifles. I set at his booth for awhile and jawed. 11 o'clock came around and I headed for the car. Back down I-29 to Downtown Airport and EB. Walked in the front door and spotted Sally on the front desk. She waved and said she was ready to go. I had her page Randy for me and when he answered sounded sicker than a dog. He said no matter. He was still going. Told him I was taking Sally to The Corner Cafe in Riverside and would probably be a little later than I had told him. He said it was ok. He understood. Hell, he's a man. He should.

 We walked to the PT, and I got her in the co-pilots seat. Been a long time since I had a 19 year old in the seat next to me. Sally is, as you can see from the attached pics, very pretty. She also is a heck of a nice kid. Laughing and vivacious. Fun to be with and around. Especially an old geezer like me. We got to the Corner Cafe and were told it would be about 10 minutes, so we went outside to burn one. I asked her if she had seen the e-mail from Jim Comito about what a great smile she had and how she was now in his will and set to inherit all he owns. I had printed the e-mail and gave it to Sally's Mom. Sally said she had, and it was in her purse. I told her that would probably bring a smile to Happy Jim's face to know that, and I would tell him. Guess I just did. We got our table and she got a BLT and I got a hot roast beef sandwich. The food there is always good. She told me she had told her fiancee she had a lunch date with an older man. He wasn't too happy about that news until she told him it was me that was taking her out. Noah and I have met. She said, he said. "Oh Terry? That's ok then." Damn! That kid sure knows how to drive a stake in an old man's heart!!  LOL!!! It made me laugh anyway and thanked her for having lunch with such a decrepit old coot as me. She was very gracious about that. I know she sure turns heads in a resteraunt. Lots of old coots taking a second look as she passed by. I paid the bill and drove her back to EB. Made her promise to go tell her Mom that I got her back safe and sound and completely untouched! She said she would. She also said she would like to do it again sometime. What a nice thing to say. I told her my reputation in my peer group had risen expotentially, and there were old sailors all over the world turning pea green with envy. I think she liked that too.

I drove on back up to KCI and found a place to park. Finding Randy in that huge hall took some doing but I found him. He spotted a boy toy he had been wanting since I have known him. He wasn't gonna, but being the cruel fiend that I am, I offered a loan and told him he was gonna kick himself the rest of his life if he walked away from it. "Leave me alone!! SHUT UP!!" I knew he would cave. It took about two aisles but pretty soon back we went. Had to laugh. He got it!!!

I found a guy with Trapdoor Springfield lock plates for sale. I've been trying to find a good one for two years since I bought a Trapdoor Carbine some idiot had put on a buffing wheel and turned an $1800 dollar gun into a $600 specimen. Course if he hadn't I wouldn't own it. Anyway I found one I liked but there was some question as to the right one. I told him I would be back in the morning with my lock plate to compare. I took the lock out of the carbine this morning and took it up there. It was the right one that he had. But I also discovered the bridle inside my lock was cracked and ready to break. He had those too. 50 bucks for the lock plate. $25 for the bridle, and wouldn't budge on the price. Hard to find anywhere so I bit the bullet and bought them. Brought them home and took the old parts out of my lock plate and transferred them to the new one. Got it together. Stuck the lock back in the Carbine and Eureka!! It works!!! $75 bucks so I could see the US Eagle and "US Springfield" on the lock plate. Nuts huh??

I did drag my 1896 Swedish Mauser up there and met my ex neighbor Don and his new girlfriend Kathy. He had IMed me last night and said he wanted it and would be at the show this morning with the money. He was a man of his word. He was. Thanks Don! I now had a little play money, but found nothing I wanted that I didn't already have or could afford. They had some great displays to look at tho. One guy had a tremendouse Civil War Carbine and pistol exhibit. He talked to Randy and I for I bet a half hour. It was interesting and entertaining. Another guy had a great US Weapons of WWI display including a working "Pedersen Device in a 1903 Springfield. Out of the 100's of thousand made I think there are suppose to be only 3 left in existence and there was one of the three right in front of me, plus he said he had shot it!! Functioned perfectly he said. Wow! Would I have liked to have witnessed that.

I have had a picture at the Hobby Lobby frame shop for a considerable time. A very special talented lady had drawn it for me, and I was anxious to see it on my wall. Friday they called and said it was ready, so today after I left the show, I went over and picked it up. I was waiting in a line and when the woman brought my framed picture out of the back room, the woman behind me said "Oh WOW! That's just awesome!! Where did you get it?" Told her it was a one only, done for me. She said her husband had been a Marine and she sure would like to have gotten him one like it. I commiserated with her, but told her no way was she getting this one. I brought it home and hung it in my little room behind and to the left of my computer. So I can glance at it whenever I want and thank my lucky stars I am her friend. I'm also attaching a smaller framed version of the portrait she did of my Grandsons. It's hanging on my wall above my work bench in the radio shop for the same reason stated above. Two pics of the simply gorgeous Sally Rogers taken outside and in the booth at the Corner Cafe for Happy Jim.....and for me too, to remember a special day with a special young woman. Thank you Sally! A couple of pictures of my new lock plate. One in the process of removing the parts from the old plate and one installed in the Carbine hanging on my wall.

Somedays, as I have told you, I am the Junebug. So far this weekend I have been the windshield doing about 90. It's been fun my friends. Tomorrow I will be 61. What will the next year bring and will I live to see it all?


Terry at MKC                                                                                     



Well whadda ya know??? I worked all day!! Pretty nice for a change. Got the altimeters I pulled out yesterday certified. Got them back in the airplane and got the static system certified!! It didn't leak. I was amazed. Got to hear a little airport gossip as well. The Connie's brand new engine is making lots of metal. One 15 minute test hop and oops! Doesn't look good at this point. The Parts Guys were all excited about Honda making jets for the New Piper Corporation. I got to see Victoria's wedding album. Lots of peopIe did and didn't know, but it was awfully sweet of her to show it to this old man.

The blonde from high school e-mailed me today and told me she had sent me a birthday card, and that was pretty awesome to know as well. Jack Carson called tonite from the Elks Club in Oregon and was telling me he needed Gunny Sargent Barnett's address in Iraq. He has some bunch of vets there that send packages to the troops and they want to include the Marines of MALS-16. Jim Comito is wanting Gunny Barnett's  e-mail address too. Top if your reading this and you have it could you send it to me and I will get it to the appropriate folks??? Ali Bubba was also telling me how cute the Barmaid was. I told him I had sent him pics of every pretty woman at EB and how come he was holding out on me? "I think he said he just couldn't ask her for a pic. I told him to put her on. I sure as Hell could ask. So he did!!! LOL!!! Guess you know I did ask. She sounded cute. Guess we will see. I'm suppose to buy lunch for an old high school classmate next Sunday on my birthday at the D&G in St. Joe. She dated a buddy of mine in high school but I sure have no memory of her. She lives in Branson and is coming home to see Grandkids. She is bringing pics of hers. I am bringing pics of mine.  Ought to be fun. I will try to make it so for her. Always fun to see and talk to folks from yesteryear. Is for me anyway.

Got a late start tonite so a short one. I'll get around to telling you about my return trip from California in my neighbors Musketeer one of these night. Just not this night.           

Terry at MKC                                                      



Well the old Stoof Fixer has been on a roller coaster since Wednesday. Lots of things going on in my life good and bad, but Friday I seemed to turn the corner. Just a little anyway. I'll tell you some of it anyway.

I walked in the door Friday morning and went down to the Inspector's Office. Terry Martin asked if I had seen the Lear 35 up in bay 1. Nope was my reply. What's the matter with it? "It flew thru a hailstorm Thursday night. It's pretty beat up." Hmmmm. Well that might make some good pics. So I went up to take a look. The Landing light lens in the left tip tank was busted as was the bulb. Most of the paint was gone off the radome. Dents on all the leading edges, and especially the engine inlets. Paint gone off the leading edges of the antennas. Wow! That must have been a wild ride when they got in the middle of that. I expect there was some underwear that needed changed when they got it on the ground.

Went out to Smoker's Corner at 1st break. I usually set out there alone, but yesterday 18 year old and very pretty Sally Rogers came walking out. Jenny's daughter. I met this girl at a party at Jenny's when she was 14, and was impressed then with her personality. Much like Tida, she seems to be nice to all. She is to me, and it was fun to talk to her. Decided I had had all the tuna sandwiches I wanted out of the Wheel of Death, so made the decision to run over to Sonic and get a BLT for lunch. No biggie, except the coal train was stopped in Harlem on the way back, and I had to backtrack. Went over the Heart of America Bridge. East on on I-70 a little ways then a south turn over the Broadway Bridge  and into our parking lot. Parked the car, and walked in the front door. Waved at the front desk girls and started back to the Hanger. Sally hollered:"Terry, I just tried to page you!" Did I have a call? "No, I wanted to go smoke with you." Now THAT my friends, is pretty cool to hear for a man who will be 61 in 15 days. Well Hell girl, lets go burn one. So we did. Pretty good for an old mans ego. Thank you Sally.

 After lunch, I was sent over to the old Kansas City Flying Service hanger to put in a new audio selector panel in Children's Mercy's new King Air. Drove in the gate by the Airline History Museum and saw they had the cowling off the engine they just replaced and were working on it. Drove on to 6B and parked the Van. The Big Dick was in the airplane working on it. I got the old audio panel out and stuck the new one in. Richard helped me check it out. Still no sidetone on the telephone, and I thought we had struck out. I found out later you had to make an actual phone call to see if it's working and they were going to do that on the test hop. Richard showed me his new shop/office spaces. Pretty nice. When Frank Spaatz had that hanger it was like the Bat Cave. Now all fresh paint and well lighted. What a change from 1969.

Headed on back to Hanger 1, but stopped at the Connie to talk to Adam. He climbed down off the ladder, and said neither the Hornet nor Midway Museums had called back on that 1820. Well I tried. What's the matter with your new engine, I asked him? "Had a prop governor failure on the test hop. We were turning 2900 rpm and 15 inches of maniforld  pressure. Had to keep bumping the "Feather" button to keep the rpm down. Told him if it had been me, I belive I would have had both thumbs on that button and it would have BEEN feathered. I thought later they may have not wanted to do it, because someone on the ground would have been sure to see it feathered and called the news media. Not good publicity I don't think. They were putting a new governor on, and maybe we will get to see it fly again next week. Sure was a thrill last week as it always is to hear it fly. It had been awhile.         Not much the rest of the afternoon other than we heard that Ozzy Osborne was flying in for a concert at Verizom, and that was Aerosmith's tour bus parked out by the corner of the hanger. The rock stars almost always arrive in the evening, so we seldom get to see them, but I have seen a lot of famous people nonetheless. Lyndon Johnson. Jesse Jackson, Ollie North, Bill and Hillary before they became co-president, and many others. Walked out to smoke one day and found Randy Owen of "Alabama" leaning against the hanger. Sometimes the airport can be a pretty cool place to work

Got some pics of the Lear for you. One of the beauteous Ms. Rogers, and one of the Connie engine. Tida even came and talked to me at 2nd break yesterday. Not a bad one as days go in Stoof Fixer's Saga. Beat up Lear Jets. Pretty girls. Big old smokey round engines. Yeah, I've had worse days.

Terry at MKC




A warm sunny July day in Northwest Missouri. Just another day at Downtown Airport.....but it wasn't. It was a day marked in red in Stoof Fixer's Saga. My first girlfriend from 43 years ago came to visit today, and what a day for Ol' Ginnis! She was putting her Mom on a plane back to Texas at KCI, and then was coming to see where I had spent my life. Coming to see Me!. Still hard to believe, I assure you, but it happened. I have pictures!

She called from her car about 9, and said she was going to come. I knew her Mom's plane left KCI at 11, so wasn't expecting her till after then. I was down in the Parts Room, when I heard them page me. "Terry McGinnis, call 0." Uh oh. What now? I picked up the phone, and said this is Terry. Brandy answered. "Terry, Lynette is here in the lobby to see you." Holy Crap! Don't let her get away! I will be there as fast as my stubby little legs will get me there!" Anxious to see her? Naw. Not me. LOL!!!

I had asked the Little Boss if it was alright if I showed her around and I would punch out to do so. He asked how long it was going to take and I said I didn't think it would take long.  He looked stern and then looked at me and said:"Don't punch out unless you leave the premises." Turned on his heel and walked off. Now that I wasn't expecting.

I went thru the 2 sets of double doors from the hanger to the Lobby. Looked around and there she was. She doesn't think so, and I expect she thinks I'm BSing her when I tell her, but she is still so very pretty. She turned and saw me . Smiled and the old mans knees went a little week. Yeah, I remember that smile. I managed to make it to where she was, and got a hug. So good to see her. It was in the long ago and it still is....good to see her. The lady is a class act. We went down the hall to the Radio Shop. Children's Mercy's office door was open. Jim Cline had told me yesterday that I could take her thru their airplanes, as it was ok with him. He's possibly one of the finest men I know. Jim wasn't in the office but his son Jason was. Jason resembles an NFL Linebacker and is one big dude but also a Hell of a nice guy and a friend. I introduced her to him, and he was very warm. Thanks Jason! We walked on down the hall to the radio shop and I showed her where the radios are fixed. Then took her into the Installer's room and showed her my workbench. Her picture is on it. She asked if my wife ever came in there and I laughed. "Never.!" She recognized Tida in one of the pics, and I showed her the picture of Fairfax airport in 43, where her husband works now. Pictures of my daughter and Grandsons. She was seemingly interested. Nice.

Then we went out in the hot muggy hanger, and I showed her one of the new Hawkers. We climbed in and I had a revalation when she told me she had had a few flying lessons. That was a stunner. I had no idea. So she wasn't completely unfamiliar with airplanes. We then took a tour of Children's Mercy's 200. I showed her all the Medical equipment EB had installed. Too hot to stay in there long. We headed to the lobby and I saw Kebra heading our way and asked her to come meet Lynette. She told me later that she thought her "A Knockout" and I was to tell her she said so. OK Keb. I just did.

I wanted her to meet Tida, so we went up to Charter, me telling her that Howard Hughes had had an office there. Now occupied by the owner. Tida was on the phone so we went to see Deb to see if we could peek in Mr. Meisinger's office. Nope they were having a meeting, but Debbie got to meet her, and was also very nice. Went by Tida;s office again but she was still chattering away on the phone, so I took her down the hall to meet Stunning Stephanie. Lynette sells office supplys and I had been telling her the story of our recent go around with an office supply saleslady. Steph was the one that had had to deal with her, and she told Lynette how it had gone down. They talked like they had known one another for years and that was fun to see my current friend interact so well with an old friend.

Back down the hall and one last look in Tida's office....and she was off the phone! Lynette had read about Tida on APOTD, and Tida had read about Lynette. I think they both said they felt like they all ready knew one another. Also a very nice thing for me. I think Tida could melt the coldest heart, and Lynette doesn't have one of those. It was awesome to see two of my favorite ladys talking. Jamie came out of the back office and I introduced her. Then I asked for pictures, and I got a good one of Lynette, Tida, & Jamie. Then I asked Tida if she would take a picture of Lynette and I and she readily agreed. Find that attached. If you should ever look up "Beauty and the Beast" on the internet, it's very likely this picture might come up. Just to preclude misunderstandings it would be the old man with white hair that would fall in the "Beast" category. Lynette definetly being the "Beauty!"

She had to get back to St. Joe and to work, and nothing wonderful and sublime ever lasts very long, so I walked her to her car. We talked about old friends and old times, and it was good. So very nice of her to come and see me. My long ago lost girl. Hard to believe she was standing there again, but she was. Sadly not for long. I gave her directions on how to get back on the Broadway Extension. She followed them well. The old man watched her out of sight. "So long pretty girl. Vaya con Dios!"

Terry at Mkc





Well kept busy for most of the day for a welcome change. The little standby altimeter came back for the News-Press's Lear 45 about 10, and I swapped the fittings from the old one, stuck the new one in. Certified the static system, and put the panel back together. Finished some little gripes on the C90. The owner showed up. Name of McGraw. Asked him if he had any relation in Richmond. Said he didn't. Told him I had gone thru the 4th grade with a Charles McGraw, and that I thought he was Superintendent of the Blue Springs school district. "Oh yeah, I know Charles. He's retired and selling insurance now." Amazing! He knew Karl Krause, that I had worked for at Baker's in the early 70's. Sometimes it's a VERY small world.

Went up to the front desk to get a $10 changed. Brandy and Shannon were on duty. Shannon is new and a sweetie!  I told Brandy one of the old men on the APOTD list had e-mailed me and said she looked like LeAnn Rimes. Of course she said she didn't, but I think it pleased her. She DOES! Shannon had a note for Terry Martin, and she asked me if I would take it to him. I said sure but it would cost her. Her eyes got big and she said "What?" A smile Darlin. Just a smile, and she DID!!! So I said paid in full and took her note back to Terry.

Missing Tida these days. We have a lot of pretty ladies with personality plus at EB, and I will probably catch Hell for saying this, but it's hard to stay abreast of Tida Mane Allen. Did I say that? Oh Nooooo! Bad Terry. Mrs. Allen is a honey tho, and she smiles so big when Bob Leberak sends her some. Come back to us Tida!!! We miss you!

Children's Mercy's 200, that we started on last December, made it's first test flight for the hospital today with only a couple of very minor (I hope) gripes. A speedy bunch aren't we? It's been an ordeal, but the FAA has signed off on it and hopefully it will start transporting sick kids very soon, and hopefully saving lives. Can't think of anything much better than that. Sending you a couple of pics taken just before it took off. Also sending you a pic you have probably already seen. Ol' Sacramento in my garage door just before sundown on the 4th. Waiting for Yankee Cavalry patrols (read KCPD squad cars) to pass. Then one taken from my little video I did of the old girl letting fly toward the vile damn Jayhawkers. Stopped the video at just the right moment, and took a very blurry pic off my PC. Where's the windex???

I may have told you about Ol' Sacramento before, but your gonna hear it again. The real cannon was captured by Alexander Doniphan's Missourians at the Battle of Sacramento, Mexico in 1847. It was said it had been cast with a lot of silver in the alloy and when fired, was said to ring like a church bell. The Missourians brought it back home with them, and 14 years later it went to war again in Hiram Bledsoe's Battery. First in the Missouri State Guard, then into Confederate Service with the Missouri Brigade. Bledsoe's Battery fought in many battles in Missouri, Arkansas, and Mississippi with distinction, and bravery. If I ever heard of the final fate of the tube I have forgotten it. I hope it sits in some Military park somewhere awaiting the south to rise again. My little cannon get's it name from that famous cannon as my dogs were named after Missouri Confederate Cavalry Generals Jo Shelby, and John S. Marmaduke.

The thought for tonite from Jimmy Buffett. "Don't let Momma cut those curls, and could you stand a little closer girl???

Terry at MKC




Two Mondays this week, and they both sucked. After such a great day yesterday, this one really did. Someone deleted my AOL software from the shop computer, and I think I know who. Couldn't believe he wants to screw with my head that bad, but guess so. I've been told I have some great friends and I do, but I sure have some humdinger enemies as well. It probably shouldn't have been on there anyway so can't complain, and the guy with administrator privileges that put it on there for me is gone, so I guess is, my AOL. Life goes on, but I won't forget what he did.

Did spend most of the day working on a C90 I hadn't seen before. Several minor squaks. Got most of them done. A few left for tomorrow so at least something to do.

There's an airshow in St. Joe, this weekend and I think I'm going to take Brad with me and go to it. I hear admission is free, and that's the best kind. Suppose to be all military. I called his Mom and she said it would be ok. Kinda looking forward to it. Hope he will be good for me. Not much else to report tonight.

Going to finish sending the pics I took yesterday at Rosecrans. The Missouri Air National Guard C-130 Flight Line. The US and Missouri flag flying on the base. Looking the other way the Rosecrans tower. I can still see myself taxing in there at dark. Seeing my Mom and Dad at the fence. Jumping out of the Stoof, with instructions the pilot wanted me to give the tower. Seeing pride in my Dad's eyes for maybe the first time ever. Pretty good memory, that one. Inside the terminal/tower some interior shots. One a picture of the airport. One a picture of the WWI aviator that the airport is named after. Died in France after walking into a spinning prop. William Rosecrans. Hard way to get an airport named after you. Guess that's it for tonite. The fun I felt this morning is pretty much gone. Doesn't take but a little to thriow me, and deleting that software has had me seething all day. Oh well eh? I'll get over it, but I won't forget it.

Terry at MKC




I was up early this morning, and determined to get my old wrinkled Irish butt out of this house. Checked my e-mail and opened one from Pam Hope. She told me there was a B-17 giving rides at Rosecrans up at St. Joe for only $450 a pop. Hey! I'll take two!!! Thought I might take Bradley with me if he was home. Called Erin's cell and home phone but got nothing. Shut Mr. Time Waster off, and went upstairs. Erin was on the phone with her mom. They had camped out last night at her Father in Laws farm, and had left their dog in the house. She was asking her Mom if she would go let the Pig Dog out for a pee break. Well Grandma had an apointment to get her hair cut. ON THE 4TH OF JULY??? Yep she did. "Dad would you do it??" Poor Piggy. Sure. I'll do it. Changed clothes, and headed to Smithville.

Got to Erin's and I could see Piggy in the window and hear her whining. Poor lonely pup. I went in thru the garage, and she was sooooo happy to see Grandpa. Must be why I like dogs so. THEY are always glad to see me. I let her out to do her business. Ever see a look of deep relief on a dogs face? I did. She wanted back in and I gave her a hot dog and loved her awhile. Hated to leave her again but there was a B-17 I wanted to see.

Got back on 169 and headed north. Thru Trimble and past the sign for Paradise. I remembered a Civil War camp out we did there for the boy scouts  in about 1980. Possibly the first time I saw Pat James play the dulcimer and Davey O on the mouth harp. Hearing "Hard Road to Richmond" and "Roll Alabama Roll" for the first time. Also thought about a dear friend that was married there 20 some years ago in a little church in Paradise. Fitting I think. She says it has been. On up thru Grayson and Gower and into St. Joe. Drove past the turnoff to Camp Marvin Hillyard where I had spent a couple of weeks many, many years ago. I still have the crap in Dad's foot locker I made there.

Turned off 169 on to I-29 for aways and got off on 36 Hwy and went west across the wide Missouri. Past Elwood two miles and turned north to Rosecrans. Drove up to the terminal and parked. A small crowd but no airplane. "They should be back in 10 minutes. They are landing from the south." OK. I'll wait. Went and leaned on the fence and took some pics of the Missouri ANG C-130's Scanned the horizon and finally spotted a B-17 coming in from the north. Thought maybe they were gonna do a downwind flyby but no. They landed and taxied to the ramp. I got one picture and the batterys in the camera died. OH NOOOOOO!!. I saw airport bum Les Nelson in the Terminal. "Where's the closest place to buy batterys Les?" "Wal-Mart I think." Crap Les. There has to be a closer place than that. Got back in the PT and drove to Elwood. Spotted the "TREX STOP". Vile damn Jayhawkers can't even spell "Truck!" Got behind some welfare case spending his money on Lottery tickets. Took forever but finally got the batterys and paid for them. Back to the airport, but sure missed some good pics of "Aluminum Overcast" taxing in and shutting down. Spilt Milk. I did get some pics for you and I know there are a couple of B-17 aficianados on the APOTD list. For YOU, Gents. The things I do for my friends. LOL!!! Had a good time and so much more fun than setting in the "Black Hole of Platte Ridge." Took some pics inside the terminal, but those are for another day.

Back in the PT and back down 36 hwy to I-29. North to Frederick. I had brought about a dozen puzzles that had been cluttering the War Room for months. West on Frederick and then north to East Ridge Manor. Mom had lived there for about 10 years and still had many friends there and they LIKE puzzles. Drug the puzzles in and up the elevator to the 2nd floor to the common room. Lots of puzzles in progress but no one there. Well I didn't bring them for a pat on the head. If the old laies get some pleasure out of them that's good enough for me. Went back to the car and north to Carriage Square. Walked in and Mom was watching the space shuttle take off. She was glad to see me. I went and got some coffee and came back and sat down to watch the space shuttle. Spotted some flowers I hadn't seen before. Where did those come from Mom? "Lynette brought them this morning." LYNETTE? Lynette Bundy? "Yes, she brought them this morning. I asked her to stay awhile but she had to go. Wasn't that nice of her?" Lord Mom! That was incredibly nice of her! Lynette, as I expect most of you know, is the blonde from my old brown Chevy, 43 years ago. I was stunned. What an incredibly nice thing to do for an old woman she really doesn't know. Terry has sure been blessed with some wonderful women in his life. LB is damn sure one of them. Another woman Mom knows had brought her some scrumptious homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Sad to say, I  made a dent in those. Another wonderful woman to do that for Mom, and her worthless son. On the way home I drove by where Lynette works, and her vehicle was there. Almost talked myself into stopping and thanking her. Didn't want to embarass her should co-workers be present, by a very old boyfriend showing up at her place of business so didn't stop, but I owe her. Not sure how to pay a married woman back, but Terry will think of a way.

Dana the Manager asked if I was staying for the fireworks but told her I had a previous engagement. Ol' Sacramento will roar tonite. The 143rd Anniversary of the Surrender of Vicksburg, and 143 years and 8 days since 1st Sgt Andy Denton died there of his wounds. His Great great Grandson hasn't forgot, and we will fire one tonite in his honor. You fought em all you could Grandpa. You gave everything you had, and I haven't forgotten, nor shall your  Great-great-great-great Grandsons if I can live long enough for them to get old enough to understand.   Guess that's enough for tonite. Hope all of you had a great 4th. If, wherever you are at sundown, you might look in the direction of Kansas City. Listen, if you can for a flash on the horizon and a low boom. If you can hear it, you will know an old Rebel has lobbed another one in the direction of the Jayhawks. Yee HAW!!!!

Terry at MKC




Well not much to tell you tonite. I was scheduled to fix the KFC-250 Autopilot in Children's Mercy C90 but Jason came in before work, and said it had worked perfectly on two flights the night before so not to touch it. Then I was supposed to check some RVSM altitudes on a Falcon 50, but the company mechanic had rented some adaptors and Fed Ex didn't bring them, so that went out the window too. Left me, as usual, with zip to do but wander around. Not a lot of fun. 

Then I heard 3rd hand that the FNG had given his notice. Probably a wondeful thing for him but know it means the same for me after Cameron left. That I will get stuck with every IFR Cert that comes in the door. Not real crazy about that news. He asked if I was going to go have a beer with them, even tho one of the guys I despise will be there. Nope. He obviously would rather hang out with the guys that wish I was dead, than me, so nope. Hope it works out for him and I wish him well.

We had a lot of fun this morning with the pics Tida wanted to send to Master Sargent Foster in Iraq. Then Jack Carson sent the one he doctored up for Tida with Matt's pic in a balloon over the girls and their longing looks. That was pretty cool they did that for him. Then Carson sent one with the very young Terry in place of Matt over the girls. I sent that one along as well. I saw Tida in the lobby this afternoon, and she said Jamie opened it and asked Tida who that sailor was in the pic. Jeez! Talk about a knife in an old codgers back! LOL!! Was I ever that young?? Had to go up and give her a hard time about it. She said "Terry, I wasn't even born when that picture was taken!" She gave as good as she got. Good for you Jamie!!         I ought to probably tell you some more Civil War reenactment stories but now I can't remember which ones I have related. In the interests of not hearing what a senile old fart I am I guess I won't.

Here's the pics of that Army King Air I told you about, that was on our ramp yesterday. Lumps and bumps every where! I took one with it next to a civilian King Air so you could notice the differences. Going to throw one in of an 8th Air Force Officer's WWII "Ike" jacket hanging next to me here in the "Black Hole of Platte Ridge." Hope you like.

Terry at MKC



Well parts of my Father's Day weekend were fantabulous. Bought myself a couple of presents Saturday. Went to the ex-K-Mart now Sears in search of a Trisha Yearwood CD with "On A Bus to St. Cloud" on it. My new favorite. Of course they didn't have it, but found a DVD I wanted. "The Battle of Britain" with Michael Caine and Susannah York, and just about every known British actor living at that time. Laurence Olivier. Ralph Richardson, etc. Ms York was just incredibly cute when she was young. Especially wearing a man's shirt and tie, and her skivvies. Wow! Did get some scripts filled, and decided I would go look at the dreaded local Wal-Mart. 2nd home to the Junkman, and absolutely the Gateway to Hell for me. Apoligys to Devious as I know he likes the place. Parking lot jammed as usual and the checkout lines receding into the far distance. Of course they had it, and had it cheap. Didn't have to go thru the check out line. Paid for it in the music department, and got the little Irishman outta there! Damn near wrecked the PT doing so, but I made it. Guess it was worth it as I really like that song. 

Had an appointment at Dirk's to drink beer with a very old friend and her husband. That my friends, was a good time. They couldn't stay long so I headed on home to find the Grandboys had arrived to spend the night. Sounded like the house was being torn down from down here in the "Black Hole of Platte Ridge", but when I went upstairs later to survey the damage, Le Maison was mostly intact. There they all were asleep in her bed. Two little blonde boys. Their Grandma. Maxine, the golden lab who weighs more than both of the boys put together. Both cats, and only Marmaduke missing. Guess he couldn't find a place. It looked pretty crowded. The next morning my daughter came to retrieve them, and she was bearing gifts. Got a new ball cap and T-Shirt with "Dad's Team" emblazoned on both. You can see it in the attached pic. Also got a plaster cast of Bradley's hand and some of his artwork. He stayed in the lines folks!! Didn't he do good??

They left for church in Lenexa, and I headed for Mom's in St. Joe. Mom's boyfriend was out front when I drove up. I sat with him awhile, and heard about Dec.7th 1941, and how he was a gun captain on an AA mount on the USS California. His battleship was the lead ship in the line, and took two torpedoes and a bomb. The bomb blew Wilbur high in the air. He said he landed on the steel deck and thought every bone in his body was broken. The California sunk at the pier, and "Abandon Ship" was called. Wilbur said he swam to the beach, and ran and hid in a dugout at the ball field on Ford Island. He said the Jap planes were close enough to see the pilots looking at him. He said one doubled back and strafed his dugout. When it left he changed dugouts!. Made me laugh. He is 87 and still sharp as a tack. He teases Mom unmercifully, and she is too busy giggling to pay much attention to me. Thank you Mr. Francis!!! Wilbur also did me another favor. Jessica, one of the girls who takes care of Mom, is just as cute as a button, but she always wears her her tied up when she is working. I guess Wilbur saw her with it down last week and asked her if she would wear it down Saturday. When I walked into Mom's, she said you better go look at Jessica. She is beautiful today. So of course I did. But first I went and got the camera out of the PT for the old sailors. They were cleaning Wilbur's room, her and Amanda,and of course they looked awful and NOOOO! Don't take my picture! I told them it was Father's Day and they had to humor me, I think they are a little flattered, but don't like to show it. Anyway I got one for you.

Jess always gives me double portions, and I got a lot of meatloaf. After dinner Mom wanted to go to Green Hills and get some orange juice, so I loaded her in the PT and off we went. I bought her OJ, and took her for a little drive down to Krug Park. Came back up Grand Ave.,  the Parkway and Lover's Lane. She was happy, so then so was I. Took her home and talked awhile, and then drove on home

Erin wanted me to come to her house at 6, so at the appointed time, I headed to Smithville. The wife went to St. Joe so she wouldn't have to be around me. Erin and the boys were in the front yard when I drove up, and I followed Coop around for awhile while he mowed with his toy Lawn Boy. Mostly I kept him out of the street. Erin hollered it was time to eat, and went inside to be greeted with KFC. Alright!!! My favorite. Coop is an eater and that doesn't bode well for his future waistline, . Brad is a picker, but he ate pretty good. After supper, we went back out front and watched Jerry and Brad hit a whiffle ball. Brad has a pretty good eye for 4, and whacked it over his Daddy's head a couple of times. Mom and Grandpa applauded. There was a TV program coming on that Jerry wanted to watch so said my goodbyes, and headed on back home. A pretty good Father's Day weekend, but a feeling kind of like when I went alone to Winnepeg, Canada. No one to share it with or that cared, and it was a kind of a hollow bittersweet feeling.

Nothing to do this morning, but this afternoon, I had a new customer come in with a P Baron that had a bum autopilot pitch servo. I got that out and found a bad motor. Replaced that. Put it back together. Ran the tests with the servo tester. It passed them all, and I stuck it back in the airplane. Only a slight amount of blood, but it was mine and I miss it. Wonder of wonders it WORKED!

Got some pics from Mike Bottenfield. One is a C-123, but I'm not sure what the other one is. Obviouly a Douglas product, as that was where he worked. A couple of me wearing presents and holding a sign Erin made for me. Even better the candy remains untouched. Aren't you proud of me??? Guess that's it for tonite. Hope you like. 

Terry at MKC 





I had the most amazing thing happen to me last night. Some of you may remember VS-35's Lt. Cdr Dennis Reynolds, who was such a great tour guide at the Blue Wolve's hanger at North Island. Sure enjoyed meeting him. What a great man. He has since of course been transferred to new duties, and made full Commander, and congratulations to him on that. Anyway I was sitting here last night answering e-mails and an IM window popped up. It was Cdr. Reynolds. I figured he was in San Diego, but noooo! He was IMing me from Atsugi, Japan. Cool! Told him to go into Sagami and drink a cold Asahi for me. He said (I think. I was pretty excited) he was on an inspection tour of some kind wiith or for HSL-51. Again I may have got the squadron wrong. It was durn sure my first IM from Japan. I think he said he was going to be back in the States on Friday. Told him I sure would trade places with him. Said he just wanted to say "Hi" and he had to go. What a nice thing to do. Sure made my evening! I'm enclosing a pic of Cdr. Reynolds with President Bush at North Island. A memorable day for him I have no doubt. Not everyday the President drops in and needs a flight suit.

The Connie and her new engine made the local Saturday paper. If I could fire up my scanner I would send you the pic, but alas the CD with required program still eludes me. Sure hope they get it running and it runs right. Sure miss hearing that rumble from across the field.

Went up to Charter this morning to give the girls some pics I took of them and heard that the bee swarm had left the Line Shack Picnic table and swirled thru our parking lot after we had gone home. Not too upset I missed that, but it would have been fun to see.

Went to Parts and got me a box for the stuff I bought for the Marines in Iraq. Loaded that up and was feeling pretty good. Then the rest of the day went completely down hill. I still can't believe what was done to me. Went years with things running pretty smooth. The guys I didn't care for had died or quit and life was pretty tranquil. They seem to be coming at me from all sides now. Probably just my paranoia, but DAMN! Why? What did I do?? Guess there is no good answer. Too much down time and I seem to have more than my share. Hoping for a better day tomorrow, but really not expecting it.

Sending you some pics from Navy Pilot Norm Bild who was good enough to make copies from his cruise book and I think it was USS Yorktown's 60-61 Cruise they are from. That's Cdr. Bild at the controls of a Willy Fudd. A pic of an HS-2 Helo and one of an S2F-1 from VS-37. Victoria was good enough to scan them for me. Hope this doesn't make anyone mad.

Terry at MKC




Got some good news today. The Hanger Manager from the Airline History Museum was over borrowing our fork lift. It was his phone number I had given the man from the Hornet Museum. He said yes, they had called, and he was very impressed with their operation. He told me Hornet had acquired an FM-2 Wildcat from the bottom of Lake Michigan. Probably a training accident off either the Sable or the Wolverine. They were steam side wheelers converted to aircraft carriers and used to train Navy pilots to come aboard ship. No submarines on the Great Lakes. Much easier to train when your ship isn't sinking. Anyway, I guess the engine has some major damage, and they were interested in the ALH engine as a replacement. Adam said he had climbed in the truck and looked at the data plate one the engine. He said:"You were right. It WAS a Dash 82WA, and it was made by Lycoming." Told him it didn't surprise me. When He opened the door I knew it was a Stoof engine, and that we had had several Lycoming manufactured engines in VS-35. If memory serves even a couple made by Studebaker. He said it's theirs if they want to pay the shipping. Hope they do. Sure would like to see it on Hornet.

He also said the new engine for the Connie was in Paola. A strange route to come from California but whatever works I guess. He didn't say but expect the forklift was to be used to get the engine out of the can, or maybe out of the back of the truck. More likely that. Sure hope they get it installed in time for their airshow.

The Childrens Mercy King Air took off this morning at 5:40. They flew to KCI to wait for daylight then on to the paintshop. Kinda strange to not see it sitting there in the corner of Bay 1. I was told by the owner today we had started on it last December. Jeez! All went well. Only a couple of very minor gripes. Pretty good after all that has been done to it. Glad for the owner and his son. Maybe they can start making some money with it now.

Had Tida looking for airline tickets for me this morning. Decided maybe I was going to live and better get off my butt and get the ball rolling. No word from her yet.                               I was given an old Piper T Tail Lance to IFR about 11. It went pretty smooth and got done about 4. Didn't even break a sweat. Not much else to talk about. Haven't heard anymore from Smithville about the enundated basement. The wife went and babysat last night while Erin went to Church. She didn't show tonite till 6:30 and when she drove in the garage I thought I heard Bradley. Nope. Just her. Didn't say where she had been. Hope it was fun wherever she was. Got some great pics from Fudd Driver Norm Bild today. Victoria scanned a few for me. Haven't downloaded them yet. Maybe tomorrow night

Sending you some pics of the Airline History Museum's DC-3. Delivered to TWA in 1941, I think. They bought it at Roswell in 93 and have been working on it ever since. Not quite there yet. Adam let me in it the other day and got some pics of the interior and panel for you. Only DC-3 I think I ever saw with 1820's on it. Wright's of course. All the other have had Pratt & Whitney R-1830's on them. Sounds about the sme but the Wright is a single row of 9 cylinders, and the Pratt, two rows of 7 each. 14 cylinders in all. Oh yeah, the last is of Charterette Jaimie. Ain't she a cutie???

Terry at MKC

PS. Also sending one of Msgt matthew Foster at Al-Asad AB in Iraq with some goodies from home. More are on the way Top!




A late start tonight but wanted to tell you a little about my day working on the Airline History Museum's Lockheed Super Constellation. Got the word to head on over there. Rounded up my carry tool box and got the keys to the company van and drove over to the hanger that has been know as the Continental and Slick Airlines Hanger at various times in it's history. Once called Sav-A-Connie's hanger and now known as the Airline History Museum. Had been told by a friend that they were hanging the new engine on it, but when I drove up in front it was as before. No 2 was gone. Various geezers wandering about. I had been here before and knew what to do.

Climbed up the long stairs and turned left past the Navigator's station into the cockpit. They had power on it and it needs power assist to pull the controls back. Knew where the switch was and turned it on and did so. Pulled the four screws that hold the pilot's panel in and pulled it aft to gain access to the altimeter. I think you can see that in the attached pic. Pulled the pilot's altimeter and then did the same to the co-pilot's side. Headed down the stairs and put them in the van. Decided I would go take some pics of the DC-3 for you and was over there doing just that when the 2nd in command walked up. He wanted to know if I wanted a look inside as it was roped off. Sure! So got some pics of that. Told him I had worked on 1820's in the Navy, like what was on the DC-3. He happened to mentioned he had an engine out in a trailer he was told was off a Navy "Tracker." What?????!!! says I. A Stoof engine??? Maybe, he says. I was told it was. You want to look at it? Does a bear defecate in the woods? Hell yes I want to look at it! 

We walked over there and he opened the door to an 18 wheeler trailer. It was laying prop shaft up, but I immediately saw the head coils on the cylinders, and the PD12K-18 pressure carb sitting loose on top. "Hello old friend" I thought to myself. "Long time no see." Turned to him and said. Yes. It's a Stoof engine. He came back with something that stunned me. "You want it? I'm trying to give it away." Knees buckled a little but immediately realized the impossibility of me rolling it into my War Room. Lord wouldn't that be something tho?? Wouldn't the wife be thrilled that I had my very own R-1820-82WA radial engine in the basement? Yeah. I can just hear her now.

Told him I would love to have it but no way. Might possibly know someone that does tho. Schultz, you think the Hornet Museum would want a spare Stoof engine....free? Let me know what you think Bill. I have the guys card and he sounded serious. Took the altimeters back to EB to certify, but think I will leave that for tomorrow.

I know there are a lot of Stoof Drivers, and ex airline pilot's on the CVSG-57 list so am including you folks tonite this one time only, ok? See attached pics of the Constellations flight panel and Flight Engineer station. They told me their new engine was suppose to be there at 8 this morning but someone called and it was still on a truck in California. They have an airshow coming soon they are suppose to be at. Hope they make it. If you hear the roar of 12,000 horses coming from out of the sky over your house you will know KC's Connie lives again. Hope you like the pics.

Terry at MKC                                                                                                           




Well a pretty blah weekend for Ol' Ginnis so far. Absolutely NOTHING to do Friday. Tida had requested a picture of her hair before she torched it. I went up 3 times but unlike Avionics and Maintenance, Charter was BUSY. She said she wanted to come down before I left to get it taken, so I let her alone. No sign her at quitting time, so I punched out and was headed for the door when I heard from the other room: "Is Terry still here???" Heard Jim say "I think you can catch him if you hurry." She did and we got the pics taken and I got a pretty good hug. She said if it came out bad she wasn't coming to work for awhile but would drive down Monday, and call my cell and I could come to the parking lot and get  the pic thru the car window, for an "after" pic. An experiment gone wrong. She says she has learned her lesson. Such beautiful black hair, but she wanted to try something new she said.

I had called the Junkman Thursday and was going to Dirk's Friday night. He said Delightful Donna was going to be home, and I said no sense even planning on it. You won't be able to go. "Oh yes I will! I'll just bring her along." Uh huh. OK. We'll see. Sure enough, my cell rang at quitting time. It was him. "I forgot to ask Donna last night. We have to go somewhere. Sorry!" No problem John. I knew it was coming. Went anyway. The rest were going to Sidepockets but couldn't go with them as their is a gentleman that was going to be in that group that I won't be around anymore. So went to Dirk's alone. Needed a beer and something to eat. Got it. Saw our FAA Inspector there apparently with his wife. I wasn't introduced. Had a pretty waitress, and it wasn't all bad. Beer makes me sleepy and came home and slept till midnight after answering some e-mail.

Yesterday I got a hair cut. Got the oil changed in the PT and got a State Inspection. That was pretty much my day. Need to get to the grocery today and get some food for me and some stuff for the box going to Iraq. Going to Mom's after I finish this so grocerys will be after I get back. Such a wild and crazy life I lead. Took some pics of Paul Potter installing the Nacelle Wing Locker's on Children's Mercys King Air, and Tida's pics are enclosed. Need to get on the road, so will talk atcha later.

Terry at MKC.





Dead, dead, dead. No not me....yet. Downtown Airport. We got the aircraft back from Minnesota, and upon further questioning it turns out there was no smoke. Just an overpowering electrical smell. Guess that's what happens when you keep pushing the circuit breaker back in. We checked out the aircraft and the only thing apparent was that the autopilot pitch servo didn't work. A lady asked me what a servo is. OK. It's a little electric motor with a gear on it and a clutch. It's attached to a capstan with a little cable wrapped around it which attaches to a flight control cable. The little motor can go both directions. There are usually 4 servos in an autopilot. One to control the ailerons. One for the elevators. One for the rudder, and one of the elevator trim tabs. The pitch servo controls the elevators which make the aiplane climb or descend. This particular one didn't do anything. To get to it you have to remove the rear cover to gain access to the tail. Then laying across the baggage floor and the rear seats, you reach thru and unhook the electrical cable. Then with ratchets and sockets unhook the two bolts holding the servo to the capstan and remove. Sound easy? Try it sometime but first look at my forearms. The left one looks like it got between a Tom cat and his honey. The autopilot manufacturer makes provisions to put nutplates on the servos but Raytheon in it's infinite wisdom chooses to use good old bolts and locknuts. Won't even try to describe what's it like reaching across a sharp avionics rack. Thru control cables with little sharp wire ends sticking out of the ferrules on the bridle cables, or trying to hold a wrench on the nut thru a 2 inch gap wile reaching over the Yaw Servo and bracket trying to turn a ratchet. I have pulled dozens of these but this may have been the hardest one ever. Like the Marines in "Heartbreak Ridge" I adapted, Improvised, and overcame. I got it out! Ordered a new one and got it this morning. I however put nutplates on the new one. Still pretty tough, but not near impossible like it would have been with locknuts. All I hat to do was hold the servo in place with one hand while reaching thru control cables trying to start the bolt. Got er dun! Yee Haw! AND it worked. Buttoned it up and took the airplane out and ran it. The Horizon needs to be erected to give it a definite check and the engines need to be running the vacuum pumps to do that. Asleep yet???

Paul Potter in installing the new winglockers on the nacelles of the Childrens Mercy King Air. The inside is done and I got pics of the sleds and overhead panels for you. Might take some pics of what they had to do to the nacelles and the flaps to get the winglockers on. From my vantage point it looks like Potter is doing a great job. Asked the owner if it was alright to take pics of the interior for you. He said sure. The Clines are A1 folks. Thanks Jason and Jim! Sending you some servo pics and the interior of their airplane. And oh by the way when I got that pitch servo out we found out where the overpowering burning electrical smell came from. It STUNK big time!

Tomorrow I have been requested to bring the camera to Charter. Mrs. Allen wants a "Before: pic taken of her hair. Monday it's coming off. She says she will be back Wednesday and I'm to take an "After" pic. Banker Jim and Ol' Ginnis will be in seclusion mourning our loss. For the religious amung you. Pray for us!

Terry at MKC





Well I forgot they were closing the on ramp to I-29 off the Broadway Extension today. Got in a monster taffic jam. Managed to get off on Vivion Rd. and go west thru Northmoor and Riverside. Then back north on old 71 Hwy and got back on I-29. Hope I can remember to get off on 9 Hwy tomorrow and go over to I-635 and miss all that. Directions are for the Utah bred FNG that has to drive to St. Joe every night.

Went by Sun Fresh and bought a couple of pre-cooked porkchops for a buck twenty, and that was supper. I sure am two mutt's best friend when I bring home a dead chicken or a hog. A Viking supper. Dogs snarling under the table over scraps. Mine are too well fed to snarl but they are VERY attentive. Just no pretty serving wenches here....ever! Got home and the grass had been mowed. If there is a God he must have made lawn services and H&R Block! Hallelujah!!!

The Little Boss got to fly to Minnesota today to rescue an airplane. Won't say who but he landed at a closed airport on a taxiway with the cabin full of smoke. Curtis couldn't find the source of the smoke, and they were gonna ferry it home but the airport manager wouldn't let them take off until a fire truck and an ambulance was there and standing by. Must have been a Bachelor Norwegian Farmer and an English major from Lake Woebegone to require that. If you ain't got a clue about that.... Google Garrison Keillor and "Prairie Home Companion." My all time favorite Radio show even if it is on NPR. Both airplanes got home safe about 4.

I got my servo in this morning without any bloodshed. Course those sharp corners on that shelf are no longer there either. Makes a difference when the pressure is off. All went smooth and it even worked when it was done. I think Jay Silcott flew it home this afternoon.

Had Jason Cline donate to the Marines in Iraq CARE package fund. Sharon Fowler made a generous donation. Thank you both! Adam the FNG in the Parts Room was making a run by A&N Hardware in Northtown and picked me up 5 boxes of Fly Paper. I found an empty box and marked it "For the Marines In IRAQ." so we have a start. I know Master Sargent Foster had a request for flypaper in, and will try to get more of that. I wrote him today asking for anything else he specifically wanted. All at EB are welcome to drop whatever you would like to send to our troops in the box. The box is on the long table in the Installers room. You know the one.

Got some Marine WWII pics for you tonite. Courtesy of Scott Owens's Dad who was in Marine Scout Bomber Squadron 932 on Oahu flying SBD Dauntlesses. You old timers have seen them before, but we have a lot of new people so going to run them by again. The patch is also his. It says "Teufelhunde". The appleation given to the Marines in WWI in France. It translates to "Devil Dogs" and they have been proud to be called that ever since. Here's to our Devil Dogs at Al-Asad! May they live forever but if that's not possible then may they be in heaven a half hour before the Devil knows they're dead!

Terry at MKC




Well another Monday from Hell. If it could go wrong it did. Got mad. Got bloody. Jeez! Pulled a pitch servo out of the tail of a new A-36 Bonanza this morning. That didn't go too bad. Just nicked my self a little. They decided it was under warranty,, but didn't get it ordered till around 2. Maybe 3. Honnywell is out just north of Olathe. Parts runner on another run, and they sent Jeff to get it. I wondered around with nothing to do. Looked in the shop about 4, and the Little Boss had gone home. Jim and I decided there was no way Warnock could get back by 4:30 so I pulled the power cart off of it. Stuck and orange boot on the prop and shut the doors. No one said a word to me about staying so I was going home. 10 minutes to quitting time Warnock came running up. "Here it is!" You have to be kidding???!!" "Nope. It's gotta go tonite." Jerked it out of his hands, and pushed my tools back out to the airplane. He asked me if he wanted me to put it in. "NOOOOOOOOO!" Got the nutplates swapped, and crawled in the back. Not too bad coming out, but a bitch to hold with one hand and try to line it up to start the bolts. Skinned my left elbow, and left quite a bit of DNA evidence back there. Hadn't got a bolt started yet when Jeff came running up. "Jay drove back to St. Joe. Go home! He told the Big Boss it didn't have to be done today. WONDERFUL!!! Climbed out dripping blood. To say I was less then happy would surely be an understatement. Good thing the Little Boss wasn't there to tell me "It all pays the same!" Well it does you know?? Guess we will try for a blood transfusion in the morning.

The mechanics first day without Richard. Wonder how it went? They are spread from New Century to KC International so not many around at our place to tell. Childrens Mercy's wing lockers came today, and Potter and Kemp started on them at noon. Big job. Hope it goes quick. Jim C would sure like to get that airplane in service and start making money instead of sitting there costing him money. Claude was in our shop looking for heavy guage wire for a Citation up at KCI that had fried the wires to the starter. Good luck to him.

Sun was out for awhile this morning, but was sprinkling again this afternoon. Someone said we got 4 inches over the weekend. Guess we needed it. Just not on the weekend. Bradley got to see his first Major League Baseball game Sunday, and get to see the Royals get clobbered. Well if he becomes a fan he can say he saw them continue a long tradition anyway. God they are awful. Digging for things to talk about and there isn't much. Mom backed out of going to the birthday party yesterday as I was almost sure she would. I got to see Charles Bronson play Wild Bill Hickock in "The White Buffalo." Pretty good western, I hadn't seen in a long time. I knew he was going to have trouble with that Sharps when he stuck it in the snow. Got it killed with a Navy Colt anyway. Uh huh. Sure!

Got some picture from my sister entitled "Scary Pictures". They were. She was modeling dresses for her son's wedding. I love her dearly but she takes about as good a pic as our Mom. Well maybe not quite that bad. Mom always looks like she has been dead for a week and they tied her to a board and stood her up. This ought to illicit a nasty response from her. I liked the dresses Sis!! Guess that's all I got. Knit Club at the Library tonite. Just me and the dogs. What a life!

Got a pic from Devious from his fire bomber piloting days. A Navy P2V Neptune turned into a fire bomber, and one still in Navy colors. Ol' "Two a Turnin' and Two a Burnin". Meaning two piston engines and two jets. Then a couple of a US ARMY JetRanger that was siting in our hanger last Monday. Thanks Devious for yours!

Terry at MKC





Well guess the Little Boss and Jeff, and the FNG got a little jet time today. They went up to KCI and pulled the Pitot tubes off 203BA and stuck them on the one they have been struggling with. Went and flew it and no more 8 kt. airspeed split. They think the original ones had been rechromed creating the problem they had. A new one on me but guess we all are not too old to learn something new. Anyway it's fixed. They came back about 2 with tales of the hanger doors at American Airlines and how hard it is to get the Union guys to open them....and then shut them. Only they can do it. So glad we don't have to deal with that crap at Downtown. Course THEY have a pension and we don't. Trade offs I guess.

 Absolutely NOTHING going on at Downtown today. Rain and they weren't working on the runway. And of course what little traffic we have in fart carts is nill because of the weather. Played on the computer and know I forwarded way too much, but nothing else to do. Hoping for an early completion of the runway but not holding my breath.

Did get told today that Rod's daughter told her Mom she had fun at the airport, and that Terry was COOL! Her Dad told her she hadn't seen my dark side. He sure as hell has! Pretty nice to hear tho. I so like kids. The non snotty ones anyway, and Meghan wasn't.

Not much else to write about. Guess I will go up and see Mom. Her ex-neighbor has invited her to her Grand daughter's first birthday party and is going to come pick her up Sunday. I know Mom will be thrilled.

As you know yesterday was "Bring your Kid to Work Day." I had several ask today about the pictures I took, so here they are. The Beautiful Ladies of EB (and one guy) and their kids and grandkid. Debbie Jeans and her Daughter. Jenny Rogers and her son. Sharon Fowler and her Grand daughter. Rod Snyder and Meghan. Hope you like. Peg just drove in the garage with Bradley and I gotta go!

Terry at MKC





A beautiful Spring day in KC today, filled with beautiful Ladys and their children and Grandchildren. Even a hairy legged radar tech (Scope Dope) and his pretty 11 year old daughter Meghan. I was out at Smoker's Corner when I saw them walking across the ramp. Kinda surprised as he had never brought her around before. I was surprised at how pretty she was knowing Rod. The Little Boss and Jeff and the FNG went up to KCI to work on a Beechjet, leaving Rod, Jim, and I pretty much to our own devices. Rod told her she would probably have to go to the Pilot's Lounge and watch TV as Curtis doesn't like kids. To heck with that. Terry the Tour Guide sprang into action!!! Took her out to Children' Mercy's King Air and showed her all the stuff we had installed, and how the oxygen hooked up and where the incubator's for the preemies was to go. She said it was cool. Airplanes are neat! Showed her the new Bonanza and turned it on for her. She liked the panel and how the leather seats felt and the new airplane smelled. Got out of the cockpit, and she wanted in the back. I showed her how the double doors opened and she crawled in there for awhile. Got out and seemed fascinated by the doors. Wanted to shut them herself. She tried.....hard, but just too new and stiff for her. Terry had to do it.

We went back in the shop and she read her book. Went upstairs and got Deb and her daughter's pic. They were so cute together. Deb said Sharon was bringing her grandaughter down and would call me when they got there. Got the latest on Tida's hair. News wasn't good. Told her I was going to wear a black armband. That made her and Jaimie laugh anyway. Saw Steph but she hadn't brought Logan so told her no pics for her today. Had to have a kid with her.  Found Jenny and her son and took their pic. Resisted the temptation to get her daughter Sally's pic. Heck she's an employee now. Went back to the shop and got Meghan and her Dad together. Deb called around 1st break and went back up and got her and her grandaughter's pic. Got a hug too! Yee Haw! Thanks Sharon!!! Got two from Victoria today. A very good day for this old man!

Rod was going to take Meghan home at Noon but about 11:30 he wanted me to run a Safewing Lance to see if I could hear a supposed rattle in the #1 Comm. I asked Meghan if she wanted to go along and she said "SURE!" So we ambled out on the ramp. I fortunately remembered to pull the cowling plugs before I started it. Gave her a lecture on how dangerous props could be and to never touch one. We climbed in the airplane. I opened the vent window and hollered "CLEAR!". Hit the starter and the big Lycoming rumbled into life. Taxied it around and found there was no microphone in the airplane. Meghan said she would run in the shop and get one so I taxied up to the hanger. Her Dad came running out with one, tho so she didn't have to get out. We taxied back out and talked to the radio shop a little. Then the speaker quit in mid sentence. Damn old check hauler. We taxied back to the hanger and I shut it off. Just then The Little Boss, Jeff and the FNG came driving in from KCI. Curtis got out of the car and saw Meghan climb off the wing. He hollered "Was that fun???" She laughed and said "YES!" He surprised me, but was glad he was nice to her. Might be something to tell the kids at school tomorrow. Maybe a memory for a lifetime. Who knows?

The KCI crew went back after lunch, and we had nothing much to do. Rod ordered a speaker for the Lance, and there was Brownies and Ice Cream at 2nd break for Richard and PJ courtesy of Jenny Rogers. I took my pic with both yesterday so a remeberance for me of friends gone. Too many over the years that have left and I have nothing but a picture in my mind. Sending those tonight so you will know what they look like. Gonna miss both of them. Friends are what make my life worth living.

We had the Grandsons tonite. Their Mom was in a thing called "Job's Daughters" in high school. That's club for young girls for the daughters and Grand daughters of Masons. The couple that sponsered it were the Uhlners. Mr. Uhlner passed on a couple of days ago, and Jerry and Erin went to his visitation. Mac Mamaw and me got to babysit. Bradley got in a fight today at preschool. Don't tell anyone but he WON! Shouldn't be proud of the little cuss but guess you know better. Anyway his Mom wasn't pleased, and he is banned from watching movies. Not at Mac Mamaws however, and he sat on the bed with his Spiderman tray and she fed him Sloppy Joe's and chips and he watched Lion King. He is no problem anymore. Coop however is another story. He wants to explore, and get into everything. Kitchen cabinets. The dog food. Refrigerator. You name it and he is into it. Turns around and gives you that big smile and no way can you get mad at him. I chased him for awhile, then layed across the bed with Brad and Marmaduke who had already stolen one Sloppy Joe. The grin on that dogs face was something. He looked like the Mutt in "The Mask" Made me grin watching him watching Brad's second Sloppy Joe. Most of that one went in the kid anyway. Peg chased Coop till his folks came to get them. Lots of tears from Brad. He, as always wanted to spend the night. His Mom convinced him that Mac Mamaw had to work tomorrow and she promised to come get him after work tomorrow so he could spend the night. He was somewhat mollified, and his Dad carried him to the van. Erin carrying Coop. Think he was chewing on some Alpo as he left. Came down here to tell you about it. Lucky you eh???

Sending you the pics from Bill Schultz of his wife's nephew in Iraq that I promised you Tuesday I think. Them C-17's ARE something. Think you can see a Marine "Snake" being offloaded from it. Cool pics. Always like them from the tip of the spear. Thanks Bill! Once again we turn another page in Stoof Fixer's Saga. Hope you enjoyed this one.

 Terry at MKC





DONE! I hope! Only took 4 days, but we wrapped up the University of Arkansas's Beechjet today. The FNG did most of it. We got out to New Century about noon yesterday. Finally got the go ahead to pull the Mode C wires out of the old Sperry ADC. I worked on that till 4:30. Extracted all of them and put heat shrink over the exposed pins. Whadda ya know??? It works! Dadgum Misubishi made airplane. No service loops in the wires and virtually no slack in the cable. Made it tough but the old Stoof Fixer improvised, adapted, and overcame. Thad certified the pilot's ADDU yesterday. Got back out there much earlier today. We had a transponder that needed tweaking and Rod got that done for us this morning. Thad got the copilot's ADDU today and we checked pitot and static systems. All tight thank Heaven.

 I felt like warmed over dog manure again this morning but took some Alka Seltzer Plus cold medicine before I left and felt fine when I got there. Made Thad drive tho.  Ok if I run into a phone poll, but don't want to hurt anyone else if I keel over. Had a nice thing happen. Went in the Parts Room there at IXD to use the phone. 9-Fingered Dave came to the window and we did our usual put downs. Kelly said "You Downtown guys are fun. My guys are BOOOORING!" Well we livened the place up some alright. Dave has a dry wit I admire and enjoy, and some seem to think I'm funny at times. Mostly funny looking I think. Randy is a big cuddly teddy bear, and our Kenyan George Muchori is fun to kid with.

Met a woman from St. Joe out there. The new cleaning lady. Early 40's and was in shorts and a t-shirt. It was pretty nippy today and asked her if that's what she wears on a cold day what must she wear when it's hot??? Told me shorts and a t-shirt. Shucks! Said she grew up at 18th & Walnut in St. Joe. Lafayette High School girl. Too young to know anybody I know but fun to talk to a hometown girl.

We got done at about a quarter to 4. I went to the parking lot to get the red Cadillac. It was raining and the hanger door was shut. Was attempting to back in a slot between a crew car and the hanger. I was watching the car and of course backed into the hanger. DANG!! Hate it when that happens. No damage on the Caddy but made about an 18 inch crease in the Hanger door. Went to Tim Cheney's office and told him I knew I couldn't get out of there without at least one screw up. He went out and looked at what I did and shrugged it off. The FNG asked on the way home if I was going to tell about the calamity on APOTD. Yeah. I always report my screw ups......and his too!!!

The Little Boss was waiting for us when we got home. He had to do the sign offs and will go out tomorrow and fly it with the pilots. It's required by the RVSM certification. He said Thad and I could stay at Downtown. YEA!! Fun once in awhile, but I have had enough of road trips for awhile. I have dug a pretty deep rut in the last 4 decades, and pretty much like to stay in it.

Took some pics of a Cirrus they were working on out there. EB is a Cirrus dealer now. Also a couple of pics from the archives. Hope you like.

Terry at MKC






Just back from the Junkman's. Drank some of his expensive Boulevard beer. Sat out in his yard in lawn chairs and enjoyed a beautiful spring Sunday in Northwest Missouri. Donna was cleaning and ironing, so didn't bother her. When I left I saw she was wearing a t-shirt that said "United We Stand" on the front. Asked her just what that referred too. I think she threw her son's ankle biter at me so beat a hasty retreat.  Went to the fish place and got some supper. Feeling better at the moment so thought I would catch you all up on Stoof Fixer's Saga.

The FNG and I took the old red Cadillac out to Olathe Thursday. Him bitching all the way cause i wasn't driving fast enough. Or maybe that was Friday. Whatever, we got there ok. Drove up in front and unloaded our gear. Thad put in the emergency lighting Batterys and I set about certifying the pilot's altimeter. We have been told on RVSM certs to hook directly to the unit and we did. Bang! Right off the bat it started throwing erroneous altitudes. Spent the rest of the day trying to figure that out. We tried the copilot's altimeter, and it did the same thing. Tried it on the pilot's wiring and vice versa. Same same. We had no prints and no ohmeter or leads. Set about getting those faxed to us and trying to borrow what we needed to check the wiring. We got that done, and found nothing wrong. Checked a few of the other gripes and either didn't have what we needed to fix them or no knowledge as to how. It's kinda fun to get away from Downtown, and work at a new place, but also aggravating, as no matter how much we drag out there we always end up needing something we don't have. NOT a 20 foot walk to the shop to get it out there either.

The people are friendly and even found some Navy vets. You know how I hate to swap sea stories! Found one guy that was in a VAQ squadron on the Nimitz when they made the movie "Final Countdown" One of my favorite navy movies. Couldn't impress him with all the people I know in "Tora, Tora, Tora" as he had never seen it. What rock has HE been under?? Got acquainted with Kelly the Parts Girl. Sitting in there talking to home base and waiting on FAX's. She's 36 with teenage girls. A Bow hunter. Nice girl. Even told me I'm fun and I could stay. Imagine that??? Tired and dicouraged we headed home with not a clue as to what was wrong. Thad thought it was the transponder control head, but I had a hunch it wasn't as I had never seen one do what this airplane was doing.

Same thing Friday morning. Headed down I-35 to Gardner. We had talked about it with everyone in the shop before we left, and had some things to try. One of the things was to unhook everything that used Transponder codes. We did and no difference. On this particular STC the Transponder code wires are supposed to be disconnected from the old Sperry ADC but we were running out of things to try, so I unracked it. IT WORKED! Push it back in and it was screwed up again. Tried this several times, with the same result everytime. OK they hadn't unhooked the wires. Figured out if we had ran up the whole static system we would probably never have seen a problem. But when we ran up the pilot's ADC by itself the old ADC was still saying 1000 ft, and putting out those codes, which when mixed with what the new ADC was saying completely put the kibosh on the altitude readout. Reported that to the Big Boss. He didn't want to cut the wires till he talked to Raytheon Engineering so we are pretty much still at square one on that. I replaced the Stormscope connector and that fixed the intermittant problem. Thad extended the wires on the copilot's Push to talk switch and he got that put back together. Somewhere in there our Kebra and Adam showed up, and she's kinda sweet on 9-Fingered Dave so I took a pic of them together. She then asked if I wanted a pic with me and her. Heck yes! So Adam took that for us. Maybe it was Muchori.

Also somewhere in there I bent over to pick something up and thought I was going flat on my face. No other symptoms but when it was time to go home I made the FNG drive. He even called later from a bar in St. Joe to see if I was alright. The light headed feeling mostly went away last night 

I was feeling ok yesterday so went up to see Mom.Had a great Saturday with her. Jessica even got me two kinds of soup to eat. A beautiful lady brought Mom some lilacs and she was happy about that. A good day my friends. If I kick off tomorrow I have had 60 good trips around the sun. I'm just hanging on while this old world keeps spinning, and it's good to know it's out of my control. If there's one thing I have learned from all this living, is that it wouldn't change a thing if I let go. And ya know. I would do anything for love but I won't do that! Plagerized the former from Jimmy Buffet and Meat Loaf. Nonetheless, it's true! 

Got a pic of an Army Reserve Battle Phrog out at IXD, and one of a mural on a building just as you get on the south end of the Broadway Bridge. It says "Town of Kansas 1832" Taken from an old painting of the landing on the river there. Many many changes since then. Also one of the Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag sent by Jack Carson. This is NOT the "Stars and Bars" as so many think. This is the Southern Cross and this rectangular one was used on Confederate ships. The ANV flag was square. A little Rebel Flag lore for you. Guess that's it for this Sunday. Hoping I see you all again!





Well our trip to New Century Airport has been postponed till tomorrow. I certified the static systems on Stratus's King Air. Checked the electric pitch trim in a new Bonanza. Warnock's been to school on the Garmin G1000 system in it so he took over.

Started this Wednesday and didn't feel good. Ditto yesterday. Felt pretty good this morning, but this afternoon, I bent over to pick something up and thought I was going to pass out. Made the FNG drive home from Olathe. Feel better now, but not much like writing. Figure I'm probably due for another "Stint". Guess we will see. 

Here's some DC-6 pics Chief Lynch sent anyway. 

Heard a couple of days ago a saying I really liked. It's not how many breaths you take in life. It's how many times you were left breathless that matters. The last couple of years I have had many that did. Pretty blessed old man. Pretty lucky anyway to have had friends like you






Well the Little Boss is in Palm Springs at the AEA Convention, and it has been booooooooooring! Nothing like Last Friday. Victoria came back to work from her trip to Norfolk. Got a big hug from her! MMMM. Then went upstairs to cash a check in Accounting and Stephanie gave me a hug. Went by Tida's office and looked in to check on her. She said she wanted a Coney Dog, so when lunch came I took her to Sonic in NKC. Last of the big spenders aren't I? Got a hug from her when we came back in the front day. A Golden Day my friends! So many beautiful women being so nice to this homely old man. Was hard to get the silly grin off my face!

You heard about my weekend. Monday and Today were just nothing. Fixed a couple of airplanes. Nothing exciting. Big Boss came in just before quitting time and said there was a Beechjet at Olathe that needed an IFR. Thad went to KCI this afternoon with our tester to check the Beechjet we just did. They flew it out Monday. No way to get it back here and as expected there were some gripes. Always is. Thad went home to St. Joe from KCI, so not sure if he's bringing the Barfield tester back in the morning. Ah well. Life at the airport.

Sharon has a new Grandson, and sent out her first pics ever this morning. Did a bang up job too. Think I passed those on to the EB ladies to see. So cute a baby. So cute a Grandma. Sharon corresponds with several of the old salts and jarheads on the APOTD list and she sent the pics to them as well. Know they appreciated it as did I

Been worried about a sick friend and haven't felt much like writing. Hope you understand. I think he's on the mend and am greatly relieved. Maybe tomorrow if I get back from IXD in time ok. Try to remember another page in Stoof Fixer's Saga for you. Sending you a pic of Bigfoot and me taken today. We were known as "The Twins" by the other dealers when we did gunshows years back. Have threatened to kick his butt many times in the past. So far I haven't had to resort to violence even tho he is a Liberal Iowegian from Council Bluffs. You think the Mexican Bordor is pourous. In KC it's the Iowa border we worry about! They're everywhere!!! Also a couple of pics of a Super Decathalon aerobatic trainer that was in the hanger last week. And the backend looking at the autopilot servos of a new Bonanza and Baron. One with Skywatch installed and the other not. Going to put a Skywatch in one soon and was getting measurements.. Oh yeah. Bigfoot is 6'11" in case your wondering. I'm not!   

Terry at MKC





Can you believe it. I like to talk to my sister. Went up to KCI this morning to watch her leave. Picked her up at Terminal C where Mark was leaving for Dallas. Got to say goodbye to him. Then took his Mom to Southwest at Terminal B. We got to sit and talk awhile. She understands about Mom. She gets it too. She knows. Mark and Erin maybe some, but Melinda knows. Nice to talk to someone sympathetic, and maybe even a little vice versa. Didn't get to see enough of her. The weekend was too short. Wish they could have stayed longer but both said it was just about the right amount of time with Mom. I expect they were right. Not sure I could have made it that long. Hope you know we all love her to pieces. I would do anything for her. She can just drive her kids up the wall in so sweet a way. Melinda says she doesn't realize it. I wonder? At least she had a week like none she's had in awhile. Dr. Paul Revare and his brother Jack are coming to see her next Tuesday, and that should cap it off for her. They are the sons of the Dr. Revare she worked for in Richmond, and Paul was often at her house and out to Grandpa's farm as a young kid. Maybe the original "Golden Child".

Left KCI and came back to Platte Woods. Got the PT washed. Went to Osco and got some digital prints made. Went home and took a nap. Called Erin, and she said they were going to Peg's Mom's at 3:30, so went to Osco and picked up the prints and headed for Gladstone. I guess the party started at 2 but there was plenty of food left. Both Peg's sisters (Mary and Jane) were there and their kids. All the brothers were there. Bill, Dan, John, Bob, and Tim, and their spouses. Bil and Sue, Mary and Dick, Dan and Diane, and Tim and Robin are favorites. The others......? I really like Mary's daughter and son Jim and Kathy as well and they were there. Kathy is a very pretty blonde in her late 30's and seems to be very fond of this old man. Nice that someone is.

They are all Irish Catholics and the beer flowed freely. Even this old Scots-Irish Protestant had a few. When in Rome I guess. Everyone was oooohing and aaaahing over Cooper. Grandpa beamed. Even got put in charge for awhile. Have to keep a close watch on him out on that deck. His brother dumped his Easter basket in the waste basket and his Mom wouldn't let him go dumpster diving. Threw a little Elwood McGinnis hissy fit. Kicking his heels on the floor and bellering. I picked him up and threw him over my shoulder. He quit crying. Diane my SIL said:"Terry, you are magic." Well maybe sometimes. Grandpa has always had a pretty good shoulder to cry on. Several have taken advantage of it. So far no complaints.

Had a good time at "Kitty Grandma's today. A pretty good Easter. I have known all of them for about 34 years now. Like most of them. Tolerate the rest. Getting late so drove on home after the kids left to go to his parents in Lawson. Did I tell you I went to grocery> I'm so domestic! Pickles, banannas and TV dinners. Yum!!! Guess that's enough for tonite. Monday looms for us all. Hope your Easter was good! 

Terry at MKC






I came home Friday night with the intention of going to St. Joe to see my sister and her son who had flown in from San Antonio and Dallas respectively. I wanted to check on a sick friend on the internet and did. Got ready to go and called my sister. They were at Applebees in St. Joe eating. They were bringing Mom to Erin's Saturday so decided to save some very expensive gas, and spend the day with them tomorrow.

Got up Saturday. Took a shower. Made the wife mad by talking to her. Got in my PT and headed for Erin's. Played with Cooper awhile. He loves to walk barefooted outside, and Grandpa followed him around while he explored. The wife showed up with Mom's cake, and shortly so did Melinda, Mark, and Mom in a rental car. Good to see my sister and her son. Good to get to talk to them face to face. Sure cost them alot more for Mom's Birthday than it did for me. Heard the latest on Melinda's grand kids. Cherie is feeling much better after all the chemo and the bone marrow transplant. I had a request for a picture of Mom and all her golden children together. Cooper was asleep, but got one of her, Me, Mark, and Bradley. She was about as happy as an old lady could be. She told me it was one of the best weeks of her life. We took her to Red Lobster at Metro North on Barry Road. Bradley had a melt down when Cooper got a high chair and he didn't but for the most part both were very good. The service was good and the food came fast. Being the sinner in the group I got a couple of Miller Lites and I was very good too. I followed the Coop Meister around in there for awhile too while he explored. Everyone got their fill and we headed back to Smithville.

Soon it was time for cake and ice cream. Mom blew out her candles and Brad helped her. She made a wish and I didn't suddenly disappear. Whew! I always worry about that. We sang Happy Birthday to her. Awful! Definitely no singers in this family! She got lots of cards and her CD player from Erin and Jerry. Seemed to be thrilled. Mark and Brad had hit it off and were into wrestling. Talked to my sis for awhile. Mom went and laid down in Bradley's bed. Peg in Erin's. Old people eh? Bradley wanted to play baseball in the front yard, so Mark pitched to him while his Dad held Cooper and chased the ball. I watched from the porch, and applauded when Bradley connected. He ain't too bad for 4. All good things come to an end tho, and about 5 they decided it was time to go. Said my goodbyes to Mom, Melinda, and Mark. Melinda is leaving this morning at 10:20, and I think I'm going to run up to KCI to see her off. Heard a rumor about Easter Dinner at Peg's Mom's in Gladstone so guess I will run over there and see if they will feed me. Gotta get some grocerys today. Have just about cleaned the cupboards. Every picture I took last Tuesday up at St. Joe came out blurry. Just sending one of Mom and me standing in her door. The rest were taken at Erin's yesterday. A very good week for my Mother. Consequently a good one for me too

Terry at MKC




Well we got some bad news today. Big Dick Anderson is leaving us to be Director of Maintenance for Stratus Aviation which manages Children's Mercy Hospital's King Air's. He will still be on the field but not in our hanger I'm told. Gonna miss him. He has been a friend for many years and someone I turn to for help and advice in many areas. Best of luck in your new job Richard. Don't know a nicer guy to work for than Jim Cline. Have heard rumors of at least one more leaving. Not confirmed so will not comment on that.

Did an IFR on a pretty nice Cessna 182 today. Like all Cessna's the static system leaked. Found the most warped and deformed plastic static system sump bottle I think I ever saw. This is almost always where the leaks are. It was this time too. Replaced the bottle with a new one and it passed. Almost tight. Very little else, I guess, going on at the airport.

I guess I better finish the Camden Point story. Hope this isn't boring you folks. Sunday morning as I remember, broke bright and sunny. I organized a working party and we went across the road to the cemetery, and stood the Confederate monument upright. Jim Beckner was, and I think still is, a Grandview high school history teacher. He was also in Shelby's Cav, and on Sundays was our preacher. He did a great 19th Century Preacher impression. Fire and Brimstone would rain down on the sinners. This Sunday we wanted to rededicate the monument and honor the fallen as well. We got cleaned up as best we could in the middle of a cow pasture. Many of the ladies changed into their finest Sunday go to meeting gowns, and the kids faces were scrubbed. Time for services and the faithful gathered around that old stone in the cemetery. Several from the Platte County Historical Society were there to watch. Brother Beckner said the right words, and we prayed for the fallen from that long ago day. Uplifted by the sermon we straggled back to camp.

The Ladies were excited as they were participating that day. They were to present us a Rebel Flag with "Protect Missouri" embroidered on it. At that date I could find no reference to what the actual flag looked like, so I bought a 1st National and Peg cut "Protect Missouri" from white cloth and sewed them on the flag. I have since learned the flag was taken by the 2nd Colorado Cav. and taken back to Denver where it resides to this day in the State Museum. I also learned it was of the "Price Pattern" which is now known as the Missouri Battle Flag. Did the best I could at the time. No way to Google it then. Re: Missouri CS flag in Denver . Anyway the flag was given to Connie Soper who led our Women's Auxiliary. The field we were on sloped downward to the North. To the east was a little knoll, and the Yankees and Lillards 12 Pdr. were hidden behind it. Our Captain, Pat James, was going to do Col. Thornton. Greg Higgenbotham was going to do Jennison. See the attached link Territorial Kansas Online - Biographical Sketch - Charles Jennison for a picture of the real Jennison. Higgy was pretty much a dead ringer, and if you look at the link you will see the hat Hig wore that day in 1984. Hig was about as 19th Century as a man could be. His likeness to "Doc" Jennison was uncanny. The new Rebel recruits gathered for the picnic. Blankets were spread. Food was laid out. Women in their finest sat demurely. The recruits in civilian attire as well, carrying squirrel rifles and shotguns. Pat James was a tall imposing man and wore his Confederate officers coat. Gold "chicken guts" bright on the sleeves. Connie Soper was a striking blonde in her late 30's, and looked pretty hot in a straw bonnet and hoop skirt. The kids frolicked and played games. Erin, my daughter amongst them. The crowd was very large and were behind ropes but very close.

Came the time for the flag presentation. Connie made an appropriate speech. Ending with presenting the flag to Pat, aka a Col. Thornton. Pat was pontificating in a booming voice, thanking the ladies who were gathered behind Connie. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the cannon pushed to the top of the knoll, and "Ka-BLOOOOOM! Women screamed! The men ran for their guns. We had no idea what actually went down at the real picnic, other than Thornton dropped the flag and ran for his horse. The recruits were scattered, and 6 were killed. Scott Brown suggested he and a couple of the others do a "Forlorn Hope" charge on the Yanks, and then run. I agreed and so it was that day. Pat threw down the flag and ran for his horse. Scott picked it up and tried to rally the recruits. The Yank Infantry and Cav were advancing across the field, and Lillards cannon was booming and pouring out clouds of smoke. I can still see in my mind Scott and 5 or 6 others charging the Yankee Hordes waving that flag with Protect Missouri on it. Scott's long blonde hair in the mad rush. Gallant men for sure but they paid the price. All were shot down. The rest of us ran like craven cowards. The women screaming for all they were worth. Having the time of their lives. Roger Johnson was a huge bear of a man. Black beard. He ran down the hill and hid behind a little pond dam at the bottom. Maybe 6 inches of water in the shallow pond behind him. More a hog wallow and hogs had been in it.. Greg Hughes rode his horse up the dam and saw Roger. Johnson jumped up hollering "Don't shoot!. Waving his hands. Hughes being a vile damn Jayhawker had no mercy. Pulled his pistol and shot him. Roger flung himself backwards in that cold greasy water. "SPLASH!!!" He crawled half way out, and laid with his legs still in the water. A gasp went up from the crowd when he went in. Absolutely the most spectacular "Hit" I saw in my 10 years as a reenactor! The rest of us ran thru camp hotly pursued by the Jayhawkers and the Coloradoans. Only 6 were supposed to die so we just ran. I had Erin by the hand and we got to the fence along the road. We could go no farther. Big grins on the Yanks faces as they advanced on us. Didn't think they were going to stop. Got Erin behind me and waited in case someone had gone nuts. I had no weapon as I had thrown my rifle away but I wasn't going to let them get her without a fight. Thankfully Hig called a halt. He was last seen walking up the hill with a child on his shoulder and a woman pulling at his coat, screaming for mercy "Come on Men. Burn the town!! The woman was his wife who had played a Rebel woman that day and the child was his. The crowd was into it and booed him lustily. Heck it was THEIR town!

"Resurrection was called, and the dead arose. The ropes were let down and the crowd mingled with reenactors. My hand was shaken till it hurt. Poor Roger came walking up the hill dripping filth. He was surrounded by a crowd shaking his hand and slapping him on the back. God he stunk! What a hit!. I too thanked him for giving his all. Finally it was over. I was so tired but so proud. Crowd dispersed. Tents were struck and packed away into cars for the drive home. The committee went to thank the Boydstons for their hospitality and ask if there was anything he wanted us to do to clean up. He said he would take care of all the straw, and thanked us for putting on a great show for his little town. I found Erin, and got the car loaded with my gear. Took a last look around, and headed home. A weekend I will never forget my friends. Hope you enjoyed revisiting it with me.

Terry McGinnis

late 2nd Sgt.

Co. I

3rd Missouri Infantry 

1st Missouri Brigade   CSA                                                                                             



12 April 2006


Well Mom had a great one. So many cards, So many calls. Flowers. Even one from the "APOTD Family". Wonder who sent that one??? Think I have a pretty good idea. Who or whom ever it was she loved it! Almost sent it back because she had no idea what APOTD was. She got some  flowers from me, and she got her New Testament on CD, and she got her Great grandsons. Even seemed to be glad I came. No accounting for some people is there?? June and Nadine were there. Jerry, Erin, and the boys. Dr. Revare and his brother Jack were coming, but Jack got sick. They are coming next week she said. Pam Hope stopped by. Her old neighbor over on Charles St. Pam was so nice to come, but thinks of my Mom as her second she said. I know she sure has been a godsend to me. Thanks for all you have done and all you do for this bunch of crazys Pam! Course Mom saved her keester by killing killer mice for her in her house. Hard to find away to repay something like that I guess?  With a golf club yet! Go get em Mom!!!

Mom wanted to go to Country Kitchen for dinner, so Erin and Jerry put her in their Van. Bradley wanted to ride with me so we started to put his car seat in my PT. June has a new red Cadillac CTS and she wanted to know if I wanted to drive it. Heck yes! So we put the car seat in the Caddy. Loaded June and Nadine in it. Grubby old knuckle buster in EB uniform (I came straight from work) behind the wheel grinning from ear to ear. Jerry and Erin went right. I went left, and I got to Country Kitchen afore 'em. Waited and waited. Called both their cells. No answer. They had turned around and gone back to Carriage Square as Erin couldn't remember whether she had told me that we were going to CK. I figure they had gone to Crap in the Barrel and almost went over there. June talked me out of it and shortly here they came.

We got a table, and the place was pretty empty but it took forever for her to take our orders and then for the food to come. Bradley was very good about waiting. Better than Mom, but there were several trips made outside with Cooper. FINALLY the food came, and Mom got her shrimp. Underneath our table looked like a war zone, but a 14 month old will do that. He was more interested in eating crayons than food. Think she got a little down him. He isn't straw trained yet, and would turn the cup up and drink what dribbled out of the hole past the straw. Napkins were in constant use. Fun to watch as long as his Mom was dealing with it.   Dinner over, we went back to the Home. June and Nadine are so fun to be around. Mom loves them, and we had a good time. Getting late and I had to work today, so I left around 8:30. Big Lightning in the west, and then behind me as I drove south to KC. Only got a couple of drops tho. Nice cool night for a drive and since I got the cataract out, not too big a deal anymore. I can see and have some depth perception again anyway.

More to come Friday when Melinda and Mark get in. It has been and will be a big week for her. She told me today on the phone it has been the best birthday she could remember. So glad of that. At 90 we are so lucky to still have her. Hope Bradley remembers her when he grows up. Hope he remembers me too for that matter. Have to see about Cooper. Mom's family lives a long long time. Time, as they say, will tell. The only not so good thing was every picture I took was blurry. Took some today and they seem sharp and clear. Wonder what was up with my camera?

Lost a long time member of APOTD last night. He's old and has many health problems. Said he just didn't have the time anymore. I understand but it still had me pretty low today. Such a "Girlie Man" I am.

Have an old friend from reenacting days wanting the Camden Point Saga to continue, so guess we will tell you a little more. The forecast for that weekend was snow. Like so many of our local forecasts it didn't happen, but we were afraid it would keep those with a long way to drive home. Didn't seem to. Not many Yankee's, but there never is around here. Everyone wants to be a "Rebel". Much cooler. Back in 1864 the Federals were having Indian troubles. The frontier garrisons had been stripped to fight back east. What to do? One solution was to offer Confederate prisoners the opportunity to join the Yankee Army. They were promised to be released from the horrors of the POW camps. Promised they would not be asked to fight the Confederate Army, and would be sent west to protect isolated settlements. They had already had a Sioux Massacre in Minnesota. Many did, and they were said to be Rebels with a thin veneer of Yankee on them. They were dubbed "Galvinized Yankees". When we had a preponderance of Johnnys at reenactments, we too would "Galvinize". Almost all of us had a Federal 4 button sack coat, and the Cavalry almost always had both sets of uniforms. So it was that cold April weekend.

We didn't want to do "The Picnic" both days so the CP committee, (mostly me) decided we would just do a "Generic" skirmish on Saturday. Dawn broke that Saturday, and the camps slowly stirred. Campfires were stoked, and coffee grounds were thrown in tincups and placed over the fire to boil. Iron skillets full of bacon were placed over the fire. The smell of wood smoke, boiling coffee, and frying bacon filled the air. I still can't smell that smell without "Civil War" coming to my mind. The Boydstons in their big white farmhouse came out on their front porch to watch. Spectators and reporters started wandering in. I climbed out of my sleeping bag and wool blankets and stretched. Looked over the scene, and was pretty proud.

We did some drilling. Tried to look authentic for the spectators. Did some camp life for the folks watching. Had a pretty real scenario go down. Civil War britches had a draw string in the back. Mine were loose and Sgt Murphy got down on a knee to cinch me up. Steve Alley came walking up. He was Cav and carried a pistol. Started hollering I owed him money or some such. I played along and told him where to stick it. He pulled his pistol (loaded with blanks of course,) and pretended to shoot me. Sadly Clayton stuck his face out from behind me just as Steve pulled the trigger. Got it pretty much point blank in the face. He was ok, and Steve was very apoligetic. No blows were thrown, but I expect Clayton will carry those black powder grains in his cheek forever. Had a woman tell me the camp looked so real. Even our kids never looked up when they were being observed and snapshots taken. We had two sutlers come for our little event from St. louis. Lots of homemade tinware, and geegaws for the troops. Think they did a booming business that weekend from reenactors and locals looking for a souvineer.

Afternoon came and we formed up to fight. Shelby's 5th Mo Cav, and the infantry and artillery, came upon a Yankee platoon. There was no redleg infantry, but we had some that day. Red leggings wrapped around their legs. Had a woman tell me she had grown up on WWII Movies and Viet Nam on the news. She was so shocked to see men march up so close to one another, and then begin blazing away. She couldn't imagine them not cutting and running. Of course they did fight that way in 1864. Some ran, but most were more afraid of the shame than of the Minie` Balls. All the advantages were with the Rebs Saturday. The Federal troops were outgunned and out manned but they gallantly defended the Stars and Stripes to the last. No matter. We killed them all. I say "We". I too was a casulty. Always made me vaguely embarassed when we blazed away at close range, and no one fell. I usually took an early hit and watched it unfold from the ground with half closed eyes. Even in 1984 I made a pretty good pre bloated corpse! Battle over. We stripped the shoes and greatcoats fromj the dead Yanks and marched away with the spoils of war. "Resurrection!" was called. The signal for the dead to rise and the wounded to be healed. Enemys became friends again. And hand shakes and laughter was the norm. "Good Fight! Wait till tomorrow Johnny! Our turn tomorrow!" Damn I miss those days. Those crazy reenactors. Grown men playing at war. My friends.

I think the crowd got their moneys worth. They applauded lustily. Felt pretty good to hear. History maybe made real to them. Not pages in a dry book. Studying dates for a pop quiz, but real men and women in mortal conflict on this very ground. It's possible we made some think and others read. It's what we did. It's what we lived for. Our passion.

We marched back to camp. Stacked muskets. Threw blankets off of coolers. Poured cold ones in tincups. Savored the taste of beer mixed with black powder. Supper time. My wife and several of the other ladys came with beans and ham in covered crocks. Hot cornbread. Water from the camp barrels, or coffee boiled over the fire. Beer for many. The troops lined up with tin plates and dinner was served. It was GOOD!

My wife decided she was going to spend the night there. I have no idea where Erin was. She WASN'T in my tent. We did what married people do alone in a tent. My only time in the middle of a cow pasture surrounded by at least a hundred guys. You will have to ask her if it was her only time. Her 2nd marriage you know. . The various Captain's came to talk to me about then. I didn't come out. Tired and a little embarassed. One said he didn't appreciate talking to the side of a tent, so I pulled the fly back far enough to uncover my head. That seemed to satisfy him. Not sure they knew she was in there with me. We talked about what we were going to do tomorrow. They were happy the way things were going, and then FINALLY they left us in peace. Laid there with my arm around her, thinking back over the day. I will never forget that feeling of well being and accomplishment. Wondering if those drunk teenagers from the night before had come back to watch that day, and wondering if they still thought we were crazy to be doing this. Maybe we were. I just knew it was about as much fun as a grown man could have with his pants on. Mine weren't about then but I expect you know what I mean.

Took a pic today at Smoker's Corner of an airliner fuselage going by on a train. Didn't get camera out until it was almost gone. I think you can see it tho. One of an old Cessna 182 in the hanger with the wing off being repaired. Then two of our new gypsy lady. She looks vaguely familiar. Any of you recognize her????

Terry at MKC





Well I'm leaving from work at 4:30 today and heading for St. Joe. The Perry sisters, Iris June and Nadine came yesterday about 3, and are staying with Mom. Her favorite sister's girls. A little bit hers too as they stayed with Mom and Dad many times after my brother died and Mom thought she was destined to be childless. Little did she know eh??? Erin and the boys are coming tonight so we ought to have a good time. Melinda and Mark will be here Friday. Got to get on the horn later and order her some flowers. I think Erin is bringing a cake. Hoping Mom will be pleased. She gave me life. Still trying to pay her back

OK. Let's see. Promised you some more Camden Point didn't I? At most reenactments there was a sponsor, and the sponsor usually provided the reenactors with raw food to cook. Powder for our weapons to shoot. Straw for the horses. Porta potties for the reenactors and the crowd. So many details. So little an Irishman to deal with all of them, and he with no grace under pressure. If I remember right and I may be wrong on this I think we got the Platte County Historical Society to spring for the porta potty rentals. Had no idea how many reenactors or spectators to expect. Scrinched my eyes shut. Crossed my fingers and made a wild assed guess. Came out pretty close. Not too big a lines to the heads.

What to feed the troops? Not much money but I think 4 or 5 of us chipped in some bucks and we bought a ton of Navy beans, and cornbread. Promised our wives diamond rings and mink coats if they would cook it for us. They knew we were lying thru our teeth, but they took pity on us and cooked it for us. Even Lumpy.

The Committee asked a couple of the local merchants if they would stay open late and a couple agreed. When you're away from home you always need something you forgot. I think a reporter came to interview me and he/she asked my reasons for getting this reenactment together. Most would have said to educate people on the horrors of Civil War or to honor our ancestors. Ginnis? He said "Because it's close to Home!" The wife overheard and had a t-shirt made for me. Emblazoned on the front in big letters was "Close to Home!" Took awhile to live that one down.We had no momey to give powder to everyone or the cannon, but they all came anyway.

The big weekend came. Friday night. I loaded my tent and camp box in the Volare`. Threw my musket and uniform in, Stuck Erin in the co-pilot's seat and we were off! Erin would have been 11 when this went down. She liked dressing in period clothes, and she liked the attention. The crowds always liked to take her picture. Pretty little blond girl in a hoopskirt and bonnet. She looked darling and think she knew it. Good for a young girls ego when strangers want to take your picture and they did hers. Her mother wouldn't go so she usually hung out with Scott Brown's wife and kids when I couldn't watch her.

Up I-29 we went, but not far. Camden Point is just north of Platte City and south of Dearborn. Maybe 25 minutes from my house. "Close to Home" you know. I always liked Friday nights. Finding a new place. Setting up camp. Old friends and new arriving. Handshakes and slaps on the back. "Hey man! Glad you could make it. Gonna give em Hell tomorrow eh???" Building a fire. Setting up the logs and camp chairs. Cold beer or passing a jug around the fire. Jokes and laughter. Lies and good friends. Pat James on the dulcimer. Davy with his mouth harp. Singing "Roll Alabama Roll" and "Hard Road to Richmond" and everyones favorite. "Lorena" "The years go slowly by Lorena. It's dust to dust again Lorena." Yeah, I liked it. I miss it still.

I remember Lillard rolling in with his cannon on a flat bed and how impressed Everett Boydston and his family were. Darkness and their north pasture was covered with white canvas "A" tents and the Captain's Wall tent with the fly. Several campfires burning. People in period clothing drifting thru camp in the twilight. Ghosts maybe, from another time. Transported to the 20th Century by some unknown power. Horses tied to a picket line. Tails twitching. Old War horses. They were excited too. They knew what was coming. They too had been their before. Cars with license plates from Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, and Colorado lined the country roads around the pasture. I remember laying in my tent. Tired but feeling pretty good about what was happening and what I had wrought. "A car with teenagers in it. came speeding down the road heading to CP. "From out the night I heard "HEY! The War's Over!!!!!" Then laughter at all the crazys camped in that field. I pulled the tent fly aside and watched them speed over the hill. I smiled and thought to myself. "Sober up. Come back tomorrow. We may show you it never will."

More tomorrow I hope. Promised you this one last night and won't be home to write it, so hear is the 2nd Installment on When The Civil War Came To Camden Point.

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Well just about Zippyde Doo Dah to report today. Only thing of note was I was on the way to retrieve some prints from my car for Tida and Jaimie, when I saw the very same Ms. Allen walking across the parking lot. Got the pics and got to walk her to the front door. I've said it before, but it's always nice to be in her company. She liked the pics by the way, but of course she said she looked old. Women. Sometimes I just want to shake em and say NOOOOOOO!. Certainly not how I perceive she looks, but hey! I AM old.                              Had another treat in that Jenny Roger's stunning daughter Sally came to apply for a job....and GOT it! Good for you Sally. You will certainly be a beautiful addition to our front desk. Mom and daughter came in the Radio Shop to tell me. Awfully nice of them to think of me. Had me a bad case of the warm fuzzies. 

Well if no airplane tales to relate how about some more from Reenacting days??? Think I'll tell you about a small one I was personally responsible for instead of one of the big ones. Once upon a time, long ago, The Western Campaigner came out with our schedule for the year. Nothing close to home. Shoot! A couple of my pards felt the same way. Only long drives in store, and nothing for our friends and familys to go see and watch. We went to see our Captain, Pat James, and asked him if there was something he could do. He said:"If that's what you want, why don't you guys plan one and put it on??" The idea had really never occurred to me. Me? Put one on?? Well why not? I had been reading "Paxton's Annals of Platte County." The county I lived in then and now. Not much had happened in Platte County other than a lot of guerrila warfare. The one little notable incident had occured in the county at a little burg called Camden Point in July of 1864. Li. Col. C.C."Coon" Thornton had been detached from Price's Army to go north and recruit.  He had. I forget the exact number, about 40 men, but the ladies of the Baptist Church of Camden Point wanted to present the new recruits a flag they had embroidered, and a picnic was arranged. The ladies were presenting this flag when the picnic was attacked by the 2nd Colorado Cavalry, and the 15 Kansas Cavalry locally known as "Jennison's Jayhawkers". Six of the recruits were killed and the rest put to flight. Jennison then burned Camden Point, and then travelled south to Platte City and burned that too. Having already burned it before in 1862.

Not much of a fight, but it was "Close to Home." Ok let's see if we can do something with that. Got on my best Levi's and our homemade CP Reenactment comittee went to Camden Point one Saturday to see if we could get some local support. We talked to the mayor at his home, and he had no objections, as the town didn't have to do anything but set there. Now to find someplace to hold it. We contacted a member of the Platte County Historical Society that lived in Dearborn, and he knew the man that owned the farm across the road from the actual battlefield. A farmer named Boydston. We went to his house with the Historical Society man. He introduced us and we told Boydston what we wanted to do.. Mr. Boydston thought it sounded like fun and said we could use his pasture for the camp and the battle. Brave man. He didn't know us from Adam. We talked to some of the local merchants, and got their support. This went down in late 1983 and early 84 so the details are a little fuzzy now.

There was an old overgrown cemetery just west across the road from Boydston's farm and the 6 Rebels killed in the fight were buried there. A monument to the dead was there but lay on the ground. My reenactment company had cleared a little of the small trees and brush in the weeks before the fight, and we had made a path to the monument. We left the monument lay as we were afraid if we set it upright local vandals would topple it and destroy it. The word was passed and most of the locals said they would come. Also a company from St. Louis, and one from Tulsa said they would attend. We even had a few from Colorado that said they were coming. We talked to Connie Soper to see if she could organize our ladies and to present us with the flag during the picnic. She was delighted as the ladies had never had been able to participate during a battle. She said she was sure we could count on the ladies. Things were shaping up, but we needed an artillery piece to open the battle. We talked to Steve Lillard at Lexington who had a replica brass 12 pdr. He was reluctant to come as we could promise no money for powder for his weapon and each shot cost about 5 bucks or more. He was intriqued by the uniqueness of this event tho, and decided he would come with his crew but his fire would be severely limited. Deal! Thanks Steve!

We talked to Brother Beckner about holding a church service at the monument Sunday, and he said he would. Scott Brown, Clayton Murphy, and I were pretty pleased. The date was set for the weekend of April 8th, 1984, and we set back to wait for the day to arrive and to see what would happen. Fiasco or Glory??? Time would tell. Continued on the morrow ok?          Pics for tonite are one from Cdr. Dekker of a very, very low pass of a Russian SU.30. Very impressive. A couple of an A-7 being restored at North Island for the Midway Museum I took at our reunion there in 2003. One of the gorgeous Sally Rogers. New Executive Beechcraft employee, and last a picture of the Camden Point Monument taken years later after the cemetery had been professionally restored. That's the Missouri Battle Flag flying over the monument.  The field you see in the background is Boydston's pasture. Hope these reenactment storys don't bore you folks. It was my passion for many years but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea

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Well Mac Mamaw (as Brad calls her) has had him since yesterday morning when his Mom brought him and she cleaned. They just left to go to GiGi's (Great-Grandma Freida). He had slipped into his Brad the Barbarian persona as he is wont to do around her. He just pummels me. He's a 4 year old boy and I take it awhile and then pummel his little butt some. Keep telling him if he messes with the old bull he's gonna get the horns. He does. Doesn't seem to mind. Must be a little masochist in him. Only problem is he usually bonks his head on something trying to dodge me. He cries a minute. Mac MawMaw wants to take him to the ER. 30 seconds, he's grinning and beating on me again. He was beginning to wear a little thin even on his adoring Grandma so she decided to pass the buck and take him to see my Mom. Another woman smitten by that little grin and blonde hair and blue eyes. Must run in the family, eh ladies??  Watch out Mom!! There's a little devil behind those blue eyes! Same as the one YOU raised!

 Erin announced yesterday morning she was taking the boys to an Easter Egg Hunt in Plattsburg, where she teaches, at 2 PM. Did we want to come? Heck yes! Not much notice but nothing I would rather do than watch my Grandsons chase candy. Erin left Brad with us and went home. Mac Mamaw took her fair haired Imp to K-Mart where he severely depleted the checking account. I fooled around till 1 and drove up to Smithville. Watched Coop be 14 months for awhile and took some pics. Brad and Margeret Ann showed up, and Jerry, Erin, Coop and I got in their van. Peg and Erin following in her PT and off to Plattsburg we went. Some beautiful old 1890's houses on the main drag thru town there. "Painted Ladys" and I took a couple of pics for you of the best ones. The Easter Egg Hunt was at a Rest Home just outside of town. We got every one headed up and we moved out to the Hunt. First time for both boys.

We walked inside to the Home. Grandparents, Mom's and kids abounded. The Easter Eggs were spread everywhere in a courtyard. The elderly inmates windows opened on to it and every window had an old woman in it watching the little ones. They said "GO!" and Brad took off with his bucket. Cooper was more interested in the bricks on the wall. The boys Dad is so competitive, and Brad was kicking butt on getting eggs. His Dad just beamed! Erin was helping Cooper. All the eggs were retrieved and the Easter Bunny came out and we got some pictures of the boys with him. Scared the bejesus out of Coop. Santa Clause did too. He'll come around and he wasn't the only one. Grandpa is still afraid of big Oklahomans that say "It all pays the same!"

Grandma Dunivan was there and she was having a good time with "MY" grandsons. At least the Grandmas didn't get into a tug of war over them. Guess it was good their are two of them. Peg was taking Brad home. "Please Mommy! I want to go to Mac Mamaws!" She said yes, so off they went. I had had no food, and was getting hungry. We were pretty close to Edgerton, and a country resteraunt I like the food at, so I suggested a trip over there. As I was buying, they said "Yes!" The kids are wanting a bigger house and a new on and there is a new subdivison between 169 Hwy and Edgerton. It was on the way so we went by to take a look. The one they want is a quarter Mil. Scared the crap out of me but doesn't seem to them. Looked like all garage to me and the living part an afterthought tacked onto the side. Not my favorite floor plan, but it ain't me that's buying it. Way out in the country tho, and lots of timber and creeks for boys to explore.

We pulled up to "Harmer's" in Edgerton, and went in. Found a table. Coop wanted to explore so he wandered around until the food came. Beef Tips and Noodles for me. Mashed potatos and brown gravy. Cole slaw. YUM!!! Grandpa LIKED it. Almost too much.. Cooper got cottage cheese and wanted to put the bowl in his mouth. Lot's of screaming when that didn't happen and Erin had to take him outside for awhile. His Dad and I just sat and shoveled it in. Coop calmed down some, and Erin got to finish her dinner. $22 bucks with tip for the 4 of us. Grandpa got off cheap. Drove around Edgerton a little. Some old places but not as well kept as Plattsburg. I did take a pic of their War Memorial to the town Vets. Can't pass those up. We drove on back to Smithville. Beautiful spring day, and a good one for a ride in the country and good food. When we got back to Erin's, I said goodbye to my progeny, and headed the Ol' Blue PT on back to KC. Drove on down to Osco and got the pics developed I had took. Got doubles. A set for us and a set for Mom. Peg took them with her. Then headed over to the Junkman's. He had been looking at a house on North Oak with his youngest son who is fixing to tie the knot. He had two beers and we drank those. Looked at a bakelite (I think) USN flashlight he had bought at a Swap and Shop that morning, and some WWII pics he had bought. Lot's of San Pedro pics, and a few of a nest of Destroyers. Fletchers and Sumners. Cool! He and his son and the son's fiance` were going out to eat, so I headed home. Pretty good day for this old man.

My Mom's sister's girls are coming up from Branson Monday. Staying till Wednesday. Mom's birthday is Tuesday, and I'm going up after work for that. Erin and the boys are coming too. My sister and her son Mark are flying in from Texas next Friday. We are going to take Mom out to eat. She wants shrimp, so probably going to take her to The Red Lobster by metro North. Melinda will bring her down. We will then go to Erin's for cake and ice cream. 90 years old. Hope it's a fun day for her. We are gonna try to make it so.

Anyway here are some of the pics I took yesterday. I had a woman ask me how come they hadn't had any new Grandson pics for awhile so the ladies could oooh and ahhhh over them? Well I guess Friday and the pretty girls, was for the guys. Today I guess is for the ladies. Guess you guys will just have to adapt, improvise and overcome.

 Jaimie asked if I would put her on the APOTD list Friday. Hard to imagine why a beautiful young girl would want to read this insanity but she said she did sooooo. One of my old friends from the 3rd Mo. Infantry also asked to be put on. Pvt. John Moloski. He's half Irish so I guess I will. Welcome Aboard to the APOTD family. Hope you don't think it was a mistake!

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Well we had some day at MKC, and also at IXD at Gardner. Tida is having a midlife crisis! Jaimie is getting no sleep she says. Victoria has gone to Norfolk with her fiancé` to take a ride on the USS Theodore Roosevelt with the fiance's brother. Now that's a Princess Cruise!!!  Then while me and the FNG were out at New Century, Gabe Assel and Claude Thompson were changing the copilot's windshield in a King Air. This usually takes great force to get them loose from the sealer. Gabe (I think) was in the seat. Both feet against the windshield. Pushing hard! It popped loose and hit Claude in the face. Busting two teeth and driving the lower ones thru his lip. OUCH!!! Lots of blood I guess and they hauled him off to the Workman's Comp Clinic in NKC. He;s getting to be a regular over there. He fell in a whole up at KCI last week and sprained his ankle. Can you say "Accident Prone???" 

The FNG and I headed for NAS Olathe/New Century Airport this morning in a company Taurus. Down I-35 we went. Merrily on our away. Around Lenexa (Half way) I happened to glance at the gas guage In the red near empty. Oh boy! Just what I need! Run out of gas on I-35! Fng said we could make it. Told him he was gonna do the walking if we did. Wheeled into EB at Gardner on fumes. Let Thad out and found one of our TDY Lineboys I knew. Found the company gas pump and filled it up. WHEW!!!

9-Fingered Dave was waiting on us, but we had some data bases to install first. Got the power cart hooked up on 142EB and went in search of coffee. Ended up in the lobby. Two girls behind the desk. My camera in my pocket soooo. Guess you know what I did. "Would you girls mind if I took your pic??" "Wellll I don't know." "I need to show the Downtown girls how pretty the IXD girls are." "OH! OK. And I did! Then walked by the Parts Room and saw a girl in there. Same story. I must look so harmless. Her name is Kelley, and she said "OH. Kebra and Stephanie??" "Yep. The very same. "OK" and I DID!!!

Took an instrument up to Tim for him to overhaul. Thad said they wouldn't see me again, but I didn't BS too long. A little maybe. I got ol Tim and Pat's pic anyway. Mainly for me. Then out to N958Peter Peter to do an Avionics Inspection, and a compass swing. Got all the radios checked. Dave fired it up and off we went to the other side of the field, to Compass Rose to swing it. I ran the radios for him while he taxied. We got to Compass Rose and Thad jumped out with the Calibration Compass. I stood by with the brass screwdriver, while Dave taxied the jet to the Cardinal Headings and I took a reading at each. East/West was pretty good but North/South stunk. Adjusted the best I could and we headed back to the ramp. Loaded everything in the Taurus and we were outta there!!

Got back to Downtown about 1:30. Got the car unloaded and reported in. Nothing much happening so decided to go see Tida's hair for myself. Had many reports that she had gone blonde. Well kinda. About half. Said I needed a picture for the old sailors. "Well it's not done Terry!" I know. We need a before during and after. "Oh, OK!!! Just the hair!" You always get to preview them Tida. And I got it! JUST the hair. Nothing lower. Sorry guys! I had met Jaimie coming up the steps and talked her into a pic. Said she wasn't at her best. Told her she looked pretty good to me. What do you think? Her picture is here. She came back into Charter and said "Did you talk her into it?" Yes. She's EASY! They both laughed and I asked for a pic of the two of them together. Got that too!!! Pretty bang up day for Ol' Ginnis. Maybe for the old sailors, Marines, Zoomies, and Coasties too. Whadda ya think guys? Did I do good or what! Getting late. Bradley and his Mom will be here in the morning. Have a great weekend!!!

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Sorry folks. My back was hurting last night and I went upstairs and popped an Aleve. Came back down intending to do an APOTD, but made the mistake of sitting down in Sweet Dreams. Next thing I knew it was 11:30. Came in here and shut er down. Oh well. You didn't miss much.

Nothing much going on yesterday morning. Just before noon the Little Boss said we were going out to the former Naval Air Station Olathe, now New Century Airport, to change an Air Data Computer in one of our orphans. I rounded up EB-3. A fire spitting Escort wagon, and loaded up the pitot/static tester, and Xpder testers. The sack of fittings, my carry tool box, the new ADC and some GPS data bases he wanted to load while we were out there. Parked the car in front of hanger bay one. Time to eat but of course I don't do that anymore. Played on the PC in Avionics till he was ready to hit the road. Off we went across the Broadway Bridge and south on I-35. Into Johnson County where the rich people live. Amazing the stuff you miss when your driving. I have been this way many times but very few as a passenger. Taking in the sights and remembering when I was very new at EB, and the parts runs I made over here to Bonzer and King Radio. All brand new territory to me then. No longer, but always something new to see as construction is pretty much constant over there. Past what used to be Art Bunker Porsche/Audi where I bought a new 100LS in 72 just before I got married. She hit a Vega in the rear with it soon after we were married. Ice Storm and she was over at Liberty with it and the two step daughters. Called me up and said she wasn't going any further, and for me to come and get her. "Yes Dear." Amazing how women's lib seems to hit the fan when the roads are slick. Anyway I got in her Vega which was rear wheel drive (I think) and drove over there and rescued my family. Poor Audi sure had a bloody nose.

On down I-35 where the wife's sister's husband used to work at Mercury-Marine, before he retired and went into the fishing rod holder business. They still have a farm in Wellsville, Ks. or just north of it. Don't go near as much in days gone by but still occasionally. Thru Olathe and where King Radio used to be on the south side of the road. Got to the Gardner turnoff and kept waiting for him to turn. He didn't. Told him he missed it. The airport was visible on my right. "OHHHH!  I thought you had to go down to the next exit!" Been to Gardner many times to Gun Shows and he's an Oklahoman anyway. We all know how THEY are don't we Jack???.                                                                                                                              

He made a Uee on the Interstate and back we went. Showed him where to turn into the old base. I had tried my best to get stationed there. What a fool! Desperate to get out of St. Joe and when I did I wanted back. Nutso eh? Thankfully I failed or sure would have missed out on some wild times. We drove up to where the Executive Beech hangers were. Yeah, the Owner has a place out there as well. Our King Air we were looking for wasn't in the main hanger but we found it. No power in there so they pulled it out for us and stuck a power cart on it. Little Boss loaded the data base and I stuck the box in the nose. It worked. Then he disappeared. I sat in the car and was about asleep when he came back. He had found Peter Peter over in their main hanger and we drove over there. The Randy Man and Brandeau were sitting out front. TDY to OJC for awhile to do an "A" check on Peter Peter. Gave Randy a big kiss. Told Brandeau to obscenity himself. Walked in for the first time. Looked like Baker's in 1972. Bellanca up on jacks. Fart Carts galore. Two of our jets in there looking out of place. Found 9-Fingered Dave in there and Big Johnson. Cadged some peanuts off Dave and wandered around sight seeing. Josh was working on Applebee's Beechjet which had flown thru a hailstorm and was pretty dinged up on the leading edges. That must have been fun to be in when they hit the hail! This used to be King's Avionics new hanger, but they sold it to Mr. Meisinger and lease one side of it. Saw a guy sawing on an instrument panel. Walked over to him and told him how unfortunate he was as he had the same job as me. Struck up a conversation and found out he had been the Big Dick's boss at "The Airmen" 25 years ago. I recognized his name. Pete Segat.We knew a lot of the same people but had never met.

The Little Boss got done loading the data base. Said goodbye to all and walked to the car. When we got in he said he had been up to King's Instrument Shop to talk to Tim. Told him I wished he had taken me with him as I had talked to Tim on the phone for 20 years but had never met him. He said "we got an hour. Lets just go see him." We did. Walked into the Instrument shop and there he was. High squeeky voice on the phome, but a really big dude in person. Hell of a nice guy tho. Shook hands and laughed about some of my former exploits he had bailed me out on. Time to go. Back on I-35 and traffic was terrible as it always is in Johnson County. They are ALWAYS working on the road. Never saw a wreck till we got almost home and there was a fender bender on the entrance to the Broadway Bridge. Took us forever to get off the ramp and onto Broadway. Oh well. All pays the same as the Little Boss says. I don't dare or he will find me a crap job to do.

We finally got across the bridge and back home. Unloaded the car and it was almost quitting time. I was ready for it. You know what happened when I got home. I started this and the Junkman called. Donna's in Virginia visiting little John and her grandkids. Big John has been batching it and wanted to go to Dirk's for a tenderloin and some beer. I had already had  some beef stew in a can but told him I would go have a couple of beers with him. He is usually available when I need a shoulder. Not gonna tell him no when he needs some company from me. Long necks were a buck. Had a couple and we told each other our troubles. Had a friendly waitress for a change anyway. Beer was cold. Good friend. It was fun. As always came home to tell you all about it. Aren't you the lucky ones???

Couple of Twin Bonanza pics for you. 50's vintage. Used to be everywhere in 68. Very few around anymore at least at Downtown. Not much I know. Sent you the good pic I got today already of the F/A-18 taking a cat shot in a snow storm. Guess these will have to do. Oh yeah. One of the pics is of the heavy equipment tearing up our runway. Hope they get it done soon and we still have a job.

Terry at MKC



Got to see my Grandboys Sunday afternoon. Drove to Smithville to find Brad asleep with his Dad, but Cooper up and walking. Blonde haired, blue eyed little man, and his hair is starting to curl! So many things wrong with that decision I made in the Antioch Mall parking lot in 1972. My Grandsons are the things that are so right. Cooper is 14 months now, and is on his horse. I opened the front door and out he came....barefooted! I followed him down the walk and around my car he went. Left, right...left, right!  Grandpa a pace behind. His Mom moved a plastic basketball goal and he saw a frog jump out. Left Face! Ho! After the frog! Yummy! Almost had it but Grandpa hoisted him away over his head. He forgot about the frog and giggled while being levitated. I sat him down and he went for the fromt door. Walked right thru a puddle of water barefooted and never slowed. Left, right. Two little steps. Didn't want my help but he got it. Pounded on the front door to be let in. I let him in and his Mom and me sat on her couch and talked.

Something we could never do when she was a teenager. She is such a great Mom, and has become fun to be around. I was so convinced if she ever married she wouldn't last two weeks before she got her nose broken. 9 years now and he seems to love her. I know I do. Cooper walking hither and yon. His little face lighting up when he saw me. Giggling. I usually have that effect on women, but if he thinks I'm funny, then so be it. Occasionally he would walk by and stick his arms up to me. I would pick him up and give him a razzbery on the neck. More loud giggles, and then he would want down to walk some more. So new to him. Wait till your 60 kid! A chair is going to look so much better than route step!

Bradley woke up an came in. Grumpy when he wakes up, but had him laughing pretty quick. He is into slugging. Got to watch myself. But he hits pretty hard, sometimes in places they teach women to defend themselves with. OUCH!  They were going to the park at Smithville Lake, so thought I would leave them alone. Drove on home. Didn't do a whole lot sunday, but the boys were so much fun.

Daylight savings time this morning, but got the clock right and got in in plenty of time. Stopped by Sonic but Patty wasn't there. Got my coffee and Bacon egg and cheese toaster tho. Sat in the parking lot and ate it and listened to Sara McLaughlin sing "In the Arms of the Angel". Such an old hopeless romantic. Sending you a song by Trisha Yearwood tonite. Kinda how I'm feeling. Also a couple more from the St. Joe Museum. Inside and out. One Dave Cleveland sent me of "Fat Boy" No not a picture of ME!

Fixed a couple of engineering goofs this morning. Just had to stick a wire back in a connector on both ADC's I was told to remove. Had to pull the racks back out to do it tho. The Fng caught me at a bad time Friday night They were pushing me to get the Cessna done by quitting time. Like all Cessna interiors it had dozens of tiny little pk screws that never have a hole to go in. I was hot, getting sweaty and I was mad.. The FNG came walking over with a big grin on his face. I knew something was wrong with the Beehjet and I figured I had caused it, and he was coming to give me the good news and just couldn't wait. Bounced one screwdriver off the concrete and another off the wall. Somebody walked away with that one as after I cooled down it was gone. Thad mentioned the company would pay for anger management classes for me. Just didn't know when to quit does he??? So much for Fridays True Confessions. It wasn't something I had done wrong, after all. At least I had been instructed to do what I did. Got it fixed this morning and all works. Tomorrow is another day.

Terry at MKC                                                                                         


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A late night Friday talking to some very old friends online, after having gone to Dirk's with the Junkman for tenderloins and beer.. Up early Saturday for a trip to St. Joe to see Mom. Beautiful spring day so decided to do some sightseeing first, and maybe take some pictures for you of my old hometown. I got off 29 onto I-229 and went west, then north along the river to the Edmond St. exit. This puts you into the heart of downtown St. Joe. Mostly a ghost town now but bustling when we moved there in 55. The Holiday Inn to the left, where the old City Market was. Blocks Army Surplus to the right where Steve Nagel, Jim Keller, Gordon Sunderland, and I would go to buy our Army gear, and where my WWII collection started at the age of 10. Guess you know I still have everything I bought there 

East on Edmond where the Orpheum Theater stood. Eshelman's Music. The Electric Theater. All gone. But the memorys remain. The Missouri Theater still stands in all it's glory. I so remember one winter night there. There were four of us I think. Wells, Buffum, maybe Sparks and me. John McCroskie had bought us half pints of orange vodka and Sloe gin. Long black trenchcoats were di riguer then to be cool, and we all wore them. (I still have mine should they come back into style ) The booze getting warm in our pants pockets. "A Summer Place" with Sandra Dee was playing, and I expect that's why we went. Pre cars and we were walking so must have been 15. 1961 maybe.

The Missouri has a balcony, and that's where we went. Few people up there to report on underage drinking. I remember watching Sandra being blonde and beautiful, and taking pulls on my bottle. The ceiling in the Missouri then was painted blue with white clouds. After several pulls on that warm orange vodka, they started to drift around. Somebody must have opened a door. Faster and faster they went, and I thought I better quit watching them. Then I thought I better head for the mens room. Only made it as far as the landing on the steps where that warm vodka and supper left me. Didn't know it till recently but Dick Kibble's Dad was manager there then. Don't think I felt much of anything then but nausea. I still can't smell orange vodka without my stomach churning, but feel so sorry now I left that mess for someone to clean up. Young and dumb and trying to be cool and fit in I guess is my excuse. A poor one I know

Back to 2006 and on east on Edmond. Past the Post Office where the Navy Recruiter's office was in 1964, and where I signed up. The old St. Joseph Junior College up on it's hill. Now Senior Citizen housing. Our old Student Union across the street is gone. It was in the basement of an old unused church, but I remember all the games of Pitch I played in there and all the chili dogs I ate. Getting bored with that and heading across the river to Wathena for beer and more games of Pitch. Wonder where I'd be today if I had went home and studied? Not where my mind was at then. Mostly just wanted to get out of St. Joe, and find adventure. Well I got that done anyway. Adventures to last a lifetime. Thank you United States Navy! 

Up Edmond to 11th. Right turn and a block to Charles and the St. Joe Museum. Once the Tootle mansion. A great pile of gray stone. 3 stories. Turrets with embatlements. Maybe the highest point in St. Joe. The location had never struck me before but you can see west forever from there.No doubt the reason the town banker built there. I have been going there since we moved to St. Joe. It ounced housed a great Indian artifact collection. All that has been moved and I wasn't aware of it. The bottom floor and all it's parqueted flooring and carved woodwork is till there, and some of the stuffed animals Dugdale Packing donated. Easier to see what a magnificent place it once was with the artifacts moved. A quilt club was showing their handiwork in the rooms Saturday, but I have watched my wife make those for 33 years and wasn't really interested in them. Pretty tho. Upstairs to the 2nd floor looking at the gorgeous stained glass window on the stair landing, and thinking how much that staircase must have cost even in the 1890's

Want to see a Passenger Pigeon? An Ivory billed woodpecker?? There they are. Stuffed of course. The exhibits were still pretty much intact up there. Lots of stuffed birds and animals. There is also a little alcove in there. Inside are tiers of common looking rocks behind a glass window. There is a light switch and when you flip it a black light comes on and all the rocks glow. Greens, and blues, and pinks. I so remember being delighted with this when I was 10. Still pretty cool in that little alcove at 60, flipping that switch. It was fun! There is also a stuffed Wolverine in there that you don't see until you go around a corner. A dark room and the Wolverine is behind glass in a lighted window. I remember turning that corner as a kid, and looking for the first time into those snarling fangs. 50 years on and he still has that same snarl. Fun to remember. Nice to be able to. How much longer I wonder. Best get my remembering done while I can. Too much to tell about in there this time.                             Left the Museum and went south to Messanie. Then south on 14th to an overlook in front of what used to be the Navy Reserve Builing and Everett Grade School. Also a great view west to the far river bluffs in Kansas and Wathena. St. Joe's Union Station used to sit in the foreground but was torn down long ago. I remember how us kids from Sherwood Grade School were so afraid of the Bad A--'s from Everett when we were all going to be at Bliss Jr. High School. Some where but also made some friends from there. Larry Shaline and Ronny Oliphant. Wonder where they are today?

South again to Jesse James Hill. The place where that dirty little coward shot Mr. Howard and laid poor Jesse in his grave. The house was out on the Belt when we moved to town. A tourist attraction for the Jesse James Motel. The Motel is long gone but the house was moved to the Patee House Museum years ago. It is now just a couple of blocks south of the original location. I took a picture of the monument that stands there now for you. Then east on Lafayette. Past 28th and onto where our Delta Sig Fraternity house was my senior year. Just a block west of Bliss Jr. High. A lot of memorys in that old house where so much beer was drank. I can only wonder what the family downstairs must have endured and what the owner was thinking when he rented it to us??? Crazy, but glad he did. It was my refuge that year. Past Bliss, and took a picture of it for you. Also now Senior Citizen housing. Down to the Boulevard. Out Mitchell to the Belt. Then on to Carriage Square.

Thought I was going to be too late for lunch, but they were sill at the table. Wilbur making Mom giggle. That's fun to watch, and I did. Men and women remain the same. Even at 90. Jessica found me some food, and some coffee, and I sat and watched Mom be happy. Went in her place and took a 2 hour nap. Talked awhile and started home. Went by Metro North to a Christian Book Store. She wants the New Testament on CD for her 90th Birhday so bought if for her. Waited to be struck by lightning when I walked in there, but God's eye must have been elsewhere. Got to find a simple CD Player today for her. I expect the girls that look after her will have to use it for her. Absolutely the most un mechanical person I have ever known.   I think I missed sending you that picture of Sydney harbor the other night so I am including that as well. Too spectacular a picture for you to miss.Hope this APOTD didn't bore you. It was a good day for me.

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Well a pretty great day. Got to take the pretty Banker's wife out for lunch! She is always fun to be with. Almost didn't get to go. Katie "Hide in the Corner!" Horner, one of the local weather ladies, just about had her scared to go out the front door. As usual all the gloom and doom didn't materalize. Just a little rain. Made sure to keep her out of it. She might melt. A lot going on in both of our lives. I'm a good listener and so is she. We both did our share of listening. I usually take Tida to Sonic. She likes their Coney dogs, but thought I wanted to sit down at a table so took her over to the Corner Cafe in Riverside. The food there is very good. She wanted to pay as always. Not gonna happen if I can get my money out first.....and I did!   

Got the scoop on what went on in the parking lot this morning but was sworn to silence. The folks at EB already know and the rest of you will just have to wonder. We stayed too long, but it was sure worth it, at least to me. She is a much better conversationalist than Marm! Got back at a quarter after one. Scrunched up for a chewing but nothing was said. Didn't much care if they did. Life's too short

OK. Back to Manassas. Doc Dyer wanted to know if I wanted to go with them to tour the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond. "Hell yes!" says the not so old 2nd Sargent, so off we went. Stopped at Fredricksburg, and got to see Marye's Heights and the famous stone wall where Bobby Lee stopped Burnside and the Irish Brigade was decimated. See the movie "Gods and Generals." We drove on to Richmond. The Museum is housed in the White House of the Confederacy. Where Jefferson Davis, Varina, and their children lived during the War. Richmond reminded me of the capitol of Nigeria. I think we were the only white people I saw. The Museum was so impressive. The Anchor from CSS Virginia was out front. Better know to the world as the Merrimac that fought USS Monitor in Hampton Roads. So many original uniforms, worn by so many names I recognized. Even had Missouri Confederate General Sterling Price's sword.. I had a great uncle named after him. Killed at the age of 10 climbing a fence with a shotgun. Course also had great uncles named after Robert E. Lee and Wade Hampton. Wonder if the McGinnis's were southern sympathizers??? There was so much to see and so little time. We had to head back. Expect I will never get back there now. So little time left and so hard for me to travel. I regret that. But I made it once didn't I? 

I remember a lot of little stuff of no interest to you. Trips to the Sutlers and buying new stuff. So MANY Sutlers! So much to buy. So little money :(.  A beer run into Manassas at 3 in the morning, and marveling at the rush hour traffic at that hour. Mostly, and this applys to most of my time in the hobby, I remember the comraderie. Good friends and good beer and good fun around the campfire. Looking after your pards. Keeping them out of ditches, and then there were the Civil War Groupies. Better not tell about them. I do remember a little event I put on in Camden Point, Mo. Between St. Joe and KC. A very small little rural little burg, and how the locals didn't know what to make of us when the Civil War came to their town. Not sure whether to laugh at us or be scared. But soon they realized we weren't nuts and they were in no danger. Well maybe the women were a little. We paraded into town. The Yankee Cav led us into the little main street, and I remember a young trooper on his horse with Sharps Carbine slung on his back. Saber and pistol. Blue jacket trimmed in bright yellow, and 3 or 4 pretty teenage girls just staring at him with their mouths open. Might be true about the girls liking men in uniform. A little tableau I will always remember.

The day of the big fight came. A very hot Sunday. We fell in and counted off by twos. A right face, and the two ranks were suddenly a column of fours. Off we went to the battlefield. As we marched, the water trucks came by and sprayed us with water to cool us down. To little avail. You could see men falling out, and falling down. The paramedics were busy and the ambulances went up and down the column picking up heat stroke victims. It was about a mile to where we were to fight, and I made it, but just barely. It felt like standing in an oven door. I figured it wasn't worth dieing to go out on that hot treeless plain, so fell out. Felt like I was letting everyone down, but just couldn't do it at 107 degrees.

I watched for awhile until I could stand it no longer and headed back to camp. Not sure if I was going to make it. The crowd was huge, and the fight was fierce, but I was pretty low. I made it to my tent and stripped off the wool and dove in the company water bucket and poured  water over my head. Not my finest hour friends and neighbors. Depresses me to tell you about it. The next April in Tennessee we were faced with snow. That I could handle, and Shiloh was really my first big fight I got to participate in, but even tho I couldn't fight in Virginia I got to see so much I came to see.

Guess that's it for tonite. Just remember. I would do anything for love, but I won't do that!. A great pic tonite from Peter Cleaver of Sydney Harbor. Another place with many memories for me. The occasion was the dedication of the Opera House and the Queen came for it. The year was 1975, and I think the picture was taken from the Harbor Bridge that I crossed both over and under in 1966. The Fleet was in for this one. I can see Hornet tied up at that long pier to the right of the Opera house in 66, with the Melbourne ahead of us in my mind. Memorys and old men. Kinda sad, but they warm me nonetheless.

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Well it's been awhile since I tried this, but guess it's time. You haven't missed much. Got done with the Beechjet and was put to installing back seat intercom jacks in a Cessna Skylane. 4 little jacks but all the seats had to come out, and the side panels. Pull up the plates in the belly, and string a 4 conducter shielded wire from behind the instrument panel, under the floor thru little round holes, to places in the back where wires were never meant to go. Got that done and went to the parts room to get the holders to mount the jacks in. Out of stock of course. Drug my butt up to the shop,  and told the Little Boss. "Oh they don't know where to look!" Followed him back to parts but he came up with the same result. NADA!! He went and ordered them. They were suppose to be here this morning on Fed Ex. Nope, so sat around most of the day. He decided I needed to finish an IFR on a 172 he started this afternoon, so went and did that. Almost a brand new airplane so it went pretty quick. The FNG giving me disapproving looks because he was working and I wasn't. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day! 

Guess I need to finish that 1st Manassas story I started before I went over the edge don't I?  Guess I also need to ask if anyone wants off this roller coaster sometimes known as Stoof Fixer's Saga. If your fed up with my soap opera just drop me a line. Ok. Here goes. Ready or not. Had a lot of time to reflect and realized it wasn't the Dyers that I rode with out there. It was Rick Pine and Ben Keller. Half brothers if I remember right. Ben the elder. That reminds me of another story. We were at Heritage Village in KC. Ben was engaged, and his fiance` came to visit Saturday night. We were sitting around the campfire. I had a little McComick whiskey jug I used to fill with left over booze from my wedding. Scotch, gin, vodka, whiskey and a lot of Southern Comfort. Warm summer night. Enjoyable day at shooting at Yankees. Campfire warm on our faces, and me passing my jug around the circle. Ben and future wife liking the taste, and maybe taking more than they should have. Becoming more than a little PDA (Public Display of Affection). A lot of giggling and kissing and then they were gone. No one knew where. Seeing them the next morning and her coming up and kissing my cheek and telling me my jug had given her the best night of her life. Hmmmm. Wonder what she meant??

 Ben looked pretty proud of himself. Don't know why. She said it was my little brown jug!    But I digress.

It's been 20 years but I remember how huge the camp was at Manassas. We were sitting around under the fly at the Captain's tent when we looked up and saw the SST ghosting by. Apparently we were near the approach path to Dulles. The gear was down and that long nose was lowered for landing. My one and only sight of one of those magnificent aircraft. All gone now. Quite a sight tho....that supersonic transport over a sea of white canvas tents, seemingly from a 125 years previous. I remember taking a tour of the actual battlefield and seeing things I had read about all my life. The Henry House. The Stone Bridge over Bull Run. Sudley Ford. The place where General Bee cried "Look! There stands Jackson like a Stone Wall!! Rally behind the Virginians!" Pages from history come alive before me. Oh, but it was so hot. 107 on the day of the big fight. This was the first big battle of the war and we were dressed in our finest, and of course all in wool. Wool shell jacket, pants and wool kepi. The company had all sprung for white canvas leggings, and we looked pretty sharp, but very, very sweaty. Many of the southern troops went into this battle wearing their pre war militia uniforms which of course were blue. Many of the reenactment companys had purchased Federal frock coats just for this battle. It caused major confusion during the actual fight and may have been the turning point when Confederate troops were mistaken for Yankees and were allowed to close on a forward Federal artillery battery. They decimated the battery at point blank range percipitating a retreat, that turned into a rout by the green as grass troops. I remember after the fight the Confederates in blue running to the Federal camp to peddle those hated blue coats to the real Yankees. Bargains were had that day! 

 We drilled and drilled. Learning new things as few had ever done brigade drills. I'm nuts enough to have enjoyed this. Meeting people from all over the country, and even several from the British Isles who had crossed the pond for this event. I so like English accents. I can just sit and listen to them talk. Strange behavior for an Irishman eh? But my Irish or Scots-Irish have been in this country since before the Revolution. They fought in it and were granted bounty land in wilderness Kentucky after it was over

One little incident I remember well was the porta johns. A long pea green line of them.....but not enough. There was a lot of malt beverage in use in the camps that weekend, and of course the lines were long. Ever see a woman in a hoop skirt try to get in one of those? Must have been horrible! Anyway there I was in line. Pitch dark. The line slowly moved forward. The smell increasing the closer I got. Makes me shudder even now. Finally it was the guy in front of me's turn. Alabaman I think. Apparently the guy who had just left had taken a pencil flashlight in there with him. He had laid it down I guess, and it had rolled into the hole. Landing in the foulness pointing straight up. Light shining up thru the hole. No way was he going in after it so he left without it. We had been standing there awhile. The Alabaman walked toward the door slightly pigeon toed. He opened the door and stepped back seeing the light coming out of the hole. Aghast he hollered "Oh ma God! Do you uns need help in there???" Ever seen 50 or 60 guys in line to the porta pots busting a gut laughing??? I did that night! Might have been at least one Missourians among them! 

Maybe I can remember more tomorrow but it's getting late and there are folks out there that need there APOTD in the morning! Got some pics from Master Sargent Foster at Al-Asad Iraq of some Huey nose art that he took at another base, and I think one of the marines in his headquarters. Also one from Mayberry Jim of a dirigible hanger at NAS Weeksvile that was built circa 1939-40. Jim said there was a twin made out of wood but it burned recently and there weren't trees on this continent left like what was used to build it. What a loss. Anyway, here she be. Hope it was worth the wait. 

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Well here I am. Sure appreciate all the ones who wrote with encouragement and support. I needed it. Still pretty low. Always takes me awhile, but with friends like you I know it will be ok. Still not up for writing much, but Peter Cleaver sent me a killer picture of F/A-18's over his hometown, and just had to send it to you. Time heals all things and this too shall pass. I know your wondering but this one is private, ok?

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Almost done with the Beechjet on my end. Wonder what's next? Guess time will tell. Another boring day. Nobody even got mad at me. Unusual. Had several say they wanted more storys, and one smart alec retired Air Force Sargent that wanted to know if it hurt when I got my nose wired. Oh well. I like him anyway. 

How about one about my trip to the East Coast in 1986? Lord. 20 years now. Seems like just the other day. Civil War Reenactors had a magazine called "The Camp Chase Gazette." a monthly and it was announced there was to be a National event at Manassas, Virginia to commemorate the 125 Anniversay of the 1st Battle of Manassas or Bull Run to you Yankees. We found this out, and the company I was in voted to put it on our schedule of events. Our reenactments in Missouri were counted as huge if we had 200 participants. There were suppose to be 8000 at Manassas. Wow! I scheduled vacation and our Captain, Pat James, wanted to know if I wanted a ride. "Sure. You bet." Still had kids in school then and money was pretty tight, so good way to conserve. Several decided they wanted to convoy there.

That Friday before the event arrived. Maybe it was a Thursday. Anyway I showed up at Pat's house over east in Pleasant Valley. He had a Ford F-250 pickup and 4 of us were going to ride in it. Pat, Me. Doc Dyer, and his boy Tom. All good friends. Doc was a dentist in Liberty, and a WWII Navy Vet. Had spent a night in the Pacific after his Destroyer was torpedoed out from under him. Tommy was a Marine Viet Nam vet and was a Gunny Sgt in the Marine Reserves. Talk about storys! Mine pale in comparison.

The other cars that were going arrived, and we loaded the wagons and headed down the trail. Pat and Doc in the cab, and Tommy and me back in the camper shell laying on camp boxes and tents. Sounds awful doesn't it? But it wasn't. Lot's of air and I slept good back there. Across Missouri on I-70. Into Illinois and a mad dash thru East St. Louis. We had all seen what happened to Chevy Chase in "Vacation" when he took the wrong exit. Somewhere in Indiana we took the turn for Louisville, Ky. I forget the road. It's about 9 hours from there to here. I do remember that. Headed east down another Interstate and it was getting dark. Somewhere past Lexingron we stopped at a rest area, and were going to spend the night. Tried to sleep, but nobody could. Too much road noise, and Chuck Rabbas had brought his wife and several little kids. They were NOT happy, and were very vocal about it. We gave it up and decided to rotate drivers and go straight thru. Louisville was as far east as I had ever been and this was all new scenery to me. I remember Ashland, Ky. and how it smelled like Sugar Creek, Mo. and the old Standard Oil refinery when I was a kid growing up.

Hit the Appalachins somewhere in there, and West Virginia. "Mountain Momma" was well named. One mountain after the other, and in the dark. Nothing but trees. Endless trees. I remember going thru Charleston in a river valley. One of the few towns I saw. We stopped at a roadside diner to eat and the people looked exactly like those pictures of Appalachian poor I had seen in books. Hard to describe, but unmistakeable when you see it. 

t was getting light when we got to the Maryland Panhandle. I had taken a turn driving and the clutch in that Ford Pickup was the stiffest I had ever been behind. I was glad when my turn was over. Maryland was pretty and scenic. We lost the Rabbas's somewhere in there and no one wanted to look for them so on we went. Turned south down the Shenandoah Valley and names of town started sounding like Civil War History books. Excitement was rising. We turned east and headed for Manassas. When we arrived and found the camp we were awestruck. A sea of tents. "Sibley's", "A" Tents, Dog tents. What a sight! Like something from the history books! We checked in. Found our assigned spot and unloaded. Set up camp and unfurled the Missouri Battle Flag. We were very proud of it and almost got in a fight over it, as most of the Virginians and easterners had never seen it. "We only will allow authentic Civil War flags to fly!" "Look in a book Cretin! It IS authentic!" We finally got them convinced, and no blows were exchanged, but we were ready if they tried to take our flag down. A lot of good men died behind that flag. Some in my family, and they weren't going to take it down without a fight. Amazing what men will do for a 3' by 5' piece of cloth. Of course it was what it meant. Not what it was.

 I will try to remember what went on at the event tomorrow for you. If I can. Been along time. Got some pics tonite Matt Miller sent. Not the best as they were taken with his cell phone, but my first look at our rented hanger space up at American Airlines. Thanks Matt! He promises better ones in the future. We have a lot of running back and forth between MKC and KCI by the mechanics and Jeff in our shop has been a couple of times. Me?  I just stand around with my nose wired.  

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A pretty day today. Sunshine but a little cool. Got my nose wired and partially ohmed out. Started putting the racks back in. The owner walked by wanting to know when we were going to be done. I never know what to say to that. It's always a surprise to me when we are. Had a Seneca II go down in Branson killing all aboard. Apparently some were still alive after the crash, but perished in the ensuing fire. Not the way I want to depart this earth, I assure you. Also had one of our local check hauler Aztecs go down in a Kansas field. Iced up I heard. Got some pics from the Rocket he said Kebra took. A Piper Arrow with a lot of damage. Heard absolutely nothing about this. I know one was damaged in the little tornado we had awhile back at the Aero Center. Don't know whether this is the aircraft or not. 

Got another pic from Peter Cleaver of his trip to the Battleship USS Missouri and looking east (I think) to the Arizona Memorial. The first pic of this the other day I think was taken from the port side and this one from Starboard. Both great pics of the Missouri and Arizona. The last pic is of my neice Carolyn's new boyfriends car in Dallas. A wall collapsed on it. Guess they had lots of rain in Dallas. Apparently that's an occasion for disasters of this kind in Texas. What say you Devious??  

No word today from Smithville on the sick ones. Started to call and my cell phone just up and died. Brought it home and put it on the charger but it appears dead. What next Lord?? Did get a call yesterday from VS-35 vet Felipe Garza. He lives in Harlingen, Texas, but said it was too hot there and was calling from Vegas. Getting deja vu~ on this so probably told you. Haven't seen any of the pretty ladies from up stairs in awhile. A dearth of something interesting to write about. Your probably sick of my stories, so guess we will stop here for tonight.

Terry at MKC

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Well a late start tonite. As usual not much to talk about.  Just working and not much to tell new on that. Came home and ate supper. Then went to my daughters house to take her insurance card back to her. When I got there she had just gotten up for the first time. The reason? Bradley was sick. Oh boy! When it rains it pours. Gave her the card and left post haste. Her husband stayed home today with the boys. Long ride home in the dark. At least our blizzard was a dud. Just covered the ground here, and the streets were just wet. Was kinda hoping for a blizzard so I wouldn't have to go in. No such luck. Too late to get too long winded.

I did want to send you some pics I got today. A lady on the list has a nephew in Afghanistan, and he sent her these pics from Bagram AFB. The Mig was left over from the Russian Occupation. I did want to get these out to you. This is suppose to be about Aircraft pictures isn't it? Not the Perils of Ol' Ginnis. Anyway, here they are. Hope you like.

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Well the weekend from Hell turned into the Monday from Hell as well. I was in the shower this morning and heard the phone ring. The answering machine kicked on and I thought I heard my Mom. Heard Peggy get up and answer it. I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me and asked her who it was. She said it was my daughter, and she thought she had strep throat. The wife was putting her clothes on and said she was going out there to watch the boys for her. "OK. Let me know if I can help."

Went on to work in a cold rain. They were predicting snow tonite. 12 inches for St. Joe. 6 to 8 inches for KCI Airport which means me as I'm just 4 miles south. Dogs would be safe and warm in the house but she usually goes home at noon to let them out so they would be pretty anxious when I got home at 5. I listened to sleet hit the roof of the hanger off and on all day, but it was above freezing so it was all melting....I hoped! Stood at the nose of the aircraft and wired away till about 3:30. My cell went off and I saw it was the wife. When I answered she said Erin had gone to a Doctor and she said she thought Erin had pneumonia and sent her to the Emergency Room at St. Lukes on Barry Road. The wife was near tears as she always is when one of the kids is sick. She said Erin sounded scared on the phone and would I meet her there? Well of course. Slammed my stuff back in the shop. Told the Little Boss what was up and I was leaving. Punched out and headed the PT up I-29 to the hospital. Arrived there, and gimped into the ER as fast as I could. Looked around and no sign of Erin. Asked the admitting ladies and they had no record of her. Did I misunderstand and go to the wrong place?? Went outside in the cold rain and called the wife. "No, that's where she said she was going. Why don't you go home and let the dogs out and come back?" "Not until I find her" I said. Called Erin and she said she had gone to a Doctor in Plattsburg and she was about 10 minutes away. Asked her if she needed me there when she arrived and that I needed to give the dogs a pee break. She said no and go ahead.                                          So back in the PT. Drove home. The fool dogs didn't want to go out in the sleet, but I threw enough dog biscuits in the yard they both decided what the heck. Then had to wait a seeming eternity for them to get around to business and want back in. FINALLY they both meandered back in the house. Raced for the car, and back over to the hospital. Fortunately it's close. Erin was sitting in a chair in the waiting room when I got there. When she saw me she started sobbing. She had a 103 degree temp. Head was pounding and she could barely speak. They had made her wear a mask over her mouth. She was so scared. Not for herself but for her boys. The fool Doctor in Plattsburg had told her she was highly contagious, and she was afraid the boys would get it. 

In awhile they called her into admitting. The nurse asked her how she knew it was pneumonia? She said the Doctor thought it was. "Did she take an X-Ray of your chest?" "No she didn't. Several other qustions about what the Doctor had done. Erin said no to all. The nurse said she must have ESP then. She tried to calm Erin down and reassure her.Her husband Jerry had gone to Arizona this morning on business, and Erin couldn't reach him, and she was upset about that as well. The nurse said it could be many things and might not be pneumonia. That helped her some. The beds in the ER were full so we had to go back to the waiting room and sit until a bed opened up.                                                                  It wasn't long and they came for her. They said they were going to get her into a gown and when they did they would come out and get me. So back out in the rain to tell her Mother what was up. Then called her husband and got him. Told him the story as I knew it, and then went back in and sat down. Thought about calling my Mom but she has the stomach flu, and didn't want to worry her needlessly. The did come and get me. Erinhad already left for an x-ray so I sat and twiddled my thumbs. They came wheeling her back in, and we talked a little bit. Me trying to reassure her that everything was going to be alright and we would deal with what ever came. Pretty soon the doctor stuck his head in and said the x-ray showed NO pneumonia.Hallelujah!!! She was so relieved. More tears. Seems to be a lot of that in this family.  He came back in a little while and said she had type B flu and Bronchitis. Also they were going to send her home. Both of us very relieved. He also said her boys had already been exposed so no sense isolating them from her. I went back out in the rain and called her mother again, who was also greatly relieved. I was going to drive her home in her van, and let the wife bring me back to the hospital to get my car. I was under the impression Grandma Dunavin was coming to take over from Peg but as usual I was wrong. Erin said she could drive and handed me a handful of perscriptions to be filled and her insurance card. She goes to OSCO on Barry Rd. and North Oak, so she headed home and I went to get the perscriptions filled. Of course the place was a mad house. They were having computer problems, but I finally was handed her medicine and I handed them $103 bucks. Ouch! But like I told her we would deal with what ever comes.

Back on 152 to 169 and north to Smithville. Arrived at her place and walked in. Grandma and both boys and Miss Piggy looked happy to see me. Peg said Erin was asleep in bed and she needed to go to her car to get her PJ's and for me to watch my Grandsons. I walked into the kitchen and Cooper followed me in there. He stuck his little arms up to me in a silent plea to be picked up. Oh yeah. Pa Pa can still do that! Picked him up and he looked at me like "Who are you old man??" I'm much to manly to be affected by that doncha know?? She came in and said the rain had turned to snow and she was staying at least until Jerry flew in at 10. I thought I better go lest I get caught in the blizzard, so said my good byes to my legacys here on the earth, and headed my wrinkled old carcass home.

Snowing hard in Smithville but drove out of it and ack into the rain aways south. Thermometer in the PT said 31 in Smithville and 33 when I drove in my driveway. Might account for the change from snow to rain. Went upstairs and nuked a tv dinner. Finished it and came down here to tell you about it. Guess you all saw the storm in Australia. The best I can tell Peter is unaffected in Melbourne. Sure hope so. Told the Little Boss today I wan't going to come in if it snowed abunch tonite. Airport is pretty much shut, and no sense risking life and PT.          Got some pretty cool pics of the USS Missouri and the Arizona Memorial that Peter sent using Google Earth. One of Pearl Harbor, and one of Executive Beechcraft that Bill Schultz sent awhile back. Not near that many airplanes on our ramp now. The last is from Master Sargent Foster and is a pic of headquarters of his unit, MALS-16 at Al-Asad Air Base in Iraq. Top said he left in a Helo the other day for an inspection tour and the base got rocket fire while he was gone.Good for him. Incoming (I hear) ain't much fun.

Terry at MKC                                                                                     APOTD Pictures



A pretty quiet day at old Downtown Airport. Finished wiring a connector this morning and then went in the shop and built a harness. Then mounted the box in the airplane and stuck the harness on it. Then it was quitting time. Pretty exciting eh?

Things I forgot to tell you. Remember me saying I wanted my Boot Camp flag under my head when I step off the this spinning ball? Also that I wanted Devious Dave to make sure that happened?  8-D Got an e-mail back from his that said in effect: Yeah....right! I'll have a 20 ft pine tree growing out of my keester when you need me to do that!" I like old Devious's visuals! Don't you?  

Saturday at the Militaria Show we had several WWII Reenactors set up behind us with a display and they were recruiting as well. One of them was from Chile. Santiago I think he said. His English was certainly much better than my Spanish. He said he was the Assistant Paleontologist at the Museum of Natural History on the KU Campus in Lawrence. "Cool!" say the Ol' Stoof Fixer. "I always wanted to be one of those when I grow up. You are the first real one I think I ever met." Nice guy. I enjoyed talking to him.

As on most Sundays I went up to St. Joe to give Mom a little time away from the boredom she lives in. Took her out for dinner. In the restaurant we got to talking about APOTD. She asked what I wrote about. Told her my work, my childhood, the Navy, reenacting, my life, and my best stories are of YOU Mom? "Me? I never did anything worth writing about." Oh yeah Mom. You didn't burn down the garage. You didn't get trapped in the State Nut House. You didn't keep a window air conditioner hid from Dad for two years. No. Nothing there to write about. She laughed. "Well I guess maybe their is." Of course for her to hear me I had to raise my voice. She, as you know, will be 90 in April. Guess she was not the only one that heard. When the guy at the next table got up with his family to leave, he came over to me. "Did I hear you say you were a Reenactor." Yeah, I was. "Who were you with?" Told him 3rd Mo. He told me his. Didn't recognize it but my last year was 1989. We talked awhile and his family looked like they could kill him....and me. Funny how an overheard remark can fire up some good conversation. 

Took Mom for a drive and decided to stop by Mt. Mora Cemetery and take some pics. Mt. Mora is very close to Downtown and if not THE oldest cemetery in St. Joe it is very close to it. Many, many Civil War vets buried there from both sides. All the old time wealthy have Mausoleums there. I like cemeteries and I like searching for the famous. Sending you some pics of the place. Of course it's much prettier when the grass and trees are green but somehow the look of Winter suits the place

Terry at MKC


Saturday! Militaria Show at Ft. Leavenworth! Oh boy! Got up and scraped the crud off. Got dressed and waited for the Junkman. He always wants to drive. Don't think he trusts me. Actually had been up since 3:30 and had done an APOTD. Thought ol' Burwell was gonna come by and pick me up. 7:30 came and no Junkman. Called him. "I thought you were coming over here!" Never occurs to me that he goes to Leavenworth via 45 Hwy. I always go up I-29.Course he only lives a couple of blocks from 45. "Ok. I'm on my way." Hopped in the PT and headed for Parkville. Arrived there to find him sitting in his already loaded red rice rocket. We were off! West across I-435. Past Waldron and Noah's Ark airport. North thru Farley where the Jayhawkers from Kansas used to rendevous before spreading out to prey on the old and helpless. Back west across the wide Missouri and into enemy territory. The hated blue and yellow buzzard emblazoned everywhere. Like to turn a good rebel boys stomach. Vile damn Yankees! 

We had the standard inspection for car bombs at the main gate. Whew! We had left those at home. Before 9-11 there wasn't even a gate at the entrance. There sure is now! Last year I had come up alone. Trunk full of guns to sell. When I stopped I told them I was headed for the show and had weapons in the car. Uh oh. "Please get out of the car sir. Please open the trunk." A sargent looked at all of them to see if any were loaded. "Would you please pull over there sir?" Uh oh. Of course I did. It was colder than a witches bloomers last year. The Sargent went in a little brick building while I shivered in the cold. Seemed like he was gone in there for an hour. Probably minutes. Stood there thinking about the awful possibilities and ramifications if I had screwed up somehow. The Sarge came out. Asked "Are you going to be here all day?" Told him I was. "I called my Dad. He's interested in Military rifles. He might come by." Huh??? Well son if he does, make sure he tells me he's your Dad, as the price is going up! Vile damn Jayhawkers! GD Army!

We didn't have that problem yesterday at least. Chuck Samuels and Paul Braymer were in the car ahead of us. Maybe they did. We found the old Officers Club on the golf course. Unloaded the Junkman's junk. Put his Indian blankets on our tables, and set up his stuff. I had brought nothing. Wandered around looking at what the other dealers had to offer. The guy across from us had a pristine M-1896 Swedish Mauser on his table made in 1925. Looked at the price. Asked him if was right. "Yep. It's right" Unbelievably cheap. Learned long ago when opportunity knocks your a fool to ignore it, so I didn't. Bought it. Got the bayonet with it for free. Wow! Made many trips around that room the rest of the day, but only bought 3 videos for two bucks apiece from Dale Sharp. "The Fighting Lady." "A Bridge Too Far", and "Ride With The Devil." Ang Lee's movie about Quantrill's boys. Had to have that one. Wanted to watch Lawrence burn one more time! 

Saw a lot of old friends. Several guys I had reenacted with. Wandered outside several times to smoke. Beautiful clear day but cold. Looked aross the parking lot to the National Cemetery. Row upon row of white headstones. So many good men laying there in the cold and the quiet. Resting for all eternity. Tom Custer is over there. Killed with his brother George at The Little Big Horn. Holder of two Congressional Medal of Honors. I could see his stone from where I stood. Kept thinking it won't be long before this old man is going to join that proud band of brothers. It will be an honor to stand beside them.

The Junkman had brought an M-1842 Springfield musket made at Harpers Ferry in 1847. Possible Mex War gun. One of our old 3rd Mo. friends retired Col. Dave Chuber spotted it. Oh the pain!. He wanted it. He wanted it BAD! "I can't buy that! I just bought a house and have spent 20 grand fixing it! Paid a carpenter $5500 bucks yesterday! Oh Lord, I wish I had never come to this show!" He walked away. He came back. I could hear that Springfield talking to him. Whispering softly "Buy me Dave. Buy me." He sat down. He agonized. They dickered. I couldn't stand it. Too much pain. Had to get up and walk. When I came back he was a defeated man. Had his checkbook out. The Junkman with a Cheshire Cat grin on his face. Chuber told him to hold the check for at least a year! Smiles all around. Fun! 

The show over we headed on home. Stopped at a BarBQue joint and had some and a couple of cold ones. Tasted good even on a very cold day. Good talk. Insults all around. Laughter. A good day for Ol' Ginnis. I had fun. Missed my Grandboys but there will be other days. Need to hop in the shower and head for Mom's. Wonder if she will recognize me today?                Here's some pics from the Archives. Sorry. No new ones. 

Terry at MKC



Well I've got miles of trouble spreading far and wide. Bills on the table getting higher and higher. They just keep on coming. There ain't no end in sight. I'm just holding on tight. I've got someone that loves me more than words can say, and I'm thankful for that each and every day. And if I count all my blessings I get a smile on my face. Still it's hard to find faith. But if you can look in my eyes and tell me we'll be all right. If you promise never to leave, .....you just might make me believe."  Lyrics from Just Might Make Me Believe" by Sugarland.  Yeah I like that song. Believe it. We'll be alright, and yeah I promise. I ain't leaving. I'll always be here as long as I draw breath and the PC functions.

Got a little busy last night. The wife came home with groceries. Cowabunga! Course they weren't for me. Bradley is coming this morning. She will feed HIM! . That's ok. He's four and she loves him. I do too, but gotta go to Ft. Leavenworth with the Junkman. Try and have some fun. It always is. Hope it will be today

The FNG has been sick all week. Kept telling him to go home. Guess he used all his sick leave going somewhere exotic. Well he's got pneumonia now, or so Victoria says. Warnock looks worried! He might have to pick up crimpers and a soldering iron! Perish the thought he would actually wire something

Well it was a good day for girl watching at EB yesterday. Had to go back out to the car for my checkbook, and was standing by the front door finishing a coffin nail when Mrs. Allen walked up. Said she had a cold but hugged me good. You know what? It would be worth it even if I catch that cold. She was all in black. Looked so pretty. Went upstairs at 1st break to see Sharon. She said she needed a hug the day before, but legs weren't up to the climb that afternoon. Of course she was off and wasn't there. She is one elusive lady but then aren't they all? Dangerous Deb was there tho. Blonde hair. Black sweater. Grey slacks. Pretty cool Deb.You were awfully pretty too! Then at 2nd break Jamie came in the geedunk to talk to some pilot she knows. "Ka Ching!" Wow! Jamie has moved upstairs from the front desk to charter and is now wearing girl clothes. Also long blonde hair. Long legs. Also in black. But oh that dress!  After she left, the knuckle draggers picked their jaws up off the tables. The general consensus was she had just come from "Dancing With The Stars!" Know she will be good for the Boss's heating bill as she sure raised the temperture where we were!

The rest of the day was pretty much a repeat of the rest of the week. Stand on the 2 stepper and wire. I did, but it's sure hard to find anything exciting to talk about. How about leaving Boot Camp? OK. Here we go. After I had stowed the company flag in my seabag, the busses arrived. I had gone in the Navy with the idea of becoming a SeaBee. Hopefully they would teach me how to drive a dozer, and I could make a living when I got out. My Dad, as you know was a SeaBee in WWII. My Company Commander was a SeaBee and said he would put in a word for me.  I thought I had it knocked. Somewhere around the end of the 9th week we were taken somewhere to get our orders. Undress blues. The line shuffled forward and I was handed mine. I opened the envelope. "You will report to Aviation Machinist Mate "A" School at the Naval Air Technical Training Center Memphis, Tn." What???? Airplanes??? I've never even been on an airplane! Holy Crap! I fared better than some. An ex-Marine in our company named Martin got orders to the USS Surfbird in Yokosuka, Japan. I remember him standing with the orders in his hand hollering "What in Hell Is the USS Surfbird???" Turned out it was a wooden mine sweeper. Felt sorry for him then, but Japan wouldn't have been so bad for a homeport. Wonder how he fared?

Well it was airplane engines for me. Orders were orders. I just made that up, doncha know? Anyway we climbed on the buses and headed for Lindbergh Field, and a months leave at home. We were all flying Military Standby. JD Pahlow from my company, was from Lamar, Mo. and we were both headed for Kansas City. We got on the PSA plane and flew to LA. My first time. Virginity gone we made our way thru the ultra modern LAX terminal.Found our Continental Flight and boarded it. We had a layover in Denver, and that's where I found out about the perils of flying military standby. JD and I got bumped! Nothing for it but to wait. We went to a canteen in a restaurant, and we were bemoaning the fact about how we had finally escaped from Boot, and now we were prisoners in Denver. We were both wearing our uniforms, and a couple of guys in business suits overheard us. Think they had been in the Bar too long, but I also think they were Navy Veterans. They gave us their tickets! Said "Here. Take these. We know how it is. Go home. We are going back to the Bar." Wow! We couldn't believe it, but home is where we wanted to be. Shouldered our seabags and beat feet for the airplane. No problem this time. We got on, and Goodbye Denver. I will never forget those two drunks tho. Sure hope God has an especially nice place in Heaven for them. Hey! Who knows? They might have BEEN angels!

Our 707 made it's way across Colorado and Kansas, and shortly we arrived back in God's Country. Kansas City..... Missouri......Home! Landed at what then was Municipal Airport. Now Downtown Airport and where I was destined to spend most of my life. Didn't know that then, of course. We got off the airplane and walked into the Terminal. My parents were picking me up and I looked for them. I spotted Mom and walked up to her. She kept looking around me. Right thru me. "It's me Mom. I said. She looked startled. Did a double take. Let out a scream! TERRYYYYYY! Threw her arms around my neck. Yeah. Home was a pretty good place to be right then.

Here's some pics of mine, Taken out behind our barracks. Wash time at Boot Camp. Hope you like

Terry at MKC      



Well I hit the jackpot today. Jenny brought me in the new "Sugarland" CD yesterday. Ripped the ones I want off of it, but this morning she brought a grocery sack in full of CD's! Wow! Thanks Jenny! Lot's of Jimmy Buffet. Eagles, Randy Travis. Been listening to a song on AOL Sessions by Carrie Underwood. "Jesus Take the Wheel." Know it sounds kind of treacly, but it sooo good. Think I'm going to have to buy that CD. Also one by Billy Currington. "Must be Doin Something Right." That one has a couple of hooks that really snagged this old man. One is "There are so many ways a man can go wrong, but I just heard you sigh. Must be doin somethin right." Wish I knew what it was. He also sings about her deep blue need you eyes. Prefer the brown ones. See all the blue ones I need in the mirror in the morning, but those lyrics just float this old man's boat! Listening to Bob Seger as I write this. Courtesy of Ali Bubba Carson. "Like a Rock." 40 years now. Where'd they go? I sit and wonder sometimes.....where'd they go? Yeah I can relate to that. Eagles now. "Well I'm runnin down the road. tryin to loosen my load. Got 7 women on my mind. 4 that don't wanna know me. 2 that want to stone me, and one says she's a friend of mine! They ALL used to say that!  Love that song tho. 

OK. How about some more Boot Camp memorys??? Absolutely zero comments after the last bunch. Must have sucked! Will try to do better. Wait! Did have one. One woman said she didn't know why they had to be so brutal. No Ma'am. The brutality was next door at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, and we knew it. We could see them running the obstacle course with helmets, weapons and full packs, while our guys marched leisurely carrying nothing but plugged barrel Springfields. Speaking of those, I never carried one. The black guys were usually the company guidon bearers. After the first couple of days we had none. Just barely remember there were a couple, but I think they had had been given a choice by some judge, of jail or the Navy. Guess they figured the Navy was better than jail. After a few days in the Navy I guess they changed their minds. Gone. Over the fence we heard. Wonder if they caught them?

 Anyway, I wasn't smart enough to take that route, and never even considered it. One sure thing that rings down all the years of my life is that I'm comfortable with misery.  I wonder why? Genetics? Anyway, I was picked to carry the Company 206 flag. I had a little start on most of them as I had had ROTC my sophomore year in high school. It was mandatory, and those that stayed in it were considered nerdy by the oh so cool. I really kind of enjoyed it. I liked the Manual of Arms and I liked to march. Wasn't any good at it, but I enjoyed trying. No way would I consider the possibility of volunteering for ridicule so I didn't stay in it.

So there I was. Little Ginnis out in front of the company. During morning calesthentics, there I was. Standing tall (kinda) at Parade Rest with my guidon, while the rest did jumping jacks. When the rest were doing the Manual of Arms, there I was with my little flag at Parade rest. Pretty much everything we did, there I was. At Parade Rest. I lacked the rhythm to be a really good one but I did my best. When we graduated in June of 64, there I was in Dress Blues. The RCPO and his assistant, and me. Out in front of the company. Passing in review on Preble Field. I have a picture of it in my boot camp book but when I thought I was gonna be asked to leave I moved it and now can't find it. No matter. The picture is in my mind. YOU just can't see it.

I think I have told this story, but after graduation we were sitting on our seabags, waiting for the bus to take us to the airport and freedom. We were all wearing our dress blues of course. The company flag I usually carried was just a cotton blue banner with a gold "206" on it. We had a similar silk flag for special occasions. The only time it was ever used was at graduation. I was sitting on my sea bag jawing with one of my mates. Saw Mr. Young coming. Old habits died hard and we all stood to. He walked up to me carrying our silk "206" flag. He said "Mac. I tried to turn this in but they said it was too tattered. They said they didn't want it and for me to pitch it. Do you want to throw it away for me?" Of course it was brand new. Choked out "Yes Sir. Thank you!" He said "See you in the Fleet!" Turned on his heel and I never saw him again. Hope his life was a good one. What a gift he gave me! The Flag is in the War Room folded up. The blue has faded to purple, but it still says "206", and if I have a coffin, I want it folded and put under my head. Devious, will you see to that for me?

Sending you some pics of the Junkman's son's new command. The USS Emory S. Land. It's a subtender and seldom leaves the dock in Gaetta, Sardinia. What an adventure for his wife and kids. It's sea duty but sub tenders seldom go to sea, so expect it will be a pretty easy tour, and his family will get to experience life in a foreign country. Monaco and the casinos and Beachs is just a ways north. Rome not far east. It ought to be something for the Burrell family. Grandma is getting her passport. Watch out Donna. Those EyeTies pinch!  8-D Also a picture of me a very pretty lady kept all these years. One of me home on Boot Camp leave in front of my 56 Pontiac. It's a little ragged around the edges now like the guy in the picture, but the picture and the lady are still very special to this old swabbie.

Terry at MKC



Well it was a long day on the 2-stepper. Feet and legs hurting pretty good. Absolutely nothing exciting to report. At least we are busy, but it's sooooo boring. No good rumors. Nothing but wires, waxed tie cord, ty-wraps, and Daniels crimpers. Saw Sharon leave for lunch, but she didn't see me. Too busy to go upstairs for pics.  She wants me to take some to send to Matt Foster in Iraq. Will send Cdr. Dekker some too. Know he would like that. Didn't even go up there to get my walking around money. Nothing exciting on the ramp so sending you some Donna Catlin pics from the o5 Reunion in Pensacola. Mostly of VS-35's Navy One and one of Blue Angel Scooters hanging from the ceiling in the Naval Aviation Museum there. That was so cool! What a place!

OK. Nothing happening at the airport. How about some more Boot Camp memorys? We didn't have washing machines. Out back of the barracks were large concrete scrub tables. Get a bucket full of soapy water. Scrub brush. Throw soiled garments on the concrete table. Scrub, then rinse. Skivvies, socks, dungarees, dixie cups....everything. There were clotheslines but no clothes pins. We were issued little ropes called "Tie Stops." I spent good money to buy some off of ebay. Tie your underwear with the tie stops and then tie them to the clothesline to dry. Time consuming, to say the least.

Entertainment? We had a radio if we were good, but I think what we enjoyed most was......Our barracks was behind the administration Building. They were all shaped like an "H". 2 stories, and 4 companys in each barracks. Ours was upstairs on the west side. One end of our bay faced the back of the admin bldg. Behind it stood geedunk (candy, pop, etc.) machines. We weren't allowed over there. The Chow Hall was our only source of food. But we could still dream and people would be 3 deep looking out the windows at those geedunk machines. Some needed drool cups. It all looked so GOOD. Amazing what sensory deprivation will do to you.

I knew a girl back in St. Joe. It was NOT one of the Brown Chevy girls. I think I had the white Pontiac when I met her. She wrote to me in Boot Camp. I had been there a couple of months, and she sent me a poem. A very naughty poem. I don't believe I have ever read anything before or since that was so erotic.  It just about blew me out the window. We saw NO women there, and didn't for weeks. Toward the end we marched to a location near the fence and Rosecrans Blvd to have our company pic taken. The photographer was late and we were allowed to mill around. All were glued to that fence. The world we remembered. There were GIRLS out there! Driving by. Walking by. GIRLS! I will never forget how it made me feel. Took my breath away! Thought I was going to pass out it hit me so hard. 2 months without the sight of a woman, and WOW! That poem was worse. It was passed around from man to man until I think it disentegrated from so many sweaty hands. Then again it may be in the foot locker in the War Room. I may go look for it. Don't believe it will have the same effect at 60 as it did at 17, and I saw girls today anyway. . Guess that's enough for tonite. Pretty tired, but not so tired I can't share some memorys with you

Terry at MKC



Well it was a madhouse yesterday or was it Tuesday? All the Wal-Mart Vendors in. The lobby looked like the Boat Show at Bartle Hall. Pretty quiet today. Still waiting on Children's Mercy to make up their mind about what telephone they are going to install. The airplane sits gutted waiting for their decision. In the meantime we have an old Diamond jet to convert to RVSM. Which means of course "Reduced Vertical Seperation Mode". They can't fly above 29,000 ft anymore unless they are so equipped. It's setting in the hanger but we haven't started yet. Jamie told me she is moving from the front desk up to Charter to replace Katie. She seemed pretty happy. I was happy for her. Had a Maintenance Dept. meeting after 1st break to talk about the recent incidents, and the airport closing till June and what we might be going to do. The Big Boss said they had no layoff plans or reduced hours....yet. Guess we will see. Then he said: " OK. Would you like some good news?" Hell yeah said the rednecks. The owner was in a good mood said the Big Boss, and you will have a 3% raise on this paycheck. Alright. Cheers broke out! Later I went upstairs and had Steph put my 3 % in the 401k. I will never see a penny of it, but maybe the wife can support the next guy in the manner to which he would like to become accustomed.....on my money. 

Had a couple ask about the blonde from last night and how I met her. Let me tell you the story. One day early in my senior year I was in a greasy spoon about 2 blocks south of Central. It had a pinball machine in it. I considered myself a pinball wizard. That fat, dumb and short kid. He sure played a mean pinball! Heard the door open behind me. Glanced over my shoulder. It was a girl. Blonde. Let the ball get away and stopped and took a good look. Wow!. Blonde. Pretty. Slim.  Coltish. Obviously pretty young. Quit staring and went back to my game. Kept glancing surreptiously. Had that certain something. Expect the males on this list know what I'm talking about. She left,but couldn't get her out of my mind. Asked a friend who was there. Oh she's Logan B's little sister. Hmmm.

Now my high school career had consisted mostly the quest for beer. Had had a few dates after I acquired wheels but was also looking for what 16-17 year old boys always have on their minds. Had to my knowledge only asked one nice girl out, I met at an Eagles Dance. Her last name was John, but can't remember the first. It wasn't Olivia. Went to her house to pick her up. Her older brother, who I knew, told me to wait in the front room. She wasn't ready. Sat down and he went in the kitchen where the parents were. It was quiet and I heard his Mom ask him "What kind of a boy is he?" Heard him say "I think he's a twerp." Well whatever ego and self confidence I had was pretty much out the window. Couldn't face her after that. Quietly got up. Walked out the front door and never went back.

Knew what I looked like. Short. Chunky, but the bad complexion was the kicker. I would look in the mirror and see the zits and think "Ain't no way a pretty girl could ever look at that and keep her supper down." Armed with that I just lusted from afar.

This time however I was pretty smitten. Found her in the Central phone book, and found she was a freshman. Oh god. I can't call her. I'm a senior. What would people say? Caught several glimpses of her in the halls at school. Walking with friends. Began to think she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen. Couldn't get her out of my mind. So one night...I don't remember for sure, but expect I had fortified my courage with some Wathena barley malt beverage...I called her. Raging butterflys. Hell, a flock of turkey buzzards in my guts. I was SCARED! Told her who I was and wondered if she might want to go to a Kappa dance with me? Said she would have to ask her mother. Would I wait? Well at least she didn't say no. Seemed like an age, but finally heard her voice. "Mom says it's ok if I'm back by 11. Yes. I would love to go." Holy Mother of Pearl! She said Yes!!! Skyrockets in flight! Bells and whistles! JOY!. Told her when and what time I would pick her up. She said ok. I hung up. Walking about 6 inches off the floor. Couldn't believe it. She said YES! To ME! Too happy to stay in the house. Got in my car and drove over to Ed Christgen's house. She said yes Ed. Holy Crap! She said yes! He just smiled and looked bemused and knowing. This was 8th grade behavior. By 17, I should have been wordly and jaded about females. Late bloomer I guess. VERY late! She was my first love. Never be another one of those. Still a pretty special lady to me. Guess she always will be. Sending you her senior picture. Hope you think she is as pretty as I did so very long ago. I was 17 JB. Guess that's 43 years I wasted. Huh?


I owe the FNG a couple of pitchers, so guess we are going to Dirk's and drink a couple tomorrow night. Victoria said she might come. Hope so. I like that kid. Might not be an APOTD tomorrow. We will see. Sending you a couple more Mike Sexton pics from his days at NAF Monterrey. Mike says he was a crewman on that HUP helicopter, and they were picking some guy out of Monterey Bay. Also one of an SNB-5 known in the civilian world as a Beech 18 that appears to have come to grief. Pilot apparently got on the brakes a little hard. Ahh the joys of tail dragger flying eh Devious? Sorry if I'm boring you with tales of my love life.

Terry at MKC





Well it's been a strange couple of days. David Albiar quit Friday. The best rivit pounder, sheet metal man I had ever seen. Gonna miss him. His birthday was Sunday and it's the custom in EB Maintenance and Avionics to bring in doughnuts for the crew on your birthday. He was completely off the hook on this one but this morning he met George Muchori at a doughnut shop in Blue Springs. Bought doughnuts for the knuckle draggers, and sent them in with George. Completely unlooked for. Dave is a first class guy. Hell of a gesture.

Vince "Rotorhead" Wogan sent me a CD of 50's oldies. Completely unlooked for, and the wife picks up the mail. She had been sick for several days and the mail sat outside in the box. Then when I did get it, I forgot to thank Vince. Listened to it up and back to St. Joe Sunday Vince. Good stuff ol shipmate. Many thanks and I apoligize for taking so long to thank you.

Then I was suppose to go to a beer bust at the Junkman's Saturday. Probably couldn't have gone anyway as Bradley came to spend the night, but it completely slipped my mind. Sorry John. Had a senior moment I guess. Damn good thing it never happens to you.. Don't know what was the matter with me Saturday. Mind wasn't working. Randy spotted a 54 Chevy for sale over on Leavenworth Road in KCKS for $1800. Wanted to go take a look at it but also completely slipped my mind until today. DURN!

Heard the airport is closing in March to finish the runway and the intersection. Wasn't too big a deal last time but expect this time it will be as both runways will be closed at least partially. Not good for any of us at Downtown. We do have the Wal-Mart convention in town this week. Pappy Brannon said they had over a 100 airplanes on the ramp by 2:30. A very very good day. Expect it kept Leslie and Clinton hopping tho. 

The Platinum Child, Cooper will be one on the 28th. Guess will will make out way to Smithville. Big day for us. So proud of my boys. Such a privelege to get to show Brad to the ladies of my youth a couple of months ago.  Like to busted my buttons....if I hadn't been wearing a Pensacola t-shirt. GO NAVY!!! Speaking of them. Got an e-mail from the blonde saying her picture was in the St. Joe Sunday paper. If any of you St. Joe people have still got Sunday's paper laying around give me a holler and I will give you her name. I would like to see it. Said she looked old and fat. I've seen her. She looks neither. Why do women DO that???

Have talked very little to the wife of late. I stay down here in the furnace room. She lays upstairs in bed and watches the soap channel. About the only verbal interaction we have is when Bradley comes to spend the night. Anyway I was upstairs eating supper Saturday and she came in carrying an envelope. "Uh oh. The Divorce papers" I thought, but no. It was a letter from the Mortgage Company. "What do they want?" says I. The letter said we needed to pay $756 dollars and the house was ours. Actually hers. There has never been a day in the 29 years we have lived here that I considered this "Mine". Might be a good thing. Might be bad when taxes and insurance come due. Guess we will see. Whatever. I will still get my same allowance. Pretty much makes little difference to me but she seemed excited. Nice to see her smile every decade or so, tho.

I guess the last strange happening was today at quitting time. Walked out to the car and saw Scott Monroe apparently giving directions to two lost women in a car. The strange part was they were wearing black sun bonnets. Very 1880's. The closest Amish to us are 75 miles north up in Jamesport. If Amish where was the horse and buggy? Guess I'll hae to ask Scott what was up tomorrow if I can remember.

Pictures to night are from Donna Catlin. A S--t House Three Alpha Helo of HS-2's sitting on Hornet's flight deck. A sawbuck of VS-37 apparently making a "Bolter". For you non Navy folks, a "Bolter" means their tail hook missed the arresting wires, and they are flying off the angle deck to go around and try again. On straight deck carriers they would have gone into the canvas barrier or into the airplanes parked forward. That was a very bad thing for all concerned. A couple of pics of Hornet taken from bow and stern, and an article from the North Islander telling about VS-35 officer promotions. Of the 8 I remember all but Davis. Thanks Donna!

Terry at MKC



Well had a pretty great Saturday. Got some bad news but will tell that later. It was the big Gun Show weekend!! My club, the Missouri Valley Arms Collectors Assoc. was having their big January show up at the KCI Expo Center. Had an appointment to meet the Randy Man there at 20 till 9. Terry tells someone he will be there and he will be. Really didn't expect Randy to, but I was there at 8:15. True to his word here came Randy at 20 till. Alright!  9- Fingered Dave said there was a 50/50 chance he would be but never spotted him.

Walked into gun nut Nirvana! Wall to wall guns! WWII uniforms. Web gear, you name it. The bad part is I own most everything under a grand that I want, and that is about my upper limit. Sure had fun looking tho. It was like an 80's Civil War Reenactor convention. Higgie, Maki, The Junkman, Jay Jackson. Amy Heaven's husband. Guys I knew but couldn't call up their name after 17 years. It would have been worth it just to see old friends. Terry was having fun!     Randy and I went and paid our club dues, and walked the show. And walked, and walked. Ran onto a No. 1 Mk. III Enfield. Made in 1909 at Enfield. New Zealand marked.  Brass butt stock marking disc intact. The big deal was it still had the long range volley sights intact and that is almost unheard of. $275. Their was a big chunk missing from the forestock and that is the wood everyone looks for, but the plate and lever were still there and not frozen. WOW! the reason it was so cheap was the big missing chunk. Pulled the bolt and looked down the barrel. Looked ok. Was going to offer $240, but pulled the magazine and there was no follower. "What about this??" He said all the 22's are all like that. HUH??? Sure enough. It WAS a 22 Trainer! I like Enfields, and this one was pretty unique. Probably should have bought it, but walked away. Hard to get your money back with that big chunk missing. Saw another made in 1918. Also in 22  instead of 303 British but no volley sights and it was $375. To my knowledge both are still there.

Went out to the car and got a pack of smokes. Walked back in and immediately spotted Randy, but Mike Sexton walked up. Mike and I had ancestors in the same Civil War company. I enjoy talking to him, and enjoyed talking to him. He said he liked my Mom burns down the garage story. Asked him if he wanted on the APOTD list full time. He said sure, and I promised if he got too much I would take him off. Welcome aboard Mike!!

Went to look for Randy and never did find him. Sat with the Junkman at a dealers table but Randy never came by. Getting on to 2 so headed on out. My big purchase was 50 rounds of 45 Long Colt for my new Roy Rogers gun. $12.95. Drove south to Barry Road and went to Long Johns to get lunch. My first food of the day. Decided to go to Osco and get the Bradley Birthday pics put on film. Went home for awhile and checked my e-mail. Drove back to Osco and got my pics. Went by the Junkman's house and he was home. Donna was too. Sat and laughed and joked with them. Drank their coffee. Played with Jedi for awhile until my forearms wouldn't take anymore, but I enjoyed myself. Got to hear Donna's hospital tattoo stories. Amazing. Made me wince. Painful!!! I had taken up enough of their time, so headed on home. Decided to put the Marine Dress Blue uniform Matt Foster sent me, on a mannequin. Did. Found a whole lot of other goodies at the bottom of the box. Patches, white gloves, white and tan Marine belts. The brass buckle, and on an on. Wow! Hope I get his new e-mail soon so I can thank him again. Got the uniform on, but that buckle stumped me. Multi piece. Keepers and stuff I don't recognize. Need instructions I guess.

The wife came home and told me her little sister's husband had died of lung cancer up in Pocahontas, Iowa. Dan Bollard. Barely knew the guy. Janie has had so many husbands. She stuck with this one longer than any of the others. What a screwed up, tragic life she has had. I guess the wife is going. Don't think I will. She wouldn't want me along anyway.                   Checked my e-mail again and had a letter from the blonde of old brown Chevy fame. One of her high school friends husband had comitted suicide in Atlanta. She said she was pretty upset. Lord! A bad news day for sure. The blondes friend's older brother graduated with me. Ed Wiskoski. Sending this along to him to let him know how sorry I am for the Wiskoski family. I never knew Saundra, Ed, but am so sorry for her.

Donna Catlin sent me some pics she took on a visit to USS Hornet in 02. We had our first reunion there in 02 but hadn't found the Catlin's yet. They made the 03 reunion in San Diego and the 05 version in Pensacola. Her husband Carl was my Maintenance Officer. I will always remember Mr. Catlin as he went to court with me when I got a DUI in 67. His presence there probably saved me from 30 days in the calaboose. THANK YOU Mr. Catlin!!! The picture of the Hornet was taken on the 68/69 cruise. I didn't make that one and it was Hornet's last trip to the Far East. If you can zoom in on that VS-35 plaque it will show you the officers and men that were on the 67 Cruise. You might notice McGinnis T. on there as well as many on the APOTD list. Mater Chief Dibb's name is on there. Gary Nagorka, Jerry Butler, Jim Randall, Alvie Eusterbrock, Tom Graham, "Dawg" Glenn, Forrest Green, Bob Nelson, Fred Irvin. Names from the past. Shipmates forever. Boomerangers for all time! This was all done by Shirley Sachsen. After she left I think it was all removed. At least a few of us got to see it. She did such a wonderful job and was so appreciated, but I guess the Hornet management didn't think so, and personally, and speaking for myself,  they can kiss my wrinkled old swabbie butt! Many thanks to the lovely Donna for these pics! So much appreciated!! Oh that's Mr. Catlin standing by the island on Hornet's flight deck. I think he had more hair in 67. Didn't we all!???

Terry at MKC




Was going to tell you yesterday about a story I heard at lunch in the Prop Shop. Randy, Falls,Me, and 9 Fingered Dave setting there. Dave says: " My boy brought his girlfriend over last night. He's 19 and this is his first. She wasn't real attractive but I was proud of the boy. At least she's a girl!" Like to fell off my chair. Messplay has such a droll delivery and dry wit, and it was so unexpected. He brought the house down. Spent a few nights myself trying to drink the poor thing pretty. Thank God they were ALWAYS females.  

Sister called today about 4. Pulled my cell out and saw it was her. Figured Mom was dead as she NEVER calls me. Too cheap. Guess she was raised by Elwood McGinnis too. Mom wasn't dead but she had a 100 acre fire burning not far south of her. Said the wind was blowing south, so she ought to be ok. Hope the wind don't shift sister dear. Have told you for 30 years you live in a desert!!! Live on the Gulf Coast, you are blown away or drowned in a storm surge. Live in California, you are either on fire, covered in mud, or falling off the edge of the continent. Texas? Well guess you know about Texas. Come home Darlin! Missouri is sweet. Don't hardly never snow no more and only the occasional tornado. 62 here today. No fire, and no brush to burn anyway. It RAINS here! Probably made half the APOTD list mad with that last statement, but it's TRUE. Plus it's home. Ain't no place like home girl.

Saw Tida run in the building this afternoon when I stepped outside. Looks like it's time for a haircut.  Can always tell when Lumpy is due, as her hair starts looking good to me. Her hair is getting so long, and she's getting to the point where it hurts to look at her she's so pretty. Remember Banker Jim likes it long Darlin. So do the rest of us!

Marine Top Sargent and APOTD junkie Matt Foster is headed back to the Sandbox next Tuesday. Know our thoughts go with you Top. Keep all parts LOW! PLEASE! And since he's leaving the country and will probably forgive me by the time he gets back, I'm gonna send you a pic Bill Schultz sent me of APOTD's intrepid warrior Top has his war face on but Bill's wife Sally inadvertantly got two little duckies growing out of the top of his head when she took the pic. Kinda ruins the effect don't it? Sure hope he don't have time to fly to Missouri and kick my keester! Forgive me Top. I just hadda! Yeah that's Bill to his right. Hope HE don't get his butt kicked for sending it to me. 

Took some pics of what I was working on today. Also one of Thad's project. Sent you the disassembled pic yesterday. Today's pic he almost has it back together. Hey! That's why we get 6 bucks an hour!  

Terry at MKC



Showered and got dressed Sunday. Heading for Mom's and was almost out the door when the phone rang. It was Mom. She said her voice wasn't back. Was just laying in bed. No need for me to come. Ok Mom. I won't. Piddled around. Was actually looking forward to it. Hadn't been out of the house since Friday evening. Junkman took pity on me and invited me over for coffee. Nice of him. Figured he was batching it, but when I got there his wife was home. Drank some coffee and watched a little TV with them, but felt vaguely like I was interrupting, so folded my cards and headed home. When I got there, I found out Mom had called and was wondering if I was coming. Lord. Her memory is getting so bad.

Got up Monday, and I did go. Figured I needed to check on her. Little Ramona had either quit or been fired and she was Mom's favorite. Hated that. Ramona wasn't the brightest bulb on the tree, but she was good to Mom and a hard worker. Too damn bad. Anyway arrived at Mom's. Walked in the door to her apartment and saw no one. Walked back to the bedroom and the first thing I saw was a pretty young blonde wearing white slacks and a pink tank top laying on Mom's bed. She sat up when she saw me. "Oh you scared me." I mumbled something, but attention was a little elsewhere. Cleavage! Wow! Not what I expected in Mom's place or on her bed! Nicole I think she said. Went to Benton HS in the south end. Well shoot Ramona. I'm gonna miss you but this ain't so bad.

Ate dinner with Mom. They give portions fit for 80 year old ladys, but it was ok, if kinda skimpy. It was hard for Mom to talk so didn't stay too long. She felt ok she said. Just had laryngitis. She had brought presents back from Texas for the kids from my sister, so called Erin and she said she was going to be home. Left Mom's and drove down 169 to Smithville. We used to go that way  to St. Joe when we were first married and lived in Gladstone. Remember Erin in her Mom's arms. Long before the days of car seats for kids. Arrived at Erin's in due time. Bradley was asleep and Jerry was in the basement on his playstation, but Coop was up and active. Clung to his Mom awhile but warmed up to me and wanted down. Crawled to the door. Stood up and pounded on it. Looked at me as if to say "Let's go!" Sorry little one. Not today. He let me pick him up, and just stared at me. Had on a ball cap, and would lean over and touch the bill of it to his head. He would just laugh! Lean back and then forward. He would see it coming and a big smile would come on his face. When it touched him he would just laugh and giggle. Be nice to be that happy just by having Grandpa touch your  forehead with his ballcap. 

Erin got a nice scrapbook. She's into scrapbooking. Jerry came up out of the dungeon and got a really nice NASCAR book. They both were very pleased. Didn't get to see Bradley open his. Figured I had about wore out my welcome and headed on home. For some reason was thinking about Mom's oldest brother's wife. My Aunt Anna. She used to fix cucumber slices soaked in vinegar, onions and pepper for me. YUM! She also must have had some secret ingrediant as I never tasted any as good as hers. Dead these 10 years now. Damn I miss her! Almost stopped at the grocery and bought a couple but figured if I tried to make it, it would just be a disappointment and make me melancholy. Had enough melancholy for awhile. So glad the holidays are over. E-mails had been few and far between. My cousin in California was off and away from her computer. Not many from Pam in St. Joe. Carmen writes me occasionally from Pleasanton, Ca. but miss the personal letters. At least I got one from Charlyn, and Tida. Thank you ladies. Always a pleasure. Hope I get more! Hey I like girls ok?  Even the ones related to me.

Got back to work this morning and felt pretty good. Got an e-mail from Engineer Lambert in NC called "Retroencabulator." Too big a file to send to all but sent it to the techhies in the Inspectors office. Went down and pestered them till they opened it. Had them in stitches. Thanks Jim. They LIKED it and it was CLEAN too. Put in 8 hours on the Children's Mercy 200. Long time since I had been on my feet all day and by quitting time they HURT! Went down and took pics of Dave Albiar working on the old King Air with the cracked spar. Changing the "bathtub" fitting I think. The owner came by this afternoon as I was working on the King Air, Asked him about the new Baron we got in Friday. Said it was a nice aircraft. He said it oughta be for $1.25 million! Wow! I guess. Lot of bucks for a light twin but guess that's 2006 and not 1968. Went out and took a picture of it on the ramp. Sun breaking thru the winter clouds over it.  I like this pic. Dave Brubeck "Take Five" playing as I write this. Guess I will. Happy New Year Y'all! 

Terry at MKC



Well I went upstairs to cash a check this afternoon. Sure enough. There was Katie standing inside the Charter Dept. door. Sure enough, and as expected, I got "The Look." Oh well. She had a little smile on her face too. Knew I wasn't in TOOOOOOO much trouble. Told her later that at least I had got all those old sailors off my back that kept asking of pics for her. Made her laugh and as we all know THAT's a very good thing.

We have a new girl on the front desk. Long blonde Sandy hair.Very pretty. Her Dad, Larry Taylor, works the Line at night, and came over with me from Fairfax in 82. A good and longtime friend. Ol' Larry also used to participate in the "Mean Man" contests over in KCK. Worse, he used to WIN! Have threatened to kick his butt for years. He always smiles and tells me to "Bring it on!" Not being completely insane I always just run like Hell !  Believe before we try to get any pics of her I will check with old Dad first. Ya think???

Was told yesterday that Biozyme was coming this morning, and they had a flight, so jump right on it. Claude had gone up to Rosecrans last night and changed the starter/generator which was burned up and also the speed switch which had caused it. Guess he was successful. I walked out in the hanger at 8 and looked for it. No sign of it in all three hanger bays so walked outside and looked on the ramp. No B100 there either. Turned to go back in, and heard the unmistakeable sounds of Garret engines. Couldn't see an airplane due to low clouds but I could sure hear it. Kept watching and sure enough it broke out of the clouds but way high and way long. Watched it make a missed approach, and go back out of sight in the clouds. Went and reported my observations to the Little Boss. He must have made it the 2nd time, as pretty soon here came Keith, the pilot. He said something about GD controllers turning him in too soon and he thought discretion was the better part of valor and went around. Told him I had witnessed it, and that the Little Boss had told me to jump right on it when I saw it. Told him I tried, but couldn't reach him. Keith is a good ol boy from St. Joe and my friend. Made HIM laugh. THAT was a good thing too!

Got the rental ADC out. Put new "O" rings on the fittings and stuck them in his repaired box. The FNG was helping so things went pretty fast, even with a late start. Got done by Noon, and he was outta there. Books signed off and everything. Almost enjoyable when things go as planned. Not much the rest of the afternoon. Was supposed to Take Check Hauler Delia to lunch, but she stood me up. Still snoozing in the pilot's lounge. She spends almost as much time in a recliner asleep as I do. Was NOT about to wake her up. Too many women mad at me as it is.

We had Bradley last night. She went all the way to Smithville to get him. He was here about 3-4 hours and then she took him ALL the way back. He was on the bed watching Power Rangers on her TV, but was looking a little sleepy. His Grandma said "Honey, don't fall asleep. I have to take you home." He looked away from the TV for a minute. Looked at her and asked: "Got any coffee?" He won't be 4 until Jan. 4th!  Grandpa was sitting on the floor scratching Maxine and THAT question made him laugh! What a kid!

Got some pics from Peter Cleaver in Australia of all that's left of the airplane that the first successful ejection in Australia was made. An Avon built Saber Jet I think. I have been tasked with finding out when the first successful ejection was made in the US, and from what kind of airplane. Can anyone help a poor old man with very limited aviation knowledge? Appreciate it if you can.

Terry at MKC



Well I expect most of you are off work today or still out of town for the holidays. One of the reasons I didn't want to be clogging your mailboxes. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I had a couple of shining moments but for the most part it was just about the most miserable Christmas I ever had. Just what you wanted to hear didn't you? Sorry. Someone wrote me a little while back and said they knew APOTD was a kind of catharsis for me. Got to believe he's right. So many years the pain and the hurt was bottled up. Guess I just needed to tell someone. Started spilling my guts when? 97 or 98 I guess. Sorry it's you folks, that have to listen to it.

Drove up to St. Joe Saturday for the Class of 63 get together, in a cold hard rain. Kept watch on the thermometer in the car. It never budged off 39. If it had started dropping I was going to turn around and head back, but it never did. Arrived at 36th St. Bar on the Belt at just about noon. Found Janie in there and no one else. We talked a little while. People started arriving. Pete Wilson, Jim Keller, Bill Venable and his wife, Dianne Queen, Janice Reno. A few others. No real close friends. After I got out of the Navy, my best friend had started hanging out with Venable, and we used to drink 151 Rum at the Red Lion at East Hills. Dianne was usually there, so knew them fairly well. I like Dianne but Bill was never one of my favorites. Any port in a storm I guess, so sat and talked to him. A woman walked in, and I asked Dianne who she was. "Terry! You dated her!!" Fast on my feet, I responded with a witty "Huh?" It's Lynn Thomas! Still no bells ringing. Dianne said she was a friend of hers and Lynn was a blonde back then. Her husband said that he used to see my little German sports car out in front of her house a lot. "Bill I only drove Chevys in high school. "No, this was after you came back from the Navy." Then it hit me. "OK. Now I remember. THAT blonde. I only remember one date, and it had not been the best one I was ever on. Never called back. She was much taller than me and had an expression on her face reminding me of the wife. She was NOT friendly, tho I tried.Guess she remembered too. Kinda fun to see her again and find out this time I had NOT made a mistake. Stayed a couple of hours. Talked to Ed Chritsgen and his wife who I found out was a Lafayette girl. Wondered for several reunions why I didn't know her. Stayed a couple of hours and drove on back to KC. Always fun to talk about the old days with people I had shared them with. Just wish someone who I had been closer to had been there.

We had had Bradley Friday night. She had taken him to Aunt Debbie's before I had left, and was home when I arrived. Spent the afternoon and evening like I had spent the last week. Watching TV. Playing on the computer. Feeling lost and alone.

She had told me weeks ago to not buy her anything. She would buy her own Christmas presents. She didn't say but apparently that also applied to me. I got nothing from her. That's ok. I'm 60 years old. I don't need Christmas presents, but it sure made Christmas Eve and Christmas morning feel just like any other day. We had been there last year at Erin's to watch Bradley see what Santa had brought him. Cooper was on the way but hadn't arrived yet. That was pretty fun. This year it was the other Grandparents turn. They had gone to their house outside Lawson, and didn't get home till after 3. Peg had left to take her blind nephew to her Mom's. I got a call about 3 that they were on their way home, and to head to Smithville with the presents which were in my car, so I did.

 Arrived there to find the Dunivans home and the wife there. Drug the presents in. Bradley was thrilled! Coop just wanted to play in the wraping paper. Got some pics of them opening presents, but my camera was almost full. Bradley got me a ball point that said "World's best Grandma." Thanks Baby. Grandpa loves it. Erin got me a WWII book Melinda had given me for my birthday. Oh well. A CD of Roy Rogers movies, and a St. Joseph themed monopoly game. I don't play games but it was cool to see. That was it for me except for Col. Mike in Kentucky. He sent a can of Russian Caviar, and some Soviet era medals and pins.COOL! They had been to the Ukraine adopting a boy. Never heard the outcome of that, but awfully nice he remembered me. Never tasted Caviar before. Think this one will just go on display, as will the medals.

They were going on to Peg's Mom's for supper. I just wanted to go home and curl up in the fetal position so did. Miseable. Erin tried, bless her heart. She's a keeper. So glad she didn't take after her Mom. I did order a Paz Vega movie from Amazon. Guess that will be my Christmas present to me. Back to work tomorrow. Not looking forward to that, but don't want to set around here anymore. Be nice to be able to see again tho. Just put the 3 different eye dops in. Only one more day of that and then just one kind once in the morning. Anyway, hoping 20006 will be a better year. Lots of good things have happened to me in 2005. Wouldn't have missed those for the world. Happy New year everyone!

Terry at MKC tomorrow.



Merry Christmas everyone!




Vacation winding down today. Yesterday we were visited by the daughter and her sons. She came to clean and got that done. Cooper was everywhere. Almost ready to walk but not quite yet. He loves the dogs. Marm is a little too skittish. He runs and hides, but Maxine just lays there and lets him wallow her. Climbed on her. Rolled on her. Maxine just lay there so placid. Brad watched and giggled. When it was time to go home, he wanted to stay, and of course the wife begged his Mom to let him. Some of that is fun, but after an hour of so of chaos and anarchy its time for me to hide. I made periodic visits upstairs. Caught them baking cookies. Holy Moly! The stove was on! Will wonders never cease?? Came up later and Bradley was iceing the cookies. He would lick the knife and then spread some iceing on. Then about a half botttle of sprinkes per cookie. The dogs watched with great interest as they were the benefactors of the overflow.

Supper time came and we took him to Crap in the Barrel up at Tiffany Springs, where he wanted everything on the kids menu and of course when I held it down to a cheeseburger he ate nothing. Ate some of his Grandmas turkey but none of his. She bought him a huge lollipop on the way out and he did eat a lot of that but also got a lot on his face.                    Arrived at Smithville to find Erin had baked her Mom a Birthday cake. More amazement! We lit the candles and her and Bradley blew out the raging inferno. Peg opened her present. We sang Happy Birthday, and the cake was cut. Erin stripped Cooper down to his skivvies. Sat him in the high chair and gave him a piece of chocolate cake. The dog stole Peg's slice off the table but he couldn't get Coopers. I'm sure some went in him, but he was literally covered with chocalate cake. Having a fine old time. She was going to stick him in the tub, but I suggested the sink and the dish sprayer. The ladys decided that was a good idea, and his Mom skinned him. Yep. Must be my Grandson. Impressive!  Coop didn't think much of the sink but it worked. Pink and sparkling clean she got him in his jammys. We headed on home. Grandma had a fun day.

Coop was having tubes put in his ears this morning. He was having one ear infection after another and tubes put a stop to Bradley's. Got up at 4:30, and scraped the crud off in the shower. Doesn't take me long, but as we all know the wife is a woman (well she was 10 years ago when I last looked) and slow as molasses. I sat and watched TV but she finally made it down the stairs. We drove seperate cars as she was going straight from the hospital to work. Took seperate routes and almost ran into one another in the parking garage. Took the elevator up to the 3rd floor. She coughed coming out and Bradley heard her and came running. Apparently still on a sugar high from that lollipop. Erin was holding Cooper. He wanted to crawl, but had been sterlized and couldn't. Erin had to pony up 500 bucks co pay. Wonder when they started that??? Damn hospitals. Soon they came for Coop. We took Bradley to the cafeteria. Walked by where they had wheeled his Mom out of the Delivery Room 32 years ago. Who knew, eh? That many years later I would be walking by there with her son. 

Got to the cafeteria. Long walk. As usual he couldn't make up his mind. I got my chow and went and sat down. Was reading the paper when I saw a lady cop bringing Bradley. BUSTED! and not yet 4. Is that your Grandpa? Yeah, I recognize the kid. Where's his Grandma? Here she came. Frantic. "I turned my back and he was gone!!" He was looking for Grandpa. Jeez. It doesn't take but a second does it?? As usual not much of what she bought him went in him. We finished ours and started the long trek back. Bradley bouncing and jumping about 20 feet in front. His Grandma has a phobia about escalators, so when we came to one I rode it up with him and then down. People giving us strange looks. Hey, I remember being his age and driving from Richmond to Downtown KC, and riding the escalor at Macy's. Couldn't deprive my little towhead of that pleasure. Got on the elevator and went back upstairs. Asked permission to go in and see Coop and got it. The Doctor was talking to Erin and we got to watch the nurse take him away. No tears. Good on ya boy. Hope you had them laughing like Grandpa did Tuesday. Back out in the waiting room trying to keep a rein on his wild boy brother. Didn't seem to take long. The Doc came out and said it went fine. WHEW! Collected Mr. Cooper after awhile. Bradley wheedling his Mom to come to our house. Walked her to her van. Bradley in tears because he couldn't come with us. Cooper in tears because he hates the car seat. Must have been a fun ride home. Peg went to work and I drove home, and that's what Terry did on his vacation. Beats the Caribbean anyday eh?

Sorry. No airplane pics. Haven't been to the airport in a week and my sources seem to have dried up. Sending pics of the Grandboys at play. Hey it's Christmas! Give me a break!  

Terry at home



Ensure widest dissemination.
Semper  Fi!













Christmas Operations Order

Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 12:20:01 - 0800 (PST)

From: Director of Christmas Operations

Subject: Christmas Operations Order: 12-24-05

1. An official visit by Lt Gen Santa (NMI) Claus is expected at this headquarters 25 December 2005. The following instructions will be in effect and govern the activities of all personnel during the visit.

  a. Not a creature will stir without official permission. This will include indigenous mice. Special stirring permits for necessary administrative actions will be obtained through normal channels. Mice stirring permits will be obtained through the Office of the Surgeon General, Veterinary Services.

  b. Personnel will settle their brains for a long winter nap prior to 2200, 24 December 2005. Uniform for the nap will be: Pajamas, cotton, light, drowsing, with kerchief, general purpose, camouflage; and Cap, camouflage w/ear flaps. Equipment will be drawn from CIF prior to 1900, 24 December 2005.

  c. Personnel will utilize standard field ration sugar plums for visions to dance through their heads. Artificially sweetened plums are authorized for those in their unit weight control program. Specifications for this item will be provided by the servicing dining facility.

  d. Stockings, wool, cushion sole, will be hung by the chimney with care. Necessary safety precautions will be taken to avoid fire hazards caused by carelessly hung stockings. Unit Safety Officers will submit stocking hanging plans to this headquarters prior to 0800, 24 December 2005, ATTN: DCSLOG, for approval.

e. At the first sign of clatter from the lawn, all troops will spring from their beds to evaluate noise and cause. Immediate action will be taken to tear open the shutters and throw open the window sashes. DCSOPS Plan (Saint Nick), Reference LO No. 3, paragraph 6c, this headquarters, 2 February 2000, will be in effect to facilitate shutter tearing and sash throwing. Division Chiefs will familiarize all personnel with procedures and are responsible for ensuring that no shutters are torn open nor window sashes thrown open prior to start of official clatter.

f. Prior to 2400, 24 December 2005, all personnel will be assigned "Wondering Eye" stations. After shutters are thrown open and sashes are torn, these stations will be manned.

  g. The ODCSLOG will assign one each Sleigh, miniature, M-66, and eight (8) deer, rein, tiny, for use of Lt Gen Claus' driver who, IAW current directives and other applicable regulations, must have a valid SF 56 properly annotated by Driver Testing; be authorized rooftop parking and be able to shout "On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen, up Comet, up Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen".

  2. Lt Gen Claus will enter quarters through standard chimneys. All units without chimneys will draw Chimney Simulator, M-6, for use during ceremonies. Chimney simulator units will be requested on Engineer Job Order Request Form submitted to the Furniture Warehouse prior to 19 December 2005, and issued on DA Form 3161,Request for Issue or Turn-in.

3. Personnel will be rehearsed on shouting "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night." This shout will be given on termination of General Claus' visit. Uniformity of shouting is the responsibility of Division Chiefs.

  //Original Signed//

OIC, Special Services




Well I made my appointment at the eye doc's this morning. He seemed pleased by what he saw, so I guess I am too. Yes, I still have to use the reading glasses, but I seem to be able to read. The right eye seems to take an inordinately long time to focus but if I'm patient it does. Maybe it hasn't had too in a long time and the muscle is weak. Who knows? I don't. The receptionist with the black lipstick told me it was ok to drive if I felt comfortable with it. Hmmm. Hope that will stand up in a court of law should I tail end somebody. The wife took me home and went on to the library. I went and got an egg McMuffin. Came home and took a nap. Decided to go to Barnes and Noble and look at books.

Zona Rosa was a zoo. Don't all those people have jobs??? Couldn't find much I was interested in. The main way out was gridlocked so wandered around and found a back way out on North Congress. Almost no traffic there. Went on to Sun Fresh and bought some grocerys. Took them home and put them away. Ain't I a wild man on vacation? Wow! This really sucks. I used to go cruise the antique stores but anymore it's just about a total waste. The WWII stuff is all on e-bay.  Everybody's working. Carson is in extreme pain with a kidney stone. Schultz is occupied with personal matters. Devious is on the road again. These little excursions at home always convince me I should stay at the airport until I can't drag myself in the front door. Sure not much to report. Almost thinking about calling my sister. You know I'm desperate now.

Sending some pics Bill Schultz sent awhile back of VS-35's old Ready Room aboard Hornet. How it looks today. Sure didn't look that way 40 years ago.

Terry at MKC





Well it went OK. Got up this morning and told you about my Monday. Took a shower. Yeah, I know that's hard for some of you to believe, but I did.  Left the house at 10:45. Today is the wife's 61st birthday, and I really hated that she had to spend a lot of it in the hospital with me. She was surprisingly understanding. We got there and checked in. I know they told me 8 o'clock at Moyes office the first time, but when I called to check they said be there at 11 and the surgury will be at 12. Lied both times. I was a little apprehensive that it WAS scheduled at 8 and I had missed it, but nothing was said at admitting. They took me to the surgury waiting room, and we sat there till almost noon. Still wondering if I was really supposed to have been there at that time. Finally they came and got me. Took me to a preop room. The nurses were very nice and a couple were even pretty.

Lisa was one of the young pretty ones, and she put an IV needle in my left hand. That was the most pain I had today. Hurt like Hell. But hey! I'm a married man. I can stand a little pain. They put some numbing drops in my eye and that burned pretty good. Then put a little sponge with a string on it that was soaked in medicine. Told me it had to stay in 25 minutes. Wasn't sure I could do that but I did. Then another nurse came and filled my eye with goo. Also not fun. Finally they came for me. One of the nurses had said Dr. Moyes and she and someothers were headed for Haiti to remove some cataracts there. Told her to take some Marines along. I know THAT's not a nice place for Gringos. Got into the operating room, and the anathesioligist gave me some happy juice. Worked. Had to stare into a bright light for about 10 minutes but there wasn't any pain. Only took that 10 minutes. Had the Doc and staff laughing. It was kinda fun.

They wheeled me out of surgury and at least I could sit up. Plus they brought me some blessed coffee. That was pretty sweet. My first of the day. They gave me some shades I'm supposed to wear outside. My first ever. Never was cool enouh to wear shades. Plus a little clear eye guard I'm supposed to wear over my eye at night. Has to be taped on. Figuring that's not gonna be fun. 3 kinds of eye drops to be used 4 times a day. Not to rub the eye at all. Not to pick up anything over 25 lbs. for awhile. Whatever. I can see. Blurry, but figure that's the goo still in my eye. I looked at it in a mirror when I got home, and the right one is still so dilated it looks kinda scary. Not to drive for 24 hours, and I have an appoitment at Moyes's place at 8 tomorrow morning. Peg will have to take me and she is not thrilled about that. I was always there when she was sick or needed me so guess she will just have to suck it up.

Did my half hour in post op and they wheeled me out to the car. Stopped at Long John's on the way home. My first food today and it tasted pretty good. She dropped me off at the house, and went on to work. Tuesdays are her day to work till 9 so I'm here by myself, but that's ok tonight. The eye is less blurry all the time.

Thought I would get this written in case some of you were wondering how it went. Sorry about 2 of these in one day. I have a picture of the Grumman Mallard that crashed off Miami....was it yesterday? Read where there were 3 infants aboard. Man that hurts. Tragic. So much life left ahead of them and then BOOM!. Hope it was quick.

Terry at MKC


No coffee until the cataract is taken out at Noon, so need to do something totake my mind off of it. Guess that something is APOTD.  Got up and took a shower and piddled yesterday morning till time to head for St. Joe. Cold but bright and sunny. Snow covered fields, but the road was dry. Maybe the last one eyed trip. Her plane was leaving at 3:15 and I got there at 11:30. She wasn't dressed. She wasn't packed. MOMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Cracked the whip a little. Got her breathing equipment packed up. Dana the Manager came bringing in her Meds. Had to go thru what Mom was to do with them while I rocked back and forth on my heels thinking this is pointless. She will forget everything before she gets in the car. Finally she was dressed and I loaded her bags in the car. 

Back down I-29 we went and arrived at KCI about 1:15. Pulled up to the curb. At a run I threw her bags on the curb. Got her out. Walked her in and put her in a seat. Drug her bags in and put them next to her. Ran back out and got in the car and drove to the parking garage.Parked the car one level down. Ran up the steps. Across the parking lot. Found her. Went and got a wheel chair. Got her in it. Checked her bags. Wheeled her up to check in. "Can I see your ID Ma'am?"  "Terry, where's my purse." Holy Crap Mom! Where IS your purse???" Must still be in the car. Parked her out of the way, then out the door. Across the parking lot. Down the steps. Found the car. NO PURSE! Back up the steps. Across the parking lot Hope that stint is working! Went back in the door where we had first came in and glanced over at where she had sat. There was the purse under the chair! EUREKA!!! She IS going to Texas!!! 

Checked her in. Went and got her a drink and a candy bar. Made a pit stop. Then thru security check point. Off with the coats. Off with the shoes. Empty your pockets. She walked thru the metal detector. BEEEEP! Step over there Ma'am. I walked thru the metal detector. BEEEP! Took off belt and glasses and they let me do it again. Made it this time. There's my 90 year old Mom. Spread eagled while they ran a metal detector wand over her. Jeez!! It was her bobby pins that set it off. Whew! She wasn't carrying a bomb!.  Was afraid she had converted to Islam and hadn't told me. Retreived our shoes, jackets and stuff and found a place to set down. "Why do we have to wait?" Because your plane isn't here yet Mom. "Is that my plane?" No Mom. That's a Southwest plane. Your going on Midwest. "Is it time yet?" No Mom we have an hour. On and on. Over and over. They came over and changed her seating to the front of the airplane so she wouldn't have to walk. Nice of them. It was a VERY long hour. Finally the plane arrived and they came and wheeled her away. Gave her a kiss. Bye Mom. Now it's Melinda's turn!!!

Drove home and let the dogs out. Tida had e-mailed me the night before asking if I wanted to go to Leslie's sons visitation in Cameron with her. No. I would just about rather do anything, but yes, I will go. Meeting at EB at 5. Drove down there. Jenny was waiting. Felt like a bum. I don't have anything that fits but jeans and a shirt. Oh well. They will just have to take me as I am. Jenny was dressed nice. Tida came downstairs. Her black hair is getting long again. She had a black leather jacket on and black slacks. She was just a vision. No Katie, so Tida called her. Janet Meisinger walked up. Do you want to go with us in the company van? Tida made some excuse about having to drive. Janet said she would wait for Katie, so we headed north for Cameron, Mo. Stopped in Claycomo to pick up Dwight. Cameron maybe 45 miles north from Downtown. I had been by there on the highway many times but I don't think I had ever BEEN in Cameron before. Of course it was dark when we got there. Cameron looked like Bedford Falls in "It's a Wonderful Life. Snow. Christmas lites. Old brick downtown buildings. Not vacant like so many little towns that Wal-Mart has killed. They still had a Western Auto! Looked like my hometown about 1953. I kept looking to see if Jimmy Stewart was running down the street.

We found St. Munchen's Catholic Church and parked. Saw Dusty Gooding leaving. Wasn't looking forward to going inside but go we must. Found Leslie and hugged her. We all did. Told her how sorry we were. Just words, but nothing else on this earth we could do for her. Her son's 10 year old half brother from her husbands other marriage wouldn't leave the coffin. That my friends was pretty heart wrenching. Church was filling up with friends and family. We sat awhile, and then it was time to go.

Dwight and I needed to make a pit stop. So Tida found a place. It was called "Kum & Go". I kid you not! Felt a little guilty about laughing after what we just left, but it was good to laugh about that name. We all did. Left the Kum & Go and headed on home. Talking about Les. Talking about religion. Stopped that before somebody got mad. It was a nice ride home. Good friends. Good conversation. Hate to say I enjoyed it. Arrived back at EB and we said our goodbyes. Drove on home. Talked on the computer awhile and went to bed. Layed there and thought about the events of the day. It was a full one.

Guess I better go hit the shower. Going to send a pic of me.  Before the cataract. Before the Angioplasty, before the appendix, before the triple by-pass. Before the Stint in my heart. Before it was broken. Just a little blond kid with a wise ass smile. Glad he didn't know what was to come. 

Terry at MKC



Well Friday, we had a little work and we had our Xmas Party. Got the copilot's ADC for Applebee's Beechjet back and I stuck it in. The repair on the pilot's had cost thousands. They just tweaked this one for hundreds. "Optimized" I believe was the word they used, but it was much better than the repaired one, although a little lower at altitude. I much prefer they be closer to my Barfield down low where the tolerances are only + or - 20 ft than up high where the allowed error is much higher. Whatever, they both passed. The little Standby altimeter is supposed to be back Monday. Someone else will have to do that as I won't be.

Wasn't really looking forward to the Xmas Party. I had always brung Peg's "Roll ups" in before, but wasn't even going to ask for that this year. Went to the store and bought a cherry pie. Figured I would be beter off if I just went to the Geedunk and had my standard tuna salad sandwich and nothing else than be around all that scrumptious food, but Victoria made me promise to come. Even gave me a hug. She's so sweet a girl. Waited till everyone had gone thru the line and went in and got a plate. Jenny's turkey was GOOD!. Got some ham and green beans. Mashed potatoes and turkey gravy. Lots of devilled eggs. I love em but usually only see them at the holidays. Stayed away from the dessert. Went to the radio shop and ate it alone. One of the inspectors is just anathema to me, and I refuse to be in the same room with him. Waited till he left and got one pic of Tida for you. She was setting next to Katie and Katie so did not want her pic took so Tida got up and stuck her pretty face between Randy and Jenny, who also has a pretty face. Not gonna comment on Randy's. Ever since a bunch of us went to a gun show in St. Joe in Ron Ferguson's van and I gave them a tour of my old haunts I don't comment on men's looks. Made the mistake of taking them by the YWCA where I had attended so many Saturday night dances and made the mistake of telling them they were put on by the town's noted homosexual pair. Cliff and Paul. Have been accused ever since of attending homosexual dances. I assure you I was not there to see Cliff and Paul! Many fond memories of the pretty girls there, and some pretty good fights in the alley behind the "Y". Lost my first love on the steps outside there one night. That's definitely not one of the good ones. May John Corwin spend eternity in a very hot place!  8-D. The food was awfully good. Many thanks to all the ladys. You did a wonderful job. Wish I could have been a little more sociable and festive. Thank you Victoria for making me promise.

The rest of the day was pretty dead. It started to snow, and a few flakes are still falling this morning. Snowed hard all day yesterday. The wife had been home with a cold but she went into work, leaving me here alone, with nothing to do and no where to go. Lonely and I hate being alone. Got into one of those black moods where it all seems so pointless. Nothing helps. Not friends, not nothing. Had to keep reminding myself of what Tida made me promise. Feel better this morning. Life still seems pretty pointless. So many would be so better off if I was just gone. Myself most of all, but have felt that way for so many decades. Nothing new there. Have to keep reminding myself of my daughter and my grandsons. My pupsMy APOTD friends. I usually rebound from this pretty quick. Can you say Manic-Depressive??? I'm up and I'm down. Expect I'm not alone.

Mom's Christmas party at Carriage Square is tonite. She called and said she is afraid of catching a cold so wasn't going out for it. I don't much care to drive home from St. Joe in the dark with bad roads and unable to see out of one eye, so we decided I wouldn't come. Hate that. I know she's lonely. Even if we fight at least she's not alone fo awhile. Must be awful sitting in that place day after day just waiting to die. At least Ramona and Jessica and the rest of the help like her and come into her room often. She has always had so many friends all of her life. From the very rich to the very poor. All the same to Mom. She likes people. Guess her son does too. The female ones especially. Nice that a few seem to like me too. Never can figure why. Be nice to have spent my life with one who did. No since going there. No calling that back and I DON'T want to get to feeling like I did yesterday. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and that maybe this old man crosses your mind a time or two. Going to be a long lonely week for me.

Terry at MKC for awhile yet       


Well we had some awful tragedy at EB  today. Leslie, our ramp hostess's 20 year old son and her only child was pronounced brain dead at NKC Hospital this afternoon. The story that was going around was he and his girlfriend were at a party. She wanted to leave and he wanted her to stay. She got in her car and started out. He jumped on the hood of her car and she slammed on the brakes throwing him off on his head. Massive injuries resulting in his brain swelling and brain functioning ceasing. This is all hearsay and maybe completely wrong, but talked to several of the girls who had gone to the hospital to comfort Leslie, and they repeated it. I can't even imagine what she must be feeling. I pray I never have to.

Also hear Margaret Medlock's year and a half old grandson passed away and she is also extremely distraught. So much pain around here. Makes my troubles seem pretty trivial. A hurt like that may lessen with time but it will never go away for those poor women. So sad for both of them. Not gonna be a very merry Christmas at EB this year I'm afraid.

I did get some work today. One of the ADC's out of Applebee's Beechjet came back. I stuck it in and checked the RVSM altitudes, and did a Mach Overspeed check. The copilot's ADC is supposed to be here tomorrow. Do it all over again. The Standby altimeter is suppose to be back Monday, but I'm on vacation all next week. Taking Mom to KCI Monday to spend Xmas with my sister in San Antonio. Tuesday at noon I get the cataract out. Wednesday I go back for a checkup. Friday Cooper is having tubes put in his ears at NKC Hospital. Poor little cuss. Not quite one and already being cut on. Hope the ear infections go away after this anyway. Bradley had his tubes checked Erin said, and they are fine. Whew!! Saturday is the big Class of 63 get together at 36th St Bar on the Belt. Hope I can see well enough to find it. Jane Swartz/Morgan/Rudloph/Garrison/Hawman is ramrodding it. Something to do anyway. Hoping to keep busy and not brood all week.

Xmas party at EB for Maintenance tomorrow. Went to the store and bought a cherry pie. Not gonna eat any but needed to bring something. Tida will be there. I will have my camera. Merry Christmas old sailors. I know how much you hate it when I substitue Tida for airplanes. Suck it up Swabbies!!!   

Sending a couple of a ragwing Scout that sat in front of the radio shop for awhile. Also almost new, but definitely not in the same class as the Bonanza last night. Also one of a Boeing 737 out on our cold gray ramp. The biggest Corporate jet we see. The last is one of Leslie in happier days. If you pray, please pray for her.

Terry at MKC



Well not much to talk about today. Did my pitot check on the Beechjet this morning and it was ok. We got a new G36 Bonanza in around noon. Just an A36 with a gee whiz Garmin panel. Garmin G1000 system. Pretty cool. Took some pics of that for you. Katie from Charter came down to look at it but as always Katie vetoed any pics. She sure would have made that Bonanza look like a million bucks. Oh well. I tried.

Hi Folks.

I know I have this pic SOMEWHERE on my computer but couldn't find it last night. Jamie gave me hers. Victoria scanned it for me. The before pic was taken last St. Patrick's Day. Jamie is till pretty as a picture. I'm still old and homely, but maybe I have lost a pound or two. Knees sure feel better anyway.





Walked in the front door at work and had an amazing thing happen. Pretty blonde Jaime T. called to me. I walked over and she asked how I had lost the weight. Told her. She asked how much. Said I had no idea but it's this many belt holes. The Line boy that was pestering her (she is very pretty) and she, looked pretty impressed. Jaime said "I can tell it in your face." She turned and reached into her purse and pulled out a picture of me and her taken last St. Patrick's Day. Shazam! I was stunned. A pretty 20 year old blonde carrying a picture of this old fud around with her in her purse!  That has to be one for the books! I expressed my amazement and the Line kid says it's because she likes you. Hard to believe. Started back to the shop and thought "HEY". I had my camera in my pocket. Let's just get a before and after with the same pretty girl. Walked behind the deak and took off my coat. Pulled the camera out and she knew what I wanted because she stood up. I apologize for being in this one guys but I expect you won't be looking at me. THANKS Jamie! And yes. I AM standing in a hole!  

We did have a little work. I did a Mach over speed warning test in a Beech jet this morning. Jim & Jeff working on a panel light problem in another. Thad had a replacement blind encoder to change in an old Cessna 172 that has more in avionics in it than the airplane can possibly be worth. Jeff got the panel light problem fixed. He unplugged a connector in the pedestal. Could find nothing wrong and when he plugged it back in it worked. Such is life in the airplane business. 2 days to get to it and put it back together. Anyway he had to pull one of the ADC's so I had to recertify the static system. That was tight but somebody neglected to tell me I had to do the pitot as well. Guess we will do that in the morning. Not much else to report. All quiet on the home front. Course this is her night to work till 9. Guess my high school class in having a get together in St. Joe at noon on Christmas Eve. Think I will go. Nobody around here will care.

I had an air traffic controller in Evansville take pity on me and send me a couple of pics of Doug Chapmants Pitts Biplane. The other is an RC model of the same. Thanks Bill! The other of course is of Jamie and I.

Terry at MKC  


Terry forwarded this to the group today, 10/29/2006

by Michael Marks

I had no Christmas spirit when I breathed a weary sigh,
And looked across the table where the bills were piled too high.

The laundry wasn't finished and the car I had to fix,
My stocks were down another point, the Chargers lost by six.

And so with only minutes till my son got home from school
I gave up on the drudgery and grabbed a wooden stool.
The burdens that I carried were about all I could take,
And so I flipped the TV on to catch a little break.

I came upon a desert scene in shades of tan and rust,
No snowflakes hung upon the wind, just clouds of swirling dust.

And where the reindeer should have stood before a laden sleigh,
Eight Humvees ran a column right behind an M1A.

A group of boys walked past the tank, not one was past his teens
Their eyes were hard as polished flint, their faces drawn and lean.

They walked the street in armor with their rifles shouldered tight,
Their dearest wish for Christmas, just to have a silent night.

Other soldiers gathered, hunkered down against the wind,
To share a scrap of mail and dreams of going home again .
There wasn't much at all to put their lonely hearts at ease,
They had no Christmas turkey, just a pack of MREs.

They didn't have a garland or a stocking I could see,
They didn't need an ornament--they lacked a Christmas tree.

They didn't have a present even though it was tradition,
The only boxes I could see were labeled "ammunition."

I felt a little tug and found my son now by my side,
He asked me what it was I feared, and why it was I cried.
I swept him up into my arms and held him oh so near
And kissed him on the forehead as I whispered in his ear.

"There's nothing wrong, my little son, for safe we sleep tonight
Our heroes stand on foreign land to give us all the right,

To worry on the things in life that mean nothing at all,
Instead of wondering if we will be the next to fall."

He looked at me as children do and said, "It's always right,
To thank the ones who help us and perhaps that we should write."

And so we pushed aside the bills and sat to draft a note,
To thank the many far from home and this is what we wrote:

"God bless you all and keep you safe and speed your way back home.
Remember that we love you so, and that you're not alone.

The gift you give you share with all, a present every day,
You give the gift of liberty and that we can't repay."


Michael Marks:
"I freely submit this poem for reprint without
reservation--this is an open and grateful tribute to the men and women
who serve every day to keep our nation safe.



Had a pretty good Saturday afternoon. Drove over to the old Antioch Shopping Center in Gladstone to watch my Grandsons see Santa. Unfortunately they were banning photographs. They wanted to sell you theirs. Did get a couple, but none with Santa. Cooper started screaming when they sat him down next to Jolly Ol Saint Nick. Erin said he did the same with Santa at their church. I took him from her and this old Santa didn't scare him. I would touch his forehead with the bill of my cap, and he would grin and laugh. He's fascinated by my moustache, and keeps pulling on it. Guess that's what Grandpas are for. He sure plays hob with my back. Heavy little cuss. I've probably lost twice what he weighs so it's not as bad as it could be. His other Grandparents were there as well. We watched Bradley ride the little train, and some mechanical rides, but ran out of quarters. Time to go. Went home and had an enjoyable evening on the computer.

Sunday I got up and took a shower. When I got out, I found the wife gone. Got dressed and headed up to Mom's. She was afraid it was slick out so we ate there. Much cheaper than Cracker Barrel. Only $2100 a month. Visited awhile with Mom. She is going to my sister's in Texas the 19th. We've been saying this might be her last trip for 20 years. So far she has made a liar out of all of us. Left Mom's and drove to Smithville. Visited with them awhile and played with the boys. That's always fun. Watched a little of "Toy Story II" on the VCR. Went home and still no sign of the wife. She got home at about 8:30 and said not a word and went upstairs

Went to work this morning feeling pretty low. Felling like I have wasted 3 decades and more of my life. Miserable. Nothing to do and too much time to think. Little Boss says there is some work for me tomorrow. Hope so. Keep dwelling on all the wasted years. Definitely not good for my morale. I'm taking next week off. Taking Mom to the airport Monday and having the cataract out Tuesday. Not sure how I'm getting home from the hospital. Nothing to do the rest of the week. Just burning vacation. Expect it's going to be a long one.

Going to send you a pic of the new computer room. Down here by the furnace. Whadda ya think. Manly enough? Also some pics of an Allison Turbo prop equipped Cessna 210. They usually have a Continental IO-520 of 285 hp. The Allison is rated at 450 hp. Ought to be a go getter. Kinda ho-hum but at least it's an airplane. Things of interest seem to be few and far between these days.

Terry at MKC                                                                                                  



Well I got all the new pieces of the computer that were still setting in a box in the basement. Came in here to the furnace room and cleaned off my old high school desk. Set up the new pieces. Monitor, keyboard, amd mouse. Got an extension cord, and a long phone cable. Moved the tower from upstairs. Got a little electric heater the Junkman gave me out of my old bedroom, and I guess I'm all set, at least for awhile. Got the cigarettes away from her bedroom anyway.
We haven't spoke but once since Tuesday night. I know I'm probably postponing the inevitable. Scratch that. She just came downstairs and told me the boys were having their pictures taken at Antioch Shopping Center, and Erin said to be there at 2:30. Also she was babysitting tonite as Cooper hasn't let them get any sleep all week. Like nothing had happened. Amazing. Maybe it was just mad talking. Hard to tell with her. If she wants a divorce she can have it. Just hope she can wait till the boys birthdays are over in January befores she tears up everybodys lives. Guess what comes will come. Sure appreciate all the e-mails and everyones concern for my welfare.
Had something wonderful happen to me at work Thursday. Won't tell you who it was but I expect you can make a pretty good guess. I went up to her office to say Hi. Needing a friendly face and I found one. She hadn't been online, and hadn't heard about my recent conundrum. I filled her in as best I could. We leaned against the wall outside her office and talked. She gave me some good advice, and then told me whatever happened not to do anything drastic. She said the Grandsons would need an explanation and Erin would be devastated. She started to cry and made me promise I wouldn't hurt myself. I felt so damn bad for bringing this on her. I promised her I wouldn't Then she said: "Terry, you touch so many peoples lives." and went back in her office. Not sure any female not related to me has ever cried for this mostly unloved old man. Always knew she was a wonderful woman. Guess I know it now for sure.....in spades!! Thank you girl. I hope Terry is worth your tears.
Got to go get cleaned up and go see the Grandboys see Santa. I hope I can keep these coming. Will do my best to keep you updated. Maybe it's going to be alright. 
Terry at MKC


In a message dated 12/9/2005 4:29:32 PM Central Standard Time, OLDNAVYLDO writes:

Terry & Bill,

I thought you would get a kick out of this.

Subject: The newly commissioned USS William Jefferson Clinton CVGS


USS William Jefferson Clinton CVGS 1 sails on maiden voyage by Noslen Laup, API Special Correspondent
November 11, 2005

San Francisco (API) ? The latest member of the US Navy’s fleet deployed on sea trials today.

The USS William Jefferson Clinton set sail this morning from its home port in
San Francisco.  The ship is the first of its kind to be commissioned in the Navy, and it is considered to be a fitting legacy to the former president's strong commitment to belittling the military and pushing for deep military budget cuts.

Made almost entirely out of recycled beer cans, the ship is solar powered and has a top speed of point five knots. The first in the new CGS (Carrier, Garbage Scow) class, it carries a complement of one decommissioned F14 Tomcat aircraft that, although non-functioning, presents a very menacing presence indeed.

Firearms are banned on board, but the ship is well armed with a deadly legal staff of activist judges that are a permanent part of the crew.  The diverse crew also includes members of every conceivable race, creed, sex, sexual deviation and Democratic Party subset.

The ship’s mess is entirely vegetarian, and the crew is enjoined from wearing leather.  Crew members that dislike the conformity of uniforms will be allowed to wear optional tie-dyed clothing.

In the former president's honor, the ship will fly the Stained Blue Dress ensign.

Upon completion of its sea trials the USS Clinton will return to its
San Francisco home port where it will be used for aggressive progressive social engineering.  In case of an armed conflict, the ship will immediately deploy to Canada where it will practice passive defensive hiding.

Spoilsport Republican critics called the home port choice a sop to California Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein.  They claim it was payback because the Navy refused her many requests to have a decommissioned battleship given to San Francisco to be turned in to an anti-war museum.

Democrats pooh-poohed the charges, claiming that, as usual, extremist right-wing Nazi zealot Republicans were poisoning the national discourse.


The USS Clinton undergoes sea trials


From: Paul Vigeant <nasbackyard@earthlink.net>\

Subject: December 7, 1941


Here is some art work depicting some of the Battleships (BB) that were at Pearl Harbor 64 years ago today.

The oldest BBs at Pearl were the two Oklahoma class ships, USS Oklahoma BB-36 and USS Nevada BB-37. Both launched in 1914 and both were at Pearl.
They displaced 29,000 tons and were 583' long by 108' wide.  They carried 10-14" guns arranged 3 guns each in turret 1 & 4 and 2 each in turret 2 & 3.
This would be the main recognition feature between the Oaklahomas and the Pennsylvanias.

Next came the Pennsylvania class ships, USS Pennsylvania BB-38 and USS Arizona BB-39.  Both launched in 1915 and both were at Pearl.  They
displaced 33,100 tons and were 612' long by 106' wide.  They carried 12-14" guns arranged 3 each in all 4 turrets.

The Nevadas and Pennsylvanias had the tripod mast fire control towers as compared to the cage mast fire control towers of the other BBs. The Arizona
and Oklahoma were the only two that were not rebuilt after 12/7/41.

Next came the Tennessee class ships, USS Tennessee BB-43 and USS California BB-44.  Both of these ships were launched in 1919 and both were at Pearl on 
12/7/41.  They displaced 32,600 tons, were 624' long and 108' wide.  They carried 12-14" guns arranged 3 each in 4 turrets.

Last was the Maryland Class, USS Colorado BB-45,  Maryland BB-46, Washington BB-47 (sunk incomplete as target in 1924) and West Virginia BB-48.  All were
launched in 1920 or 1921.    This class was identical to the Tennessee class except for the main battery.  The Marylands carried 8-16" guns arranged 2
each in 4 turrets.  They displaced 31,500 tons and were 624' long by 108' wide.  Only the Maryland and West Virginia were at Pearl on 12/7/41.

Note:  The width of US Battleships was dictated by the lock size of the Panama Canal.  None of the three New Mexico class, BB-40,41,42  were at
Pearl.  The oldest US BBs to serve in WW2 as battleships were the  USS Arkansas BB-33 launched in 1911 with 12-12" guns arranged 2 each in 6
turrets and the USS New York BB-34 and USS Texas BB-35 launched in 1912 with 10-14" guns arranged 2 each in 5 turrets. 



Well it took 4 trys to get this Infernal Machine to boot up tonite. Warnock thinks the head that reads the hard drive is not unlocking. If I disappear for a couple of days I am either dead or this thing is in the shop. Guess we will see, eh.

Lot's of interest this morning as to how my visit to St. Joe went Saturday, so I guess I better tell you. Got up early and spit shined the old carcass. Not much I could do about the lack of hair OR the color of it, but what's left still curls, and the eyes are still blue. Sure not 17 anymore but maybe she would recognize me. Headed up I-29, and got into St. Joe about 9:45. Went to Mom's and visited and napped till about 12:30. Then headed on over to my friends house.to pick up Brad and Coop's portrait. She would take no money. Did it for me out of friendship she said. Well no way was I going to let her get away with that without giving her something, so had a cardboard box full of some things she might like. Hard to think of something to give a married lady without making her husband mad but it wasn't gifts it was payment. Hoped he wouldn't be mad at me anyway.

Pulled into her driveway at the appointed time, and she was waiting at the backdoor for me. Just an incredible privelege to be invited to their home. Butterflys in stomach and knees a little wobbly, I got the box out of the back of the PT and headed for her where she was waiting. Her and her husband were both there, and both very warm and welcoming to this old interloper. Walked into the kitchen, and put my box down. I was handed coffee. GOOD coffee! Told him the box was for her and why. I think he was ok with it. Hoped she liked the stuff. Pretty lame for what she had given my family, but I tried.Then I got a tour of their house. I knew it would be nice but as I told her I was not prepared for AWESOME! Her artwork was everywhere. He does stained glass and several of their windows had his handiwork in them. The bathroom windows were just gorgeous. Her paintings were just simply wonderful! Pretty humbling to be in the presence of so much talent. Anyway suffice to say their home was lovely.

I was ushered into the front room where the portrait awaited me. Words just fail me on that. She had captured my grandsons so perfectly! She has so much talent. I sat on the couch and admired her handiwork. We talked but I have no idea about what. Just knew I was babbling She had taken some pics of the portrait and printed them out on photo paper, and I was handed that as well. Too soon it was time to go. We drove to a restaurand and had burgers and beer. I have no idea what it tasted like. On the drive over a thought came to me, that maybe they would go to Mom's with me, and I could give her one of the photos of the portrait. I was sure she would be thrilled and I wanted her to see Mom's reaction.. Screwed up my courage and asked. "Sure. we can do that." she said. Alrighty then!

Finished our meal, for which he paid for.Offered to catch the tip but he was having none of that. Walked out to our respective vehicles and I led them to Carriage Square. It wasn't far. Arriving at Mom's I led the way in. Hollered in Mom's door and of course she was in bed. Got her up and headed in the right direction. The artist gave her a big hug. That was so nice to see. They had never met 40 years ago. I had met her Mom 40 years ago, but she never had mine. I pulled the portrait picture out and handed it to Mom. The artist watching. I'm not sure if she heard or understood my explanation of who and what it was. Now as many of you know, I had only wonderful comments when I had sent out her portrait. Waited for Mom to be thrilled. Her mouth opened and out came Oh, I don't like THAT!" Oh Lord! I could have sunk thru the floor. " MOM !!!! She did that herself!" For us!" The artist got a big laugh out of it. I was so mortified I could have strangled her! Not the first time she has embarassed me beyond all human comprehension but I never in a million years expected that out of her mouth. Guess all of you have mothers and knew how I felt. Realization dawned finally I think and she tried to smooth it over. Hope she succeeded. She is un embarassable and they sat down and the artist and Mom talked for awhile. Seemed to hit it off. She looked at all Mom's pics. If Mom is anything she is gregarious and soon they were talking like old friends, I was still stunned by what she said. She so loves company and would have kept them there into the wee hours, so I had to rescue them. Walked out front and apoligized for my Mom, and thanked her again for the incredible gift she had given my family. Said our goodbyes. Maybe for the last time. If it is I'll always have that portrait to remember her by. That pretty little 14 year old girl that rode so many miles with me and Lynette in my old brown Chevy so long ago..... in a galaxy far far away. Thanks too to her husband for being so tolerant of her very old friend. Both in age and longevity of friendship

Took the portrait to Smithville tonite after work and gave it to Jerry and Erin. Erin is going to have it framed. Dad is going to pay. Her boys. My Grandsons. I wonder if someday their grandsons and daughters will look at it and wonder who created it. Wish I could be there to tell them. Wouldn't that be grand?

Terry at MKC                   


The FNG reported this morning when he came in that there was a dead body surrounded by State Patrol Cars up by the Faucett overpass on I-29. No car in evidence. Thad couldn't figure if he jumped off the overpass or was a pedestrian hit by a car.  When Chris Jackson came in at 8:30 he reported the body was still there when he came by. He called his brother who also drives to KC from St. Joe everyday, and he said the dead man was there when he came by at 6:10. We tried to find something about it on the internet, but drew a blank. It won't be on the KC news. Do any of you St. Joe people know what happened. Not a need to know thing but I am curious.

Just about all I know today and don't really know that. Going to go see Mom in the morning. Ho hum eh? One of the CAG-57 guys sent a Hornet News release. Seems like they are filming the story of Navy pilot Dieter Dengler aboard the Hornet, and it is to star Christian Bales as Dengler. Dengler was shot down over Laos on his first mission in 1966. Held in brutal captivity by the Pathet Lao in the jungle for 6 months and made a daring escape when he learned he was to be executed. Dengler died in 2001. I'm sure only some scenes will be shot abord Hornet, but it will be cool to see my old home in the movies. See attached some pics that were sent along with the news release. Apoligize to the guys who are also on the CAG-57 list. These are the same pics so no need to download. Sorry I haven't got much tonite. A pretty ho hum day. Hoping tomorrow will be much more exciting. 

Terry at MKC


Well I decided to put some tires on the PT. The right rear had a slow leak and no sense getting it fixed as it was time for a change. 47,000 on the originals. Checked with my tire consultant, the Junkman, and he recommended the Goodyears over the Michelins. He said Wal-Mart opened at 7 so asked Peg if she would take me over there this morning. Lots of moaning and groaning about getting up that early so called the FNG in St. Joe. He comes right by there on his way to work. More moaning and groaning but he said he would.
I didn't dawdle this morning. No checking of e-mail or lounging nekkid in Sweet Dreams. Got in the shower. Clean uniform on and I was out the door. EARLY. Decided I had time for breakfast and went by McDonalds and got some. Ended up in front of Wal-Mart at 6:50. I was 5th in Line. The tires I wanted they said they had but couldn't find them. Told them to put them on if they fond them. If not then the next cheaper Goodyears. Thad was true to his word and appeared at the appointed time
Pulled into work in plenty of time. Walked in to find Jeff Warnock's Father-in-Law had passed away that morning. Hate that as I have known his daughter and Jeff's wife for 20 years. Amy is a nice kid and hated to hear her Dad was gone. Doubly scary as he is/was exactly my age. Thought I was going to beat him to the Pearly Gates Monday. Yeah, I know. I cry "Wolf" a lot don't I? Not fun to start to see your contemporaries start to pass on tho. Not fun at all. Checked my e-mail and found one of the officers had passed on the 19th. Lou Mauney. Never met him. He was a helicopter pilot, but much enjoyed corresponding with him. Sent my condolences to his wife and passed on the news to the CAG-57 list.
Then about 10 I got a call from Wal-Mart. They said when they removed my lug nuts to pull the wheels they found a lot of the threads came with the nuts. "Holy Crap!" Can you replace them?" No. We don't do that here. "Wonderful! What do I do know???" He told me he would put the new tires on and see how it went when he put the wheels back on the car.He would cal me back when he completed it and would let me know. Stewed about that until he DID call back about noon. He said 3 of the wheels went on OK. But two lugs on the right front were bad. Well 3 out of the 5 ought to be OK. Much relieved at that news.
Changed a vertical speed indicator in a Baron in the afternoon. Worked on something this morning but that memory is GONE. Have no idea what it was. Unbeknowst to me there were two Marine F/A-18 Hornets on the field. Arrived yesterday when I was at the eye doctor. Parked them down by the terminal and I didn't see them when I came in. The first I knew of them was the incredible roar they made when leaving. AWESOME! Set off all the car alarms in the parking lot I was told. Never did see them but durn sure HEARD them.
Left at quitting time with Thad. Arrived at Wal-Mart and saw my PT. Tires looked GOOD! Thad left and I went in to pay. Was figuring on about $350 and it was $251. Much nicer surprise than I got at Jiffy Lube. The little Brunette that took my money was very cute and very friendly. Told me she was from Atlantic, Iowa. Smiled at me. Nice! Good end to a stressful day. Nothing like a pretty girl to raise an old mans spirits.
Drove home and the wheels didn't fall of so I guess I'm good to go. Got on the computer to tell you all about it. No F/A-18 pics but got some from Bill Schultz of the USS Abraham Lincoln's visit to San Francisco Bay a couple of weeks ago. Pretty cool. I remember a summer about 39 years ago when a young sailor aboard the USS Hornet made the same visit and sailed under that very same bridge. Memorys eh? Thanks Bill!!!
Terry at MKC
PS    And I got an awesome Tida hug this morning TOO!!! Many thanks Mrs. Allen!


Friends and Family,Just got permission to send this. The portrait is done. I'm going to pick it up soon. It was done by a very old friend who in my opinion has an extraordinary talent. She prefers to remain anonymous, but she has given my family an incredible gift. I can never repay her for this portrait of my grandsons Bradley William and Cooper Bryant Dunavin. I know their parents will be as thrilled as I am. So proud of my Grandsons and my very dear friend. Hope you like it as much as I.

Terry  (better known as Mac Pa Pa.)


Cooper Bryant Dunavin


Well I got an envelope in the mail Monday from Hugh Replogle in Virginia. Mr. Rep is one of my old VS-35 squadron pilots. He e-mailed me awhile back and said he was going thru his old Navy stuff and came on a brand new unused CVSG-57 patch from the 60's. CVSG-57 stands for Carrier Anti-Submarine Warfare Group 57. That consisted of my squadron VS-35, VS-37 (the other Stoof Squadron) and HS-2, which was the helicopter squadron, plus detachments. The patch shows elements from all 3 squadron patches. VS-35's Sword. HS-2's Eagle, and VS-37's hand. Mr. Rep asked me if i knew anyone that might like the patch. Sure did. ME !!!! He very graciously sent it along to a most appreciative 3rd Class Nosepicker for life. Thanks Mr. Replogle! Terry owes you one!
Had a little work for a change today. Helped Thad with a comparator box change in the nose of Applebee's King Air. He changed the box, and when that was done I certified both static systems.. Then went and checked a vertical speed indicator in a Baron that was suppose to be off but wasn't.
Punched out at Noon and headed north. Got some lunch at Sonic, and then went to the Moyes Eye Center on Barry Road.. They were very nice and very professional. Dr. Moyes looked in my right eye and said it looked in there like frosted glass. Yep you need that cataract out. Going to have it done next door at St. Luke's hospital on Dec. 20 which is Peg's birthday. She has to take me an is so thrilled with the news.
They dialated my eyes and it wa a little crazy trying to drive but thought it was a good time to check some places for some new tires. Got some quotes. Talked to the Junkman who is my tire expert and think I'm going to get some Goodyears at Wal-Mart. Called Thad and hoping he will pick me up in the morning on his way to work. I'll buy the beer Thad!
Went from Wal-Mart to Jiffy Lube to get my oil changed. They told me 24 bucks, but when they got done it was $47. Hmmmmm. Hate to be lied to. Won't go there again. Spending money like a formerly drunken sailor. Need to slow this down somewhere's. Guess that's all the news I got. Josh Johnson was back at work today. Nothing broken. Just bruised up pretty bad. Glad of that. Got a pic of the patch and a couple I took awhile back of what I think is an Irish built Shorts Cargo plane. Having a little Deja vu~ on that. May have already sent them. If so I'm sorry.
Terry at



Well no APOTD yesterday as I felt like warmed over bat guano. Woke up with my shoulder joints hurting and that old familiar feeling like someone had their knuckles against my breastbone. Screw it. I'm going to work. If they need to use the defibulator so be it. Went up stairs and had Stephanie access my insurance account. Sure enough the hospital bill was 44,000 bucks. Went in Friday at noon. Had the heart cath and a stint inserted, and was out by 10 on Saturday. $44,000! Obviously I am in the wrong busines. The hospital wrote off 25,000. Insurance company paid $15,000, leaving me to pay $1778!. I thought we had a $1000 out of pocket. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! $2000 plus a $500 deductible that doesn't count toward the $2000. Well I found a note on the kitchen table tonite saying Peg had called the hospital and we are going to make $300 a month payments. So very kind of them.                There was a lot of news floating around the hanger. The Raytown Rocket had been pulled over by the cops in my old red rusty pickup. Seems someone had robbed a convenience store and they used a truck matching that description. Guess Scott looked honest as they let him go. Then heard Jenny Roger's daughter had got T-boned at an intersection by an off duty cop with no proof of insurance. She's ok but very sore. Thank heaven it was a company car she was driving. Worried about her step son in Iraq and she almost loses her daughter in Kansas City. Life can play some awful tricks sometimes. Then we had another injured falling mechanic. Brian, as you know, broke his arm falling out of a dumpster. Well 9 fingered Dave jumped out of a pickup and landed on a tire and propelled himself nose first into the concrete. He looks like Bat Guano! Guess there was blood everywhere. Josh Johnson got hit today by a flying jack and had to go to the clinic. Hope he's ok. Lots of disasters to folks and family lately. Sure hope that's the end of it. 

I thought I was going to keel over at the time clock at quitting time yesterday. Got that wobbly far away feeling. A little concerned about driving home. Almost caled Peg to come and get me but didn't. I made it. She has the week off and had made a pizza. I didn't even want any. Had 3 sacks of animal crackers all day. Went downstairs and crawled in Sweet Dreams and waited to die. Sounds kind of macho bs, but I didn't even feel scared. Woke up this morning alive. Actually I woke up about 1 and didn't get back to sleep till sometime after 3. Anyway at 5 I woke up feeling ok. Felt pretty good all day. Doc Joslyn told me at the last doctor's visit that almost a 3rd of the stints collapse. That was much on my mind. NOT going back to the ER if I can help it. Can't afford it. PT had an almost flat tire this morning. It needs new tires. I need another $152 compression sock for my leg. Possible cataract surgury coming up. Peg may need surgury. On and on. I know there are many with worse problems than mine.Need to be thankful for what I have, but sometimes kicking off looks pretty good.   Got some F-16 pics from Dave Hicks. One of them he was the crew chief on. Hope they open. I had to use Internet Explorer to view them. Guess we will see. Anyway thanks Sarge! Hope that college work is going well. 

Terry at MKC


Well it's been awhile hasn't it? Figured most of you were still at Grandma's house, so no since clogging mail boxes with stuff nobody's gonna read. Saturday morning is probably too early but I'm bored, so guess I will bore you too 
Hope everyone had  a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had a pretty wonderful one. Thought I had lots of time to get dressed and was still laying in my chair when Peg came down the stairs and said she was headed for St. Joe. Even offered to wait until I got ready. "That's ok. I'll be along." Got cleaned up and found something clean to wear. Fired up the PT and headed on up I-29. Bright and sunny and cold. Kind of melancholy remembering Thanksgivings past on the way up. Thanksgiving at Grandpa's farm was always pretty special when I was little. Kind of a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving with bib overalls. No modern appliances. Grandma cooking on an old wood stove. The kitchen full of her daughters, and neices. Wonderful smells. The men outside passing around a little Holiday cheer being careful the women didn't see. Getting ready to go rabbit hunting. Sometimes snow in the fields. So many places to explore. The smoke house. The storm cellar. Chicken house and the Barn. My older cousins remember Grandpas horses, but he had pretty much quit farming by the time I came along. He still put out a huge garden. The fruits of which were canned and waiting on shelves in the root cellar. Grandpa still kept a few cows, and milked on a 3 legged stool. Ever have milk sprayed in your mouth straight from the teat? I have. Grandpas aim was pretty good. Climb up in the hay loft with my cousins and roll and tumble in the hay. Catching heck from Mom when I came back to the house covered with straw. I remember hoping I could bring my wife and kids to that wondrous place, but Grandma died the summer I turned 17 and of course I never got
Arrived at Carriage Square. Mom was feeling good so she set about aggravating me. "I'm moving back to the Manor. What do you think of that?" I think your insane Mom. "Huh? What's that? What did you say?" Nevermind Mom. Gotta go outside and burn one. Did. Ok. It's Thanksgiving. Don't let her get to you. If you happened to pass by and wondered why an old man was out front pacing around and talking to himself well then now you know. Erin & Jerry and the Grandboys soon arrived and her attention left me and focused on her Great Grandsons. Knew there was a good reason I love those kids so much. Erin looked so good. Like it when she lets her hair grow. Mom had Christmas presents for the boys as she is going to my sisters for Christmas. Bradley got a helicopter that the rotors turned and a searchlight came out of the belly. Cooper got a stuffed Snoopy dog. He crawled around Mom's and pulled up and looks like he is thinking about walking. Won't that be fun for his Mom? Two of them to chase!
Dinner time, and we went out in the main dining room and they had a table reserved just for us. Turkey, and mashed potatoes and brown gravy. Green beans and cranberry sauce. Pumpkin pie. Jerry got mine. No seconds but that's OK too. The boys were very good, and we went to the fireplace to take pics. See attached. Bradley went to the computer and was asked what he was doing. "Checking my e-mail" was his response. Just like his Grandpa!   Peg had brought some bread so Erin and Jerry, Brad and I got in my PT and headed for Krug Park.When we got there we were the only ones. The ducks and geese were VERY glad to see us. I had never seen them like that. Every bird on the lake came swooping to us. The Canadas came flying in. Brad got a kick out of that. When he would throw a piece of bread in a big fight would ensue. Finally the bread was gone and a big goose was out of the lake and heading in our direction so we split. The scenic drive road thru the tunnel had the gate shut so we didn't accomplish that particula McGinnis tradition. Honking in the tunnel. Oh wel. I don't think Coop has ever been to see the ducks yet but his time will come and we will take him thru the tunnel and honk. Who knows. Maybe someday the Dunavin Boys will bring their kids to Krug Park Lagoon and drive thru the tunnel honking madly. I hope so. I like to carry on traditions, at least some of them.
From the park we drove out to the far east part of Joe Town to where Jerry works. I got a pretty good tour of Altech, and got to see alll the different kinds of booms and diggers they make and install on a wide variety of trucks. Pretty cool. Jerry has been given Hawaii as part of his territory and they are sending him there in January. Wish he could take Erin. Back to Mom's for awhile. So much more fun when Mom has the little ones to focus on. The Dunavins had to leave and go to his parents house. Bradley wanted to come home with us, but Erin was not about to upset Grandma Dunavin. I decided it was time for me to go as well. Drove home alone, but not so melancholy this time. Had a wonderful day with my family. Just the 7 of us now. Sometimes 50 and 60 people at Granma's House. All passed on or moved away. The memorys remain tho. I will always have those.
Almost no e-mail when I got home so decided against an APOTD. Did get to talk to a very old friend for awhile. When Peg got home, she headed for bed. Got settled in and then a phone call from her blind nephew. His also blind wife had fallen and they thought her ankle was broken. "Will you take us to the ER Aunt Peggy?" They live almost in the NKC parking lot, but of course can't drive. She got up and went. I offered to go along but of course was turned down. Oh well. I had a good good day. Hope you folks all did as well.
Terry at MKC


Well we had a pretty good Saturday after laying around all day Friday. Went to the Bank and got some walk around money. Called the Junkman and he was home. Hadn't brought his musket back, so I went back home and got it. Back to Parkville. Went to Sonic and got some breakfast and then presented myself at Mr. Burrell's front door. I had his gun so he had to let me in. The lovely Donna was also in residence, so I sat at his kitchen table and flirted with his wife while he paced around talking on his cell. Might not be able to get away with that much longer. Not quite so bizarre and funny looking as I was. Donna is fun when she feels good and apparently she felt fine Saturday morning. Terry had fun. Drank all my Sonic coffee and all of his, so thought I better split.
I ate my last can of Navy beans sometime last week, so I thought it might behoove me to go to the grocery and lay in some provisions, but first I went home AGAIN and got my camera and took it to OSCO. They downloaded my Thanksgiving and Halloween pics for me and made prints. The wife complained about looking at them on the computer, so I got her something she could hold in her hand. Went to the grocery and loaded up on TV dinners. Took my chow home and put it away and then back to Osco to pick up the pics. It was around noon by this time, Erin was at my house cleaning. Hadn't been to the movies in eons. Asked her if she wanted to go to see Harry Potter with me. She had left her boys home with their Dad, and she said she would be in trouble if she did. Well I'm pretty used to female rejection. Even by my OWN daughter! Told her I
 understood and I did really, so I hied my ol paunchy butt over to the cineplex and laid down an exorbitant amount. I was about 45 minutes early, so I took myself a little nap. Guess the snoring worked! Movie was almost full but I had most of my row to myself. Alrighty then! Woke up for the movie. Wasn't too enthralled by this one. Fun to see Emma Watson grow into a beautiful young woman tho. Kinda like watching Annette Funicello do the same thing. That was considerably more intense as I was about her age and very interested in watching her and what was developing. Came home and finished the APOTD I had started that morning. Hope you liked it. Lumpy came home from work and presented me with a $1700 dollar bill from NKC Hospital. Oh joy. Tried futily to access my account at the insurance company's website. No doubt it's much easier when your not raging at the computer and the insurance company. She also shoved a gun auction flyer under my nose and said sweetly "Well I bet you have money for THIS!"  Thank you dear. Appreciate your kicking me when I'm down (to myself of course).     Got up this morning and decided maybe I did have the money. Drove clean over to Lawson, Mo. Looked at the guns and decided I DIDN'T have the money. Over 206 guns. But probably 300 guys there by the time I arrived. There wasn't going to be any bargains even at 10 AM on a Sunday morning. Why aren't all those rednecks in church??? Leave the guns to us heathens! There was a fake Thompson made out of real parts, that I have wanted for a looooong time. They were $300 when I first saw them some years back. Now Atlanta Cutlery is selling them for $799 with no clip. Everyone was talking about it so knew it wouldn't go cheap. A lot of money for essentially just a toy but it would look so cool on a display table. Guess I should have gone to Law school but never was a good lier so guess that wouldn't have worked either.
Stopped by the Liverty Antique Mall on the way home. Found a 30 round M-1Carbine clip for 5 bucks. Bought that and so got my artifact fix in. Drove on home and watched Spanglish AGAIN! Belive Paz Cruz has got me.Think maybe I'm a little old for her but what the hey? Raining hard here. Thunder and hail the last of November. Wow! Went and looked out the back door. BIG hail! Cool! 
Got some pics of EB's Jenny Rogers step-son over in Iraq. Warnock says he's packing an M-4 Carbine. His pard holds the Berretta 92 that everything I read says doesn't stop the bad guys. Hope his does.  Two young Screaming Eagles.  Newest of a very long line. Airborne guys. Keep your heads down! The world will not look the same when you come back
Terry at MKC



Whee Doggies! Big news today. The Original Golden Child (my sister's boy, Mark) popped the question to the lovely Angie and she said Yes!" Alright for Mark. His Mom told me today that he flew her to New York City and took her ice skating at Rockerfeller Center. He asked her on the ice. How about that ladies??? Are the males in my family romantic or what??? Expect it didn't hurt that he's a new Vice President with Chase Manhatten. Probably didn't hurt that she used to be a Dallas Maverick's Cheerleader either! Good looking couple. I hope it happens. I told my daughter but haven't told his Grandma. Think he should be the one to do that. If the family out there will please not mention it to her unless she does, I will be greatful.  Let's see. We have some EB hot flashes as well. Our Jenny's stepson is a guard at the Saddam trial in Iraq. She said she would send pics but nothing so far. Then we found out Brian Kemp AD1 USNR (retired) broke his arm Dumpster diving yesterday. On nooooo! Anything but falling out of a dumpster. Heard what he shoulda said all afternoon. Many very inventive, but guess the truth is out. Poor Brian. 

Back to the weekend. Drove up to Mom's about 3:30 Sunday. Peg came later. Visited some but she has so hard a time hearing what I say, so settled down in a chair and took a nap. Carriage Square had invited the familys for Thanksgiving Dinnner. Herry and Erin and the boys had to go to church and are coming up Thursday. They provided Turkey and ham and we were suppose to bring a covered dish. Chow went down at 6:30. I had a little turkey and some ham. Ate a pickle and a little dab of corn. No cherry pie. No brownies. No strawberry pie. Kinda proud of the old man. Finished supper and said my goodbyes. Not a lot of fun driving home with this cataract, so Monday morning I called and made an appointment with Dr. Moyes to have it removed. Not looking forward to it, but the Foster kids I grew up with have both had it done and said it was no big deal, so guess if Charlyn has the guts then Terry will as well. Marc always did have more than me. 

Had fun at Dirk's last night with PJ and the FNG. I know they thought they were out with the Ancient Mariner, but I don't think I put them to sleep. Anyway I hope not. Been so somnolent around work that It's hard to find anything to write about. Finally fixed the autopilot in Panhandle's 206 yesterday. The driver transistors are hot, and the new replacements are much taller than the old ones. The front transistor was touching some rivits in the mounting rack and shorting it out. Took awhile but we got it. Then went to their 182 and pulled the resistor clean out of the headphone line for their company radio. Volume not loud enough. Think it is now! Sure hope the 3rd time is the charm. Just about all we had. Warnock changed a Flight Director Horizon in a Bonanza this morning and aligned it with the laptop. I was suppose to pull a DME out of an Aztec and it turned out to be an ancient Narco DME 195 we aren't legal to work on anymore so that was nixed. So it goes at Downtown Airport. Sending the pics of the little R44 Helo I took yesterday. Lots of airplanes out there today but nothing but Lear Jets, Citations, Gulfstreams and the like. Just your common 20 million dollar jets.

Terry at MKC               




Well it was Monday morning, and we had a little work. A Marker Beacon in an Aztec that didn't work. Rod had checked the KMA-20 and the antenna on the bench last week so it looked like a bad antenna coax. Greatful to have something to do but not looking forward to stringing a new coax in an Aztec. Even one with all the seats out. There was a Marker Antenna under the baggage floor in the back, so I pulled the screws from the floor and gained access. We ran the generator out to the airplane and Rod hooked direct to the coax. Nothing. Pulled the glareshield and the plates off both sides to gain access to the rear of the panel to see how the coax was routed. Had Rod piush and pull on the coax so I could spot it. I did but it looked like it was headed for the nose instead of down a side panel. Got my trusty Monkey Wards tool box key and opened the nose baggage. Saw two coaxs headed into the radome. Glide slope had to be one but two? Pulled the partition down, and traced the coaxs. Yes theres the glideslope antenna. Where does the other go? Shazam Sgt Carter! Theres another Marker Antenna!. We pulled it out and Rod adjusted the tuning slug. Stuck it back in and now had lights and audio on all 3 markers. Alrighty then! Put the airplane back together and it was Noon.
Little Boss was going home sick and he told me there was a new St. Joe Baron on the ramp that was blowing the Autopilot Servo Power breaker.Fix it. Aye Aye Captain! Roger Wilco. Piddled at lunch as I had none. Sharon had sent me an e-mail wanted Devious's e-mail address. I tried to send it to her but it wouldn't go. Iowegian Sorensenized %#$#%^*(&%#$#@!! computer! Hey! The phone still works so went and called her and gave her the address. Devious. You play nice now. Sharon is a sweetheart.
Got the Baron in after lunch and sure enough. Turn on the Avionics Master and "Pop!" Prints said it hooked to all 4 servos. 3 are in the tail and fairly easy to access. One is under the spar and requires removal of seats and spar cover. I was betting that was the bad one. Try the easy ones first. Gained access to the tail and tried to stay off my sore rib. Had already cut myself. Yes, Erin. Airplane bit me. Unhooked the Yaw Servo. Nope still blows. Unhooked the pitch servo and yes! It doesn't blow the breaker anymore. Pulled the servo out with some difficulty, and gave it to Radar Rod, to order a new one from Honeywell. About 2 by this time. Nothing else showed up.
Came home and the Junkman called. He had picked up my Luger holster. Fired up the PT, and off I went to Parkville. Arrived at the Junkmans and yes! It looked like a real one. Had a Waffenamp on the back. WAa14 and the Nazi Eagle. P.08 for Pattern 1908 which was the Luger and a maker's name. Have to get my magnifiers at work to read it tho. Pretty pleased. Took some pics for you on the War Room Annex desk. Dang sure ain't mint but it is one. Going to send you the VF-2 FA-18 Hornet Bill Schultz sent from his big night aboard USS Lincoln as well. Hope you like
Terry at MKC
PS    Lumpy cooked me some supper!! Hot Dogs and rice. What can this mean??? Flabbergasted in KC

Veteran's Day. Hope you had a good one. This Veteran had to work, but at least not very hard. We started an XM Satellite radio install in an almost new C90 King Air yesterday. I had all of 5 wires to hook up. Mount the box. Put a coax feedthru in the bulkhead. Make the coax. Put the ends on it and done. About as simple as they come. Mostly done yesterday, and finished this morning when I got the feedthru.

Took off from work and went home and changed clothes, and headed north for Mom's. Also the opening of deer season so was on the watchout for paniced deer. None seen. Arrived in St. Joe to find the Perry sisters at Moms. They are Mom's older sister Dorothy's girls. Dorothy died the summer I was 17. She was 49. A dark bleak summer. Mom's Mother died that summer as well. I guess June and Nadine were sort of Mom's adopted kids in the 11 years between the loss of my brother and when I was born in 45. She loves them like they were her daughters and they are awfully fond of Mom as well. They come up from Branson twice a year to see Mom. They seemed glad to see me as I was them. June is 72 and Nadine 70. Still seems like they should be in their 30's with little kids. We ate at Carriage Square. Bland Lasagna. I passed on the ice cream dessert. Proud of myseld. Had to punch another hole in my belt today. 9 holes in that belt now, when there were none when I started.

We visited for awhile and had fun. Mom can mostly hear them, but almost never hears what I say. Lower register gone from her hearing I think. June's son Todd may get on with Southwest in Dallas. Guess he can't wait to get out of Oregon. Strange. Trying to work his way back to KC. Home. I knew that feeling. Getting late so headed home. Guess Erin had a church function so Peg went and babysat for her. She had gone with a coworker the night before to a Buddy Holley impersonator concert. Guess she had a great time. She's still humming "Peggy Sue". I got home about 9, and was on the computer when she got home at 10. Heard hollering from downstairs so went to see what she wanted. Just wanted to tell me Bradley was sick and coughing. Wonder why she couldn't come up here and tell me.

Erin came to clean tonite and brought both boys. Coop is just crawling everywhere, and in to everything. Before I got the dog food bowl off the floor he had some in his mouth. Not sure what was worse. The dog food or my finger getting it out of his mouth? Erin says she has caught him eating cat poop, so guess my finger hopefully will not cause something bad. Bradley seemed fine tonight. Full pf p--s and vinegar as always. Asked him if he could set still for 5 seconds. Of course I caught Hail Columbia from his Grandma. "You ought to be glad he can run and jump and play." Well I am but also would like to see him set still for just 5 seconds. He took the challenge. Climbed up on the couch beside me while I counted to 5. He looked at me with that Bradley mischevious grin and said "SEE!" Got down and continued his rampage. Yep. He CAN do it! Erin had some news. I guess Jerry has acquired Hawaii as a territory he's in charge of for Altech. Thinks they are going to send him over. Wonder if that bar is still there in "The Reef" Hotel? Yeah it was "The Reef" and not "The Ilikai." Corrected courtesy of AEWBARRONPAC vet Ross Ninger. Thanks for setting me straight Ross! For those of you non Navy types that stood for "Airborne Early Warning Barrier Squadron Pacific." Anyway hope he gets to go. Erin is excited. Hope she gets to go along as well. I remember the International Market Place on Waikiki and that tree house in the restaurant. The Club at Ft. DeRussy, and my first topless waitresses. Wow! Yeah I remember those!     Well Mom called me at work and said my picture made it in the News-Press's Veteran's Tribute. Hope some of my old St. Joe friends saw it. Maybe someone will scan it and send it to me.

Guess you remember the pictire of that Firefly project Peter sent from Australia. He sends another pic of the same typ of aircraft in service aborad ship. Also it seems he has a Folland Gnat in a hanger not far from him. Not much left but the paperwork before it can fly. 640 kts tops speed. Now THAT'S a toy! Thanks Peter!

Not much on tap for my weekend. Looks like a boring one. Hope yours is better.

Terry at MKC


Well it was bright and early this morning and on the road again to The Randy Man's House. Jayhawker Country. Not the best place for an old Missouri Puke, but I wasn't molested. Was heading down the road trying not to loosen my load.  Segar CD blaring. " She was a black haired beauty with points all her own. Points all her own....way up firm and high!" Like that song. When all of a sudden my Levis'd started buzzing. Hmmm. I like that song but it has never caused my britches to buzz before. Then it hit me. Cell phone! It was Randy making sure I was awake and offering me a breakfast Burrito. No thanks on the burrito but will take some coffee, OK?
Arrived safely at Randy's and he even let me in the house. Got my coffee and we sat and talked. He seemed in no hurry but I really wasn't either. Finally he said "It starts at 10 doesn't it?" Nope. Starts at 9. "Holy Cow! It's 9:15! Why didn't you tell me???" Hmmm. Maybe because I don't wear a watch, and your driving. We speeded up some then! Picked me up and slung my newly skinny buttt in his van and we were OFF! Yee Haw! Gun Show here we come!
Well we got there. Walked in expecting a MVAC show that we both get in free too. OH no!! It was a KC Military Collectors Show. 3 bucks please! OK Chuck. We will ante up. I had told Dave and Jim it was a Gun Show, and was afraid my posterior would find itself in a sling when they found out it was a military show.. Thankfully lots of guns there too. We walked the show, and I spotted a Remington made M-1891 Moison-Nagant rifle. I've got a Westinghouse made one, and a couple Russian Arsenal made ones. Always wanted a Remington but it had no price on it and the owner had left for Sunday School! Oh well. We walked awhile and then 9-Fingered Dave showed up. He didn't seem mad. Whew! No sign of Jim C. Walked some more. Bought a Springfield nipple wrench for 5 bucks, and a pistol soft case for 6. Figured that would be it, but then.......I saw it! A Roy Rogers gun.  Single Action Army Colt in 45 Long Colt. Italian made copy for Cabella's. Unfired. Cheap! Just about the last gun I don't own that I always wanted. What to do. I have a really nice stainless steel Smith and Wesson 686 Combat Magnum Defender that I bought in a "I need the money deal" off a friend of the Junkman's Nice gun but not really the kind I like. Almost threw it in the car this morning, but like so many things I oughta do, I didn't. Saw a friend that was in to big shiny hog legs and went and offered it to him at a bargain price. He said he would take it but wouldn't have the money for two weeks. OK. I had the money on me, but it's just about the last of my fun money. No overtime for two years has seriously depleted it. Don't want to be that close to rock bottom in case Lumpy throws me out. Need to be able to pay for a couple of nights at Motel 6. Expect I'm safe for 2 weeks so OK. Went and haggled with the owner some. Only got him down 10 bucks but hey! It's 10 bucks I don't have to spend! Walked off the proud owner. Randy and Dave suitably impressed with my insanity. Sure would like a real Colt but $1500 pistols are not and never will be in my budget. 
We walked out the door at about 11:30 fixing to leave when here comes Jim driving up. There had been two guys walking around all morning wanting to sell M-1 Garands, and that was what he was looking for. Of course they had both left when he got there. He seemed Ok that it was a military show. Said he liked that too, so we left him to it. Drove back to Randys. It was his wife's Birthday and I expected she was a might miffed that he had come out to play with me so I headed on home. I was going to stop in Edwardsville for a hot roast beef sandwich at my favorite greasy spoon, but remembered the KFC I had bought last night. Cold chicken and cole slaw sounded better and I had already payed for it so home I went. Took some pics of the new pistol and the one I'm selling so you can see too. I'm so happy! Sending one of an A-4 catching the wire on HMAS Melbourne that Peter C. sent. It IS called Aircraft Pic of the Day isn't it?
Terry at MKC        


Konnichi Wa, 

Well got to work a little Friday. Somehow Biozyme's IFR Certification slipped thru the cracks the last couple of months. We had it apart for a month and no one caught it. It was back this week to rearrange the panel, and no one caught it. Someone did after it left, so they brought it back Friday morning, and I was told to "Get Er Dun!" Drug my stuff out to the airplane and got it all hooked up. Turned on the Barfield and it said 871 ft. The pilot's altimeter read 815. At that altitude you are allowed an error of plus or minus 20 ft. It was a Sperry Air Data System which is untweekable by us. HMMM. Well 53 ft is a tad out of tolerance. Little Boss had the day off so went and told the Big Boss. He wanted to check a few more altitudes, and what he wants is what I do. I did and they were all about the same. 50 ft off. Went back with the bad news. He allowed that yes it needed fixed so he ordered a rental unit. I went and certified the co-pilot's altimeter with no trouble, and the transponders. Got done about 1:30. Had expected to have had to work late, but got lucky. 

Peg had taken her Mom and Bradley up to see my Mom in St. Joe. Got a call about 4 that Bradley wanted to spend the night. Normally I would have been delighted, but I have a sore rib, and knew what him spending the night would entail. He was here last Friday and we had fun but about 2 Saturday afternoon both Grandparents were about worn slick. Of course I was overruled and he and his Grandma showed up about 6. He was pretty good Friday night, but he woke me at 6 this morning wanting to play. Did my best, but young Master Brad is a 4 year old wrecking crew. Crashes and bangs and running dogs were abundant. She finally took him to the library with her and I crawled into the shower. Alone at last and hot water running over my aching body. Nice. 

Erin picked him up at the library and came to clean about 9. I hadn't wanted to leave that early for Mom's but quickly changed my mind and I was outta there! Went to McDonald's on Barry Road. Hate the long line there but I was in NOOOO hurry this morning. Got me an egg McMuffin and ate it as I drove north. Got into St. Joe about 2 hours early so did some looking. Went by my old high school frat brother Boyd Cunningham's Pawn Shop, but he was closed.Went out to Dean's Gun Shop out by the new Wal-Mart on the north Belt. He was open and I looked around awhile. Nothing I wanted or could afford so went to Jesse James Antique Mall up towards Savannah. Absolutely nothing I wanted there, so headed back south and arrived at Whiskey Creek about noon. I had never been in there before but it's in the Ramada Inn where we spent our two day Honeymoon. Had to get the kids in school on Monday. Her kids anyway, and the Caribbean was out of the question on 4 bucks an hour. I make 6 times that now and it's STILL Out of the question. Nice place. Found myself a stool at the bar near a TV and had a couple of beers. Then went to Mom's to see if my experiment worked. Sadly it didn't. She STILL couldn't hear me. Guess I should have let Peg get me Nuetered. Maybe my voice would be higher. She can hear women okay. Any of you neutered guys like to comment on that????  My e-mail address is jburrell@kc.rr.com. Please send any complaints to that address!

Mom wanted to go for a ride, and she wanted a malt so took her to the DQ on Mitchell and then drove aound to some places I had been wantin to take pics of. Another fun filled Saturday for Ol' Ginnis. I can hear the snoring out there in cyberspace. 

Guess I will head on out to the Randy Man's in the morning and go to the Lenexa Gun Show. Just got an e-mail from the owner of the Children's Mercy King Air asking for directions so guess I'll see him there as well. Jim is a Hell of a nice guy. He get's APOTD, and yes Jim. That IS known as brown nosing! 

Got a couple of OUTSTANDING pics from Peter. The first is A-4 Skyhawks aboard HMAS Melbourne. Looks like an Australian Destroyer coming up the port side of Melbourne with US Destroyer or Destroyer Leader leading the way. Aussie Helo hanging over them. The 2nd pic comes from a Limey buddy of Peter's and shows an aircraft I was completely unaware existed. It's an Armstrong-Whitworth AW52 flying wing. Apparently the Limey's wife witnessed the crash of this airplane in 1949. It was also the first successful ejection in the UK. Glad the pilot got out but it makes one wonder how many UN successful ejections there were before they got it right??? Great pics Peter!  Thank you! 

Terry at MKC



Well a lot of emotion today. Made a cable for the XM Radio we are installing in the Baron, and I almost made it too short. Had to reroute it a little in the back, and ended up with a big 4 inches too much. Whew! Guess it was as good as 8 feet too much, but I was not a happy camper. Got the box mounted on a shelf in the tail. Sliced up my forearms doing it and didn't even know I did it till I started seeing blood. Then the mechanics started looking at me funny, and finally Potter said "Do you know you have blood running on your forehead?" Nope. Didn't have a clue. Decided I would record it for posterity so got the camera and Potter did the honors. You lucky folks! 

I had a request from one of Sharon's pen pals on the APOTD list for some new pics of her. Sure! Guess I can ask. Gave her a call and she had aleady got an e-mail from him telling her to expect a little Irishman with camera in hand. Sharon said come on up, so at 2nd break up the stairs I went. That is so much easier to do than a couple of months ago. Thank you Devious! Knocked on Sharon's door and found her in stitches over someone wanting her pic. Waited till she calmed down and got a couple that I am going to share with the rest of the old sailors and coasties on this list. Maybe even one or two Civil War Reenactors.!  Nothing like a pretty woman to brighten your day. Thankee Ms. Fowler! 

Made a decision today to see if I can make a visit to Mom go a little smoother. Maybe a visit to Whiskey Creek Saturday and a couple of long necks will mellow me out. Going to give it a go anyway. Can't imagine it will hurt. Of course will wait till the suns over the yardarm to begin.

Peg's big open house at the Parkville Library was today. Much apprehension but guess all went well. She is working Saturday and taking Bradley up to see Mom Friday on her day off. I never call Mom that she doesn't ask if we are bringing Bradley. At 89 I guess little golden haired great grandsons are pretty important. She ought to be one happy old woman Friday. Expect seeing me Saturday will be a terrible let down. 

There is a little gun show in Lenexa at the VFW on Pflumm Sunday. I think I will go to it. The Randy Man says he wants to go and 9 Fingered Dave said there is a 70% chance he will be there. Ought to be fun with a good turnout from EB. If we could only talk Banker Jim into letting Tida go, eh? Sure like to watch Randy spend money! Don't know what he was like before the train hit him, but he is sure fun to be around these days. Memory not the best, but absolutely one of the nicest guys I know. That's Randy in the pic with a paper towel on his head. He has just re entered his physical self from what ever other dimension he occasionly goes to. Terry is lucky to have him at EB.

Well it's Beauty and the Beast (Beasts?) here at APOTD tonite. No airplanes. Just a pretty lady and two homely old men.

Terry at MKC




Nothing to do for two months and now we are covered up! Nice to have something to do. When you don't those that are working are resentful and it always seems somehow YOUR fault. Like somehow you are turning jobs down. Not a favorite feeling of mine. 

I started out going to make a cable for the XM Satellite radio we are putting in a St. Joe Baron. That got delayed while they decided where to put it and a church friend of the Little Boss's brought another damn Cessna in to work on. Someone had replaced his rotating beacon on the vertical fin with a strobe light and it was whining in the radios. We had a choke Cessna uses to get rid of the noise in their flashing beacons, so I spent the morning temporarily installing that. First at the junction of the horizontal stabilizer and the vertical fin and when that didn't work directly under the strobe light. The choke made absolutely no difference, so I was told to put it all back together

Then after lunch I was supposed to fix an intermittent GPS Nav flag. Of course it worked when I turned it on. Found if I pounded on the Ameri-King GPS/Nav switcher it would come and go. Pulled it out and took to the bench and made a temporary test harness. Worked good in there so sprayed all the connectors with contact cleaner. Stuck it all back together and it WORKED!  Couldn't get it to fail again. Hate those ones that seemingly fix themselves. I always have a lingering feeling they will be back and it will be MY fault. All in all a pretty good day and an even better evening. We will see what tomorrow brings, eh?

Got a picture of a Phantom II up on a post down in a park at Monett, Mo. Painted in Thunderbird colors. Wonder i it was one? From an old CW  Reenactor buddy, John Moloski. Then one from CDR. Dekker of a buddy of his in a USAF jet in Navy Uniform, dress sword, and a sign he made for the crowd! Yee Haw. Cdr. Dekker said it looked like something Devious would do. I concur. A couple more of the War Room and that's it for tonight.


Terry at MKC



Well Peg just came home from her Mother's and said her oldest sister Mary's first husband Bob is dead of a massive heartattack at 69. I never knew the guy but feel bad for his kids and grandkids who I do know. So sorry for them.

Got up Saturday morning and was told the wife was going to St. Joe to see MY Mom and I wasn't invited. Ain't my marriage a wonderful thing?? Guess we are going to alternate weekends. Oh well. At least it will save gas for me. She was going from Mom's to Erin's to bavysit so didn't expect her till late. I was sitting here at the computer and I heard her holler from downstairs. I started to get up and who should walk in but Master Bradley. Alright! He anounced he was spending the night at Mac Maw Maw's. The other grandparents are Spook Maw Maw's. Guess I will settle for the Mac. 8-D.

She got him to bed pretty good and he slept until 6. I did get bacon and eggs out of the deal. She will cook for HIM! But it was a long time from 6 until 2 in the afternoon when his folks came for him. He still in never not in motion. She was losing her wondeful Grandma persona about 1. His Mom finally came and she immediately collapsed on the bed. I went over to Sonic for a Burger, and then dropped by the Junkman's. The Chiefs game was on, and I can't bear to even be in the same room with it so came on home. Pretty much a nothing weekend. Did go out in the backyard and take a picture of my trees. For those of you in Texas and the California coast, this is what Autumn in KC looks like. Kinda purty doncha think?

Terry at MKC



Came in Friday morning to find Tida out on the ramp in jeans. Guess one of our customers was flying some ex-Chiefs players somewhere, and she was making sure it all went smooth. She is such a hard worker. Whatever the Boss is paying her it ain't enough!  Our place is so lucky to have someone of her caliber.

 Around noon the Little Boss came in and said Panhandle's Skylane was back, and the encoder was reading 2000 ft high. Oh joy! Is that the only airplane I am forever destined to keep fixing??? Wheeled my cart down to Bay 3....again. Hooked up the Transponder checker. It should have read 400 ft AGL. Instead it read -900ft. Well that durn sure ain't right but it also is durn sure not 2000 ft high. Hooked up the static box and sucked it up a 100 ft. should have read 500 ft. Ah Ha! It now read 47,200 ft! That must have rang a bell at ATC! Not many Cessna Skylanes cruising around at that altitude! Then it settled down to about 2000 ft high. As I went up tho, the altitude came down. There are 10 Code wires that are used between the encoder and the transponder to give the altitude readouts from -1000 to + 50,000 ft. The Little Boss got the chart and figured out we had lost the B2 wire. Pulled the transponder and the encoder and took to the shop. Everything of course worked peachy there, so went back to the airplane with an ohm meter and rang the B2 wire. It was all intact. Sprayed the connectors with contact cleaner and stuck the transponder and encoder back in. It all worked as advertized! Oral Roberts McGinnis had once again laid the hands of healing about a problem and fixed it. No idea how, but it was working. Reported to all concerned partys. Everyone figures it will do it again, but hard to fix when it ain't broke.

The FNG had been pestering me all week to go to Dirk's Friday night and get a beer. He bought last time so figured what the hey. Worse ways to spend a Friday afternoon. About 4 the Junkman called. Asked if I wanted to go to Dirk's. Told him I was already going but he was sure welcome to join us. He said he would meet us there. Victoria has threated in the past to come wih us, so ran thru the Big Boss's office and extended an invitation. Just what a 22 year old blonde wants to do on a Friday afternoon. Drink beer with a couple of 60 year old Geezers. However this time she said she would. Cool! Finally the quitting time buzzer rang and we all headed north. Arrived at Dirk's and found a table. Ordered a tenderloin and a pitcher. Victoria wanted a Bud longneck, so got her one of those. No sign of the Junman, so gave him a call. Just leaving the house he said and shortly his old skinny butt appeared in the door. I think a good time was had by all. John and Thad are Gearheads and they hit it off, and talked about restoring old cars. Hope Victoria wasn't too bored with all the guy talk. She drank her beer and said she had to go. Wanted to pay but said Girls don't pay around Ol' Ginnis. Not the way I was raised. She gave me a hug and went home to her honey. She's such a sweet girl.  Finished one pitcher and bought another. Thad had to drive to St. Joe so he split about 6:30. John and I sat there awhile longer. Watched a woman walk in with black wings on. Amazing what you see in a bar sometimes Saw my old co-worker Larry Alnutt and his Leavenworth Police buddys. Had a good time. Said goodbye to the Junkman. Drove the 5 or 6 blocks to the house. Went in and called the FNG. Got his wife. She sid he was home safe. So was it. Erin is supposed to come clean this morning. Hope she does. Would like to see my boys.

Terry at MKC




Well zippyde do dah going on today, but I hear we are going back to work Monday. Hope so. Tell you what I did yesterday. I expect you remember all the blood, sweat and tears I went thru getting the Motorola truck radio in Panhandles Skylane. Well their engine finally came in and they flew it for the first time the other day. Test pilot reported the To-From flag on the number one VOR was backwards. I have a long time in this business but had never heard of that one except on a new install where the wires were crossed and these were 25 year old radios. I took our Nav tester down to Bay 3 (where else???) and turned it on. The to-from flag WASN'T reversed. It was always on From. No matter what the OBS was set at. But I also found the glideslope was chest to the sky. Not a wiggle. Reported this to Mark, and he said fix it. The glideslope receiver is in the tail and I feared the worst. The worst being I had cut a wire stringing wires for the new radio. If so it meant pulling all the interior back out. OH NOOOOOO!.

First things first. I pulled the #1 radio and VOR and gave to Rod. I also pulled the Glide Slope Receiver, but the VOR was prioity. This was Wednesday afternoon. Thursday morning Rod had the VOR fixed. Bad chip. And he had checked the G/S. It had 4 bad channels out of 40, but the frequency I was testing it on worked fine..It's been a long time since we had a radio in the shop that had crystals in it, but this one did, and it needed a couple of new ones. Took all radios back out to the airplane and reinstalled. The VOR worked normally but the glide slope was still dead as a hammer. Checked with another antenna. Still no joy. Checked for power and ground at the receiver. I had a ground but no power. OH NOOO! Thought of a cut wire and pulling all the seats back out ran thru my head. Went and got the electronic short finder from the tool crib. What a wonderful tool. It said I had 31 feet of wire on the power pin, so new it wasn't a cut wire in the belly. Oh Happy Day! The problem had to be behind the panel.

I had a print on the radio and the glideslope but it did NT show how it hooked together. Took an ohm meter and a long lead and found it didn't ring to the radio but straight to a circuit breaker. Wellit must be the breaker but when I touched it it was hot. Hmmm. Went back to the tail and I now had power where I didn't before. Hmmm! Hooked it back up and it was still dead. Just about out of ideas. I pulled the pilot's seat and got under the panel and started  wiggling wires with Warnock watching the indicator. YES!..then NO!. Looking for a bad splice.

I knew there was power at the breaker but could find none. Decided to replace it anyway. Pulled the Avionics breakers loose and pulled the screws out of the back of the breaker. Then I saw it! The screw that went thru the buss bar into the breaker had a shank on it. It would get tight but not against the buss bar. Ran out of threads before it hit it. Replaced the breaker anyway and got another correct all threaded screw. Got it hooked up, and wonder of wonders! The damn Glideslope worked!!! Only took 5 hours to find it!!! I'm so GOOD!   Expect you might get some disagreement from the Panhandle boys. Can you call a 72 year old man a boy?? Well Whitman is younger than me. A LOT younger. Anyway it's fixed. Always a good feeling.  Replaces the panic and despair when I don't have a clue. 

More pictures of the Collings Foundation B-24 and B-17. They left Monday morning. It was fun to come to work and see those two distinctive shapes on our ramp. Sometimes working at the airport is very, very cool! 

Terry at MKC                 



I want to thank all of you that have sent notes of sympathy in regards to the passing of my dog Shelby. We got Shelby as a pup and he was named for that famous Missouri Rebel Joe Shelby. Commander of the "Iron Brigade." When the Civil War was over the Iron Brigade headed for Mexico and never surrendered. Their colors were dropped in the Rio Grande. My Shelby never surrendered either. At least the woman he adored for 15 years was holding his head when they gave him the shot. Peg said Dr. Deem was wonderful. They made a horrible thing bearable.

I got up that morning, and let Shelby out in the cold dark twilight. One more time around the yard he had spent his life guarding. He came trotting down the yard as I backed out of the garage. I stopped and got out, Scratched his ear and said good bye. He heard Peg call him from the back door. His ears went up and he turned and headed for her voice. I stood there watching.....for the last time. "So long old friend." I will never see you again in this life. Never hear your scratch at the back door. Never see you behind the door to the War Room when I come home, waiting patiently for Peg. Shell is to be cremated. I have grown too old to dig a hole in the back yard for him and was afraid the other two might try to dig him up if I did. Peg says his ashes will be scattered over Rolling Hills Pet Cemetery. Seems too little for someone who has loved us so much.

I know there might be some among you who will say "What's the big deal? He was only a dog." Sorry. I can't think that way. He was my friend. Protector of my girls. Watch Dog. He would have given his life for Peg. What more could you ask of man or beast? Jack Carson sent me an e-mail today. In it was the poem "Ol Shep". He said he thought I could probably handle it now. I couldn't. Read a few lines and the tears were already running. Not the thing you want to do around your co-workers, so I saved it and wiped my eyes. Silly old fool eh? Gonna read it later Jack. I always wake up in the middle of the night. I will read it then. No one around to see an old man's tears in this dark bedroom. Just the glow from the screen, and memories of my friend.

Terry at MKC



Click here: "The Power of the Dog" - Rudyard Kipling, Book, etext 

Sorry Folks. No APOTD tonight. Shelby our 15 year old dog is being put down in the morning. Just going to send you some pics of my faithful friend. 15 years and just the blink of an  eye. Shelby I hardly knew ya. So long old friend

Dad-----Shells Dad




Well after a beautiful Friday, this weekend has sucked. Cold, dark and rainy. Peg thinks she has either got the flu or another bowel obstruction is in the works. Been hanging around waiting to take her to the ER, but she says she feels better this morning. I sat on the floor last night in her bedroom and we watched the "100 Greatest Quotes From the Movies".First time we have watched something on TV together in years. I was amazed she turned off the Soap Channel. Even got thru it without her trying to rip my guts out. Also amazing. It won't last. It never does, but kinda nice not to be alone for a change.

Erin came to clean yesterday morning. Left Cooper with his Daddy, but brought Bradley. Got to talk to Erin for awhile while Grandma entertained Brad, and that was nice. I was always the bad guy when she was growing up. Her Mom would pretty much let her do anything and I was always the one that said NO! We were not friends. However since she went away to College, married and has a job and a family of her own, I think we have become friends. She has never done anything but make me proud. She graduated from college when I never thought she would. Her step sister's Dad was a very smart man, unlike Erin's Dad and they were much better in school, but Erin is focused and she worked hard and she did it! She even has her Masters now. Was so proud of that. No shacking up with some guy. Yeah I still consider living with some jerk "Shacking Up." She found the man she loves and she did it the old way. She married him and then lived with him. 9 years now this month. So proud of that. She wanted children, and like her Mom got pregnant 3 months after her marriage. Tragically it was a tubal pregnancy and the Doctor had to take the baby and the tube. She was heartbroken as were both sets of grandparents. The Doctor warned us there was a 50% chance she could never be pregnant again and that was a blow for all of us, but 5 years later she did! You all know the Golden Child. What a day that was when she gave birth to a healthy little boy. Grandpa's wish had come true. Then 3 years later came Cooper and Grandpa was doubly blessed. Erin worked hard for a job in education, and got the job teaching kindergarden she wanted. She is quite a girl. Her Dad is so proud of all she has done and accomplished, and even better I think we like each other these days.

Anyway it was nice to talk to her yesterday. Bradley didn't want to go home and his Mom told him he had to. I didn't know he was mad and went in Peg's bedroom and picked him up and tried to tickle him. He always loves to wrestle. Heck he's a boy. But he was mad and didn't want to.  He sat up and "Pow! Let me have a good one. Knocked my glasses off. Wasn't expecting it but I got the picture. He didn't want to play. Wonder where he gets that temper??? His Mom, Grandpa and Great Grandpa McGinnis were always such meek, mild people. Strange doncha think?

Guess I will head on up to Mom's after I finish this. Not looking forward to it especially on a cold gloomy day, but the old woman is lonely and I know how that is. I guess if she wants to see her son then her son ought to get his worthless butt up there. So he will.

No new aircraft pics to send you so I went down in the War Room and took some pics of the stuff hanging on my walls. There are two Hornet pics. One of CV-8 that I found at a Flea Market, and one of CVS-12 (my ship) that I bought in the Ship's Store in 67. A couple Dale Gallon prints of the Civil War. One is "Spring Fire". One of a seies of 4 featuring branches of the Confederate Army. This is the infantry one. I understand the Autumn cavalry one is now worth thousands. Oh well. I toted a musket, and not a saber and pistol. The other is "The Battle of the Hemp Bales" which happened just across the Missouri from where I grew up in Lexington, Mo. and where I think I had relation participating. I was part of the reenactment of that battle three times on the original battlefield. I think Erin was with me twice. My Mom was Den Mother to my Cub Scout group and she took us on a field trip there when I was 9 to see the Anderson House. 30 some years later I lay a casulty on the back porch of that same house. Erin was with me there twice. She liked reenacting. She liked the Candle Light Tours we often did for the public and where the women and girls got to participate. I think maybe those 17/18 year old boys in the Federal Camp may have been the reason she liked to go. Whatever we both had fun, and ain't that the name of the game? Boys just want to have fun TOO!

OK. Back to the pics. There is a WWII shoulder patch board I got at an auction in Kingston, Mo. A Japanese Soldier's prayer flag that I got at a garage sale and Erin had framed for me. One of me in Confederate uniform. It was painted by an Air Force Major's wife that reenacted with us. She was a sweet woman and for some reason liked my old tattered carcass. I was touched when she gave it to me. Certainly not a Van Gogh or a Monet`, but I liked it nonetheless. Guess that's i for today. Hope your weekend is not as gloomy as mine.

Terry at MKC



What a wondeful day at old Downtown Airport for Terry! The cold and the rain replaced by a beautiful blue sky. WWII airplanes on our ramp. WWII vets and their ladies in our lobby. That would have made it such a great day but there was more. I went upstairs to Accounting to cash a check. Went by Tida's door. "No. I am going to let her alone. I'm not going to let her think I;m following her around to get a hug." Started down the hall toward accounting and heard a soft wolf whistle. Looked around to see what was being whistled at. Aye Caramba boys and girls! It was Tida whistling at me!  She ran down the hall and the next thing I knew I was getting the best hug ever! Thought to myself "This must be what it's like to be Pierce Brosnan, George Clooney, or Tom Cruise." I will never ever be those guys, but at that moment I thought I must know how they feel. A beautiful woman in my arms. My face in her hair. Don't get a whole lot better than that for Terry. Said goodbye and many thanks to Tida and went on down the hall. Found Stephanie setting on her desk with her legs crossed and on a conference call with Tavis. She smiled at me and got down and came into Tavis's office to cash my check and She gave me the nicest hug! Lord! What a day. Now Terry can tell when I get a perfuntory hug. , but those two were not. They seemed to actually want to. I was stunned and truly amazed. Thank you ladies. Terry owes you. 

Got some wonderful chow for dinner and walked out to see the old airplanes. I was going to ask them how long they were there for, but of course forgot. There was a charter bus there and many old pilots and crew that had risked everything in those planes when they were young to keep this country free. So great to see them and the planes they flew. Not much else going on, but so great a day anyway. Walking about 6 inches off the ground, and trying nort to think about what was coming Saturday.

Our old 15 year old dog Shelby has grown just about completely incontinent. Papers all over the house like when he was a pup. So hoped he would die peacefully in his sleep and spare us what I knew was coming. His predecessor Panda, who was so much like him, had died at the foot of Peg's bed one night. So hoped Shell would do the same. Peg and I decided two nights ago it couldn't go on like this. He is senile and only seems to know her. He can barely walk. Almost deaf. All good reasons I know but it seems like killing an old and trusted friend. I will miss old Shell. When we got him 15 years ago, I told the wife that he was the first dog I ever had I thought might outlive me. He almost has. Hell he may yet. Peg tells me our vet is getting married Saturday, so Shelby and I have a reprieve. Another couple of days. Pray for us.

Tried to get a pic of the Bombers at work yesterday morning, Still very dark and you can't see much but the Downtown lights so sending some pics of some of the characters I work with, plus my neighbor Fred McDowell's obituary. I know it means nothing to anyone but me but I wanted to do it in memory of a friend.

Terry at MKC




Just back from my neighbor to the north's vistation. He's been a friend to me and my dogs since we moved here in 1977. Always had a dog biscuit for Marm and Shelby. Fred McDowell was his name. He was retired from Braniff when we moved here so must have been near 90. His kids and wife were laughing about Marm, and Fred always giving him doggie treats. Nice they could laugh because of my dog. He spent his retirement in the Civil Air Patrol, and they had a CAP Honor Guard at his coffin. I know he would have liked that.

Well what else? Had to put databases in the new Beechjet this morning. It was locked and the key was upstairs in Charter so I chugged up there and got it. I was just finishing downloading the last floppy when I saw Tida run out on the ramp and get into 701CP. Ah Ha thinks the old man. If I can catch her, she can take the key back upstairs and I won't have to climb the steps. Got it done. Turned the aircraft off. Locked the door and headed over to the Beechjet she climbed in. She was talking to some pilots with her back turned. I knocked on the door. She turned and saw me. Hopped out and I got a good one! UMMM UMMM. Like those! Asked her if she would take the key back up for me and told her I didn't come over here to get a hug. She said "Tough! You got one!" Then got to thinking maybe she thought I didn't want one. NOOOO! Tida, if and when you read this please know I just wanted you to know I didn't track you down just to get a hug. NOT that I didn't want one. You know I always do. Just didn't want you to think I was following you around to get one. Does that make sense? Hope so!!!

Got stuck back on the check hauler 210 after 2nd break. They changed the engine on it and have had noise in the comm receivers ever sense. Supposedly only happened in the air. I couldn't duplicate it on the ground. Finally they got Delia to fly it and Chris Jackson went with her. Noise went away when the alternator was shut off. So they changed the alternator. TWICE. Didn't help. So they ordered a big inline noise filter. I got to do that this afternoon. Did a temporary job and went out and ran it. Brian Kemp said it was better but not much. Guess we will try something else tomorrow. Better than setting around I guess.

Kinda down last night after hearing about Fred, and didn't have a blessed thing to talk about. Think you may have already seen the pics I'm sending. Came from one of our helicopter pilots. Scenes of the flight deck after the blizzard we went thru, and a couple of the Russian Destroyer that followed us around. Bessledny I think it was. 1967. I was 22. Damn that's depressing. Co workers Father in Law dieing. Kidnys shut down and heart very bad. He's 60. My age. There but for the grace of God go I the saying goes. He had had diabetes since he was 17. Guess I'm lucky to have missed that. Amy, his daughter is a friend. Known her since she came out to events with Jeff. So sorry for her.

Terry at MKC



Well a pretty full weekend but really nothing exciting to tell about. Got a call from the Junkman Satuday  morning. He was having an impromptu garage sale, and needed some company so I got dressed and headed south to Parkville. Stopped at the bank and got some cash. Junkman wanted some Egg McMuffins so went across the street to get him some, but the line was out of the parking lot and down the street. Looked like it would be noon before I got to the window, so had to tell John he would just have to starve. Sat around with him awhile, but was kinda miserable, so said good bye and headed to St. Joe to see Mom.

When I got there she wanted to go to Perkins, so I took her. Not my favorite but whatever she wants.. We finished eating and she wanted to go for a ride, so we drove around awhile. Went by the Storage place, and told them they could have their space back. Might even get a little money back to boot so was worth the trip. Drove by the FNG's, but didn't stop. Took her home and headed on back for mine. The Junkman called and a neighbor of his that is an antique dealer stopped by and told him she had a Luger holster for sale. He wanted to know if I wanted it. Sure, if the price was right. It was, but it's at an Antique Mall downtown. Guess she's going to get it and bring it for me to see. Let you know how it goes.

Sunday was my Mother In Laws 87th Birthday party at Peg's youngest brother's house over in Gladstone. Peggy has 2 sister's and 5 brothers and all but one was there. Tim's 2 boys of course were there. Mary's girl Kathy and her 2 girls Heather and Kristen were there. Mom and both girls just gorgeous. Janie's two boys Vince and Steve were there. Danny brought Tyler and Andrea. Jerry and Erin came with the Grandboys. The house was full with kids, grandkids, and great grandkids. Tim and Robin fed us well. Deviled eggs! Yum!  

Bradley about bit his tongue in two Friday at preschool, but was showing no ill effects. He was a ball of fire. Tim has a trampoline out back, and Bradley and Tim's youngest Alex were having a ball playing on it. Cooper is not mobile. He is crawling and pulling himself up. 9 months old, and still the happiest laughinest baby I was ever around. Erin sat him in the yard and he had the best time playing with leaves. Pretty cool to set with a cold long neck and watch your grandson explore the world. Everything so new to him. Virginia got a lot of loot, and I think all had a good time at her party. I know I did. Danny's 2 kids brought there Prom albums and we got to look at those. Seems like both those kids should still be Cooper's size and now going to high school proms. Tyler looks like a middle linebacker and towers over his folks and the rest of this semi dimunitive Irish clan. His Prom date was just gorgeous! They sure didn't look 16 in those pics.

I headed on home about 5. Forgot to give Bradley a hug, but he caught me at the door, and said "Bye Pa Pa." Aww shucks kid. I'm sorry. He got his hug. No way to buy that feeling I had with my grandson in my arms. His little arms around my neck. Can't think about that much or I won't be able to type. 

Started APOTD. Answered some e-mails. Got a better response to "Terry's Natural Highs" than I thought I would. I sent one that was forwarded to me the other night, and a lady on the list said she had thought I had wrote them, until she said she saw it was forwarded to me. Got the impression she was a little diappointed I hadn't written them. Not one to diappoint a pretty woman, I decided I would write some for her and for you. I think she liked my efforts, and several others did as well. As I told Bob Leberak, I was afraid it was a little "girlie" for a 60 year old man to write something like that and share it with his friends, but as I told Bob, it sure wouldn't be the first time I had made a fool out of myself in front of my friends. 

Pics tonite are from Bill Schultz from a recent trip to USS Boxer. Cool stuff young William gets to do as the President of his local Navy League chapter. That's him and the lovely Mrs. Schultz witht the Golden Gate Bridge behind them. Thanks Bill! Thanks Sally! 

 Terry at MKC




Well I'm back. Bet most of you didn't even know I was gone, did you?  Well I missed YOU! Have had some good things happen lately as well. Cdr. Dennis Reynolds has fought for years to get us 4 year guys accepted into the Fleet Reserve Association.This year he got it done! If Lumpy will let me have 40 bucks I think I'm gonna sign up. I feel like I need to be part of something. Got into reenacting for, in part, the camraderie. Get pretty lonely sometimes. Guess I'm like anyone else. Need a little affection from time to time. Got TWO Sharon hugs today. Had to crawl out from under a Hawker on my hands and knees but would have crawled considerably further for just one of those. Thanks Sharon. Did get my first Tida hug in a long time last Friday. Aren't those EB women nice to a little old fat man??? Life would be pretty awful without the wonderful women in my life that take the time to make me smile. Thank you ladys. Terry thinks your GRAND! 

Did have a little to do. Stall ident check on the same Hawker. Mostly followed the FNG around, being his squat switch pusher. He assimilates printed instructions better than I, and I'm too old to learn much anymore. The new test box we used for the first time worked up iuntil the last test,  but the FNG figured it was labeled backwards, so we got it done. 4 o:clock and some Doctor's Turbo Skylane had a dead battery. Looked in all the usual places. Took awhile but I found it. Then I couldn't get it out without removing some exhaust pieces. Little Boss said to charge it in the airplane.....tomorrow. Lots of airplanes on the ramp but nothing neat and unusual.

Did have some bad news. The new pork processing plant in St, Joe had a natural gas explosion yesterday. One killed. Many hurt. The one killed was Andrew Bauer  and he was a childhood friend of our Josh Johnson. Both grew up in Stewartsville, Mo. Josh said Andrew was in his house more than he was. Too damn bad. So many people around here and tragedys like that seem to always be close to home somehow. Somebody's aunt, cousin friend. Sad.

Got a couple of nice comments on my Shiloh story from two awfully nice females, but I don't know if it interested the rest of you. More? Or shut the heck up? Been doing this since I think around 97, and I'm about out of Navy stories. Yea or nay.? 

Peter Cleaver has a friend that has two Macchi jets in his yard. He is building a big shed to restore them. He also has a son in the RAAF that is certified to fly Macchis so he is going to get one flying. At least that's the plan. Peter and some of his mates have volunteered to help. Wonder how many cases of Foster's it will take before it's in the air???   Sounds like a cool project, and something all can be proud of on completion. Peter sends pics of the Macchis sitting in the yard. Hope you like!!! 

Terry in KC



A repeat of Monday. Nothing! Pulled the radar out of Children's Mercy's King Air. Rod needed a part so stuck it back in, and that was it. All damn day. Getting a little scary

 I never did finish my Shiloh tale did I? We got thru the inevitable after event traffic jam. Me and the newly named Buford. Let's see Bu was about 23 when this went down and I was what...42 I think. We drove north thru Jackson, Tennessee, and crossed the Mississippi we me driving. I think we traded places at the River and turned over the reins to Kurt. He woke me up at New Madrid, Mo. "I'm too sleepy!" OK. You sleep. I'll drive to Wentzville. Got there OK and should have got a motel, but he had been asleep a couple of hours so woke him up. He took over...for about 1/2 hour. "I'm too sleepy!" jeez Bu. I know you slept like a log at the event! OK. I'll take over. Down I-70 we went. Started slapping my self in the face to stay awake around Higginsville. Finally the lights of Kansas City. Hey isn't there a song I like by that name??? Got off I-70 onto I-435 and headed north across the Missouri. Almost home! Slapping face almost continuous now. Wonder I didn't kill us both!

Off I-435 and west on 210. Northtown. Still alive. Still awake. North on I-29. Here it comes. 72nd Street exit. North on Prairie View. Almost. Almost. West on 77th Terrace. Two blocks. HOME! Thank you!! Parked in the driveway. Buford got his stuff out of my truck. Said "See you later." Unlocked the garage door and staggered into the house. I was pulling off my uniform I had had on for 3 days when "BAM, BAM, BAM on the garage door. Oh God. What now?? Jerked open the garage door and there stood Buford. "My truck won't start! Can you give me a jump?" Normally I would have been glad to but at this particular moment in time I was less than pleased!! Found the jumper cables. Got in the truck shirtless and shoeless. Afraid I might have left a little rubber in the driveway backing up! Wheeled it around in front of his truck. Hooked the jumper cables up. Grind....grind...Va-ROOM! Thank you Lord. Sadly I said "Buford. Get in that SOB and go home. If you pound on my garage again I'm going to take one of those big tires off'n that truck and stick it where the sun don't shine!!! He slunk off into the night. Felt bad later but that little s--t had only driven about 2 1/2 hours of the whole trip back. Staggered back in the house and think I slept all that night and most of the next day. I was TIRED !!! A good event. Lots of joy. Lot's of pain. The things memorys are made of. Good memorys.

Terry at MKC

Pics are from Bill Schultz of the Blue Angels over the skys of San Francisco. Bill took hem from the deck of the Coast Guard Buoy Tender Aspen. Hope you like.




Monday? Well it was Monday. Reference the "Mamas and the Papas." "Monday, Monday. How I hate that day. Nothing to do but pull lighting batterys. Charge lighting batterys. Function check lighting batterys. Recharge Lighting batteries. Hardly an exciting topic for APOTD.

 Tuesday? Much the same work wise but so much more going on. Walked up to see an Army Blackhawk on the ramp. Much the same as the Apache up at St. Joe. Just no ordnance, but worth a few pics, so I took some. Had to put the lighting batteries back in the Beechjet I took out yesterday. New interior. There are 4 batteries and they go above windows in the cabin. Between the upholstery and the aircraft skin. 2 bolts. Try bending over backwards trying to hold the battery up. Align the holes and try to start an AN-3 bolt with a flashlight in your mouth! At age 60! Well I wanted a high paying career in aviation. Got the career part anyway. Jim is back from his knee replacement, and he had his two batteries in before I got the first bolt started. Oh well. I might have made a good history teacher.. Finally got the bolts secure. Function tested them and headed back to the shop.

Saw the first bay was cleared of airplanes  and they were moving in tables and chairs. Then guys in suits and tall ladys in black panty hose. Tailored jackets. Skirts and very high heels. Nothing like a woman in heels, skirt, and black hose. Like that look. Found out the Governor of Missouri was going to give a talk on Aviation in Missouri. No place for a Leprechaun in an EB uniform so stayed far away. If the Gov showed I didn't see him. Lots of tenants I recognized tho.

Then Leslie got my attention. Said there was a flock of T-37's coming and did I want her to call when they arrived. YES!  She did, but they weren't T-37's. They were the Canadian Snowbirds making a fuel stop from an Airshow in Houston. Cool! Headed out on the ramp and asked one ot their pilot's if it was ok if I took pictures. "Sure!" So I did. First there were two. Then six, and then all 10. The Rocket took some too. That's our Kenyan, George Muchori leaning against one. George is tall and very thin. Someone enlarged a bar code and stuck it on the Parts Room wall. Under it they wrote Muchori family reunion! Made George laugh. Whew! Had one of the Snowbirds ask me where they were. "Kansas City of couse." Then he asked "What State?" Jeez! Missouri!!! GD Kansas is over .......there!! He said they were headed for Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. "So where do you live?? Oh I live in Moose Jaw." Canadians.....eh? 

They all got fueled. All fired up and headed for the runway. I thought their aircraft were French Trainers, but the little Boss looked it up and said they wre Canadair aircraft. Sure not as spotless as the Blues. Bill Schultz sent some great pics he took of the Blues over San Francisco. But that's for another day. Jack Carson got some pics of a CDF Stoof at I think Weed, Ca. on his way back home from his Mom's operation, but those too will have to wait. Haven't had any new pics in awhile and now a vertible plethora! 

After they were gone I heard the Owner's sister Janet had made a National Tabloid. She was very excited and was passing out copies. Asked her if it was OK to scan and pass on to you all. She said Please do, and tell them to vist the website. Had Victoria scan it and send it to me at home, and now I'm sending to you. 

Decide it was time to ask the uniform man for some new pants but before I did I wanted you to see the new Ginnis. Had the FNG take a couple of pics to show off the still fat but a little skynnier Stoof Fixer. Hope you approve!. Had a lady ask me if I was going to get my dress blues out for the next reunion, Maybe. We will see. All for today and I hope you like




Got my new bifocals Thursday night. They are pretty much a bust. Devious told me they would be. I CAN read road signs better and furthur away but only with the good eye. The one with the cataract is no difference. I can't use them here to type. Have to tip my head back too far to read the screen. Oh well. We tried.

Picked up my sister Thursday evening. She had come out of 100 degree heat in Texas and was not quite prepared for the 50 degrees she walked into out of the airport terminal. Her husband says she is bright. Hell she has a Masters, but while his thought processes are sequential he says hers are random. He has a Phd. Much smarter man than I. I just thought she was nutty as a pet coon. 8-D We had a good talk about Mom on the way to St. Joe. She brought me two great WWII books. Nice of her

Friday Doc Revare showed up at Mom's place. Mom worked for his Dad in Richmond, and young Paul was often at Mom and Dad's house. They just lived across the street. Paul became a Doctor like his Dad, and when the time came he delivered my daughter. Guess you could say he's pretty familiar with my family. I always tell that he slept with my Mom......when he was 8 ! Anyway he came to visit her and they loaded her up and went to look at other assisted living places in St. Joe. They really liked Country Squire and it's a 1000 bucks a month cheaper than Carriage Square. I got a call at work and Melinda said Doc Revare really liked it and was talking it up to Mom. I thought we were going to move her.      Then Saturday morning I get another call. "I've been here with her long enough to see she can't do ANYTHING for herself!" She needs to stay where she is. DARN! Nothing like being whipsawed by your sister, but I guess the main thing is what's best for Mom.

My sisters son showed up at my house about Noon Saturday. He is a new VP for Chase Manhatten in Dallas. He had come to help move, and to see his Grandma. He is the original Golden Child in the family. Believe his status may have been reduced a little with the arrival of Master Bradley, but Mom is still nuts about him. I was waiting to pick up his Dad at the airport, but he said he would do it, so I headed on to St. Joe.

Arrived there to find Pam Hope had taken Melinda to the storage locker to survey what they were taking. What would this family have done without Pam Hope? I shudder to think. My sister had been with  her Mom for 24 hours and was ready for a padded cell. Shame they closed the State Hospital for the Insane in St. Joe> A full day with Mom would put you there. Shortly Mark and Robert arrived and I took them all over to the U-Haul place on the Belt. They got the truck and we all drove to the storage locker. It went easier and smoother than I thought. Mark was a big help. My sister only broke the leg off one dining room chair. All the res was loaded with no mishaps. Back over to Mom's. Mark was staying the night. Robert and Melinda got her suitcases and headed for Wichita to spend the night. On to San Antonio today. Cost them a bundle but at least they have the family heirlooms and they will stay in the family. Mom bought that dining room set in the middle 30's. Nice to see them all even if for a very short time. At least Melinda was able to get a handle on what money Mom has left. Mark took Mom to see her 94 year old brother in Richmond today. He just called from there and they are heading now for Erin's in Smithville. Guess I will run on up.

Sending you a pic of my Sister and her Grandaughter. Plus a couple of old ones from the files. All for now

Terry at MKC


What a wonderful, cool, beautiful day at Downtown Airport. I did virtually nothing. Fooled around with an old check hauler this morning that supposedly had a loud squeal in the speaker but could find no squeal. What I found was neither radio would transmit and #2 appeared dead. Wouldn't receive either. Reinserted the mic and reracked the radio and all seemed to work so I sent it home. Warnock spent the day chasing a lighting problem in a Beechjet and the FNG spent the day chasing an audio bleed over problem in a NASCAR King Air. Neither one successful....yet. Spent a little time in training on REPS. How to use Beech Manuals on line. Had never even heard the term until today. Only fell asleep two or three times. Pretty good for me. BORING! amd expect I will never have an occasion to use it anyway. So glad this stuf came at the end. Not smart enough to comprehend most of it. Thank heaven I won't have to much longer.

Our Chief Pilot quit I found out today. Preston is going to fly for Fed Ex. Good luck to him. A quality guy. The good ones always seem to leave. Only Tida came back. The jerks stay forever. Guess that's why I am still there

Guess you read Jim Lambert's letter about his son being at EB Monday. Went looking for the RCR Racing Brazilian Bandit he rode in on today and found it. The first two pictures are of it. Expect you can see the RCR logo on the tail. Also had a very rare for Downtown Dornier DO-358 turboprop. That's the high wing twin. Belongs the Litle Boss said to Sabco Motorsports. Also a picture of the Brewco Motorsports King Air that the FNG was working on, and one of a Lear belonging to Kevin Hardick.Wonder if that name got him in a lot of fights. Probably didn't impress his date's fathers either. 8-D 

 Got a book yesterday from my cousin Delores written by a friend of hers. Expect it's a gut wrencher but going to try to read it. Scanned the cover for you. Thanks De! You are still a sweet lady. My best to your Mom and Dad

Terry at MKC




Well Sunday really stunk.  Sat here all day. Watched Eurotrip twice. Michelle Trachtenburg is a honey. Watched Spider Man 2 twice. Really like that last scene where Kristen Dunst leaves the Astronaut standing at the alter and goes for the short homely kid. Expect all us short homely kids like that one. Not many of us can sling webs tho, like Spidey. Also heard "Butch" from "The Little Rascals" had passed away. Spanky and Alfalfa's arch nemisis. Guess he can threaten the anew with knuckle sandwich. That is if they all 3 ended up in the same place. So long Butch. Terry will miss you.

Got up this morning early and watched Arnold in "True Lies" or at least some of it Jamie Lee Curtis is so good and so watchable. Loved her Mom Janet Leigh. Never cared much for her Dad. Loved the movie "The Vikings" but never could quite see Tony as a half English half Scandanaian. Course Eric Douglas was the son of a Russian Jew and he made a damn good Viking.

Certified an Aerosonic Encoding altimeter for the Little Boss this morning. Forget what we took it out of. Some European King Air I think. Baro Scale in millibars and not inches of mercury. Useless in the US, and kid of tought to check the baro scale error. Found another altimeter that had both millibars and inches of mercury. I would set the scale where I needed to check in inches. Look at the corresponding millibars and set the one I was certifying accordingly. It worked.

Changed out a FMS in the St. Joe News-Presses Lear 45. Then had to install the new database. Relatively easy, but still a little sweaty.  That was about it for today. Sent you an e-mail from Jim Lambert. His son was at EB today. Didn't find me. Hate that. Would sure like to meet him. Got to have the digital ready when he comes back for to show his Pappy.

Made an appoitment with the Big Dick's Optometrist brother for Thursday. Guess it's going to cost me. Hope it's just glasses, and not something more serious. Sure is getting aggravating and starting to hurt as well. Left eye is still clear and sharp and the right one is like looking through cellophane with a big blur in the middle. Not fun.

Woke up at midnight last night. Wide awake. Got out my old letters in the foot locker under the army cot and spent about an hour back in 1967. I know I spend too much time looking back, but the future looks so grim. Nice to remember back to when I was 22 and all the pretty girls I knew were still single and anything was posssible. What if? Yeah. What if indeed? No going back tho is there, but what if.

Got a couple of pics of a WWII British Lancaster Bomber that a friend in the UK sent Peter Cleaver. These carried 3 times the bomb load as a B-17. Very cool aircraft. Four Merlin V-12's. Sure would be something to hear this one run. Long way around from the UK to Australia to KC. Ain't the internet grand???

Terry at MKC        



Got tired of eating alone today so asked Delia, the check hauler pilot if she wanted to go to Sonic with me. She did. Fun to be out with a woman who smiles and laughs. Enjoyed it. She flies in from St.Louis everymorning in a 210 and then sleeps in a recliner in the pilot's lounge. Spends the afternoon in the geedunk playing on her laptop. Know it must get boring for her to accept a lunch invitation with an old geezer like me. Thanks Delia!Well I must have heard from every NASCAR fan at EB today and several from the APOTD list. Yeah, I know. It's Harvick....not Hardick! I would have sworn that's what I read on the tail of that Lear! Jeez!!!!! Victoria, the Big Boss's 21 year old blonde secretary said she about fell off her chair laughing when she read what I wrote. Guess she thinks Mr. Harvick is pretty hot. Said I made her day. Guess it wasn't all bad if I can make the pretty young blondes laugh. At least at my words and not my appearance. Thanks Victoria for telling me.

The Rocket reported to me that our Tida saw Bobby La Bonte in the lobby. Said she was pretty excited. I hollered up the steps and got to see her pretty face. She said Mr. La Bonte is a Hottie. Wonder how she feels about Wilford Brimley???? Nine Fingered Dave then ruined my day by reporting he got a Tida hug yesterday. Awww Man! So jealous. I have got my share but shoot. Hope you read this Tida. I need another one. Got Debbie and Stephanie hugs last Friday, so I am not completely bereft of female affection, and Delia gave me one today for buying her lunch. Thank you ladies! Talked to them today. Deb said she came to EB when she was 18. I won't tell you how old she is now, but it's 4 kids later. Where does the time go?

Little Boss gone for the next two days. Ought to be interesting. At least we are not smack dab in the middle of a big install. Jim Davis still gone for another couple of weeks with a knee replacement. I miss him even tho he never speaks.

Got some more great pics from Peter Cleaver's friend in the UK who was in the RAF in the 60's. British Lightning fighters at a base in Germany, and one with a Russian Bear. Absolutely great pics. I have seen many pics of Bears being shadowed by Phantoms but never by a Lightning. Very cool British Fighter. Twin engine and instead of side by side they are over and under like a shotgun. Must have been a maintenance nightmare. Not much going on today. Both Thad's and Jeff's airplanes healed themselves after two days of looking. Hope they stay healed.

Terry at MKC



Walked in this morning to find a really strange looking twin on the ramp. A German made Diamond DA-42 with twin water cooled Diesels. Looked like little turboprops. Pretty cool. I got 5 pics. Guess this is the same company that makes the little two seat trainer the Owner bought to teach his grandson to fly.

Got my book from Cdr. Jon Dekker. "Reversing Heart Disease" by Dr. Dean Ornish. When I get the scanner working I will scan it for those that asked to see it. Thanks Cdr.!!! Now if I can stay awake long enough to read it . 8-D.

Spent the day down in Hanger 3. Many many trips back to the shop in Bay 1. Got it all wired and turned on but not without one major screw up. This radio was made to be installed in trucks. So 14vdc. This aircraft is 28 vdc. It needs a 28v to 14 v Converter. Mounted it behind the aft bulkhead. The only print I had was on the top of the converter. 3 lousy wires and I got them wrong. Turned it on (fortunately without the radio I was installing and it immediately blew a 20 amp circuit breaker.. Checked the damn thing 3 times when I made the harness and checked it wrong every time. Embarrassing. Especially at 80 bucks an hour. Got it re-soldered, and all wired. Turned it on and it worked. Finally! Hate these little Cessna's. Can't touch it without getting scraped, poked, or shins barked. Seat belt brackets always poking you in a place that doesn't want poked. Ouch! Always leaking blood. Be very glad when this is over. At least I sleep good. Everyone in that corner of the hanger is starting to go around hollering. G-- Damn Cessnas!!  Wonder where they heard that???

Terry at MKC